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“Was that love at first sight” DEVAKSHI FF- episode 1

Hey guys… I am a silent reader to be honest! AND really like all the ff”s u guys right with your imagination skills egs… I STILL MISS YOU, her dance made me fall for her,ek aur rang, and even like the ff’s and os by rithika,fatarajo,esme luna greenwood,maleeha I guess ….
I m jahanvI u can even call me jigs no worries .. so as to a common sense of our humor we can’t state that the actual reason of our love for our beloved devakshi is why ultimate??? tell me the answer guys in the comment box.. our first target is 5 episodes and the 5th one gonna be large one.. so without any further due let’s get started…

A girl is shown combing her hair and then applying kajal,mascara and then eyeliner,her lips are shown where she is applying pink gloss..
Finally her face is shown.. it’s SONAKSHI
###the scene changes###
A boy is then shown wearing a leather jacket with black t-shirt underneath It.. he goes down so his shoes are shown and then his lips are shown… duhh he is having breakfast that is why his pis are shown.. and then he calls out’@@!


Boy:Maa…. Maaa
(Dude… the boy is dev.. are our dev babu

ma..ma.. ki chai chai yahi to kart hai..)

Ishwari comes….
Ishwari:Haa beta

Dev:Maa I am going to college


Ishwari:koi achieve si,sushi si kana yaani ladki bhi dekhiyo..
DEV.: hehe heh. ..
(HE is OPP. His character in krpkab… in here he is flirty,..)
College is shown… sonakshi enters with veggies on her foot as heels,with black pencil jeans and white suttee and simple jorgeat top..
SHE keeps her bag in the class and runs to the college temple she closes her eyes and.. it’s dev’s entry he in this ff believes in god.. and be too goes there but is mesmerised seeing sonakshi … sonakshi opens her eyes.. and is shocked to see dev who is unknown for her!

Sonakshi:what the he’ll. ..?who are you?
Dev:dev.. dev dixit.. new student in campus 16B
sona:16B.. I m a science student I m also in that campus.. you maybe a comars one. ..
Sonakshi:ohhkkk!!but why we’re you staring me?
Dev:HELLO MAM aapke chehre paid A.T.O nhi likha.. jo main aapke delta rahoo. .
Dev:All Time Open
Sonakshi:woh A.T.M hota hai All Time Money
Dev:A.T.O bhi hota hai
Sonakshi:whatever and she goes. .

DEv:(he meets his bst friend)Rahul > dude she is pretty…

RAhul:she.. she is sonakshi.. my girlfriend’s bst frnd.. diya ki b.f

Dev:SONAKSHI… beautiful as her name…
She reaches the campus and dev too reaches there she goes and sits with diya .. her bst frnd diya..

The teacher.. I.e MRS.malhotravel comes..

MRS . malhota: science students your exam is postponed… or say canceled by the office as it was optional and only 2-3 children were participating. And that is why exam…
Cutting the teacher diya shouted. .
Sinakshi: what are you doing? are you mad?
Mrs.. malhotra laughed and went out

The whole day dev was looking at sonakshi. . and sonakshi also started have some only some feelings for dev..
FINALLY dev went to sonakshi and said can we be friends! ?
Sonakshi :…….!!!!!!.m……….ye…no….ye…n…

What’s. Sonakshi ‘s answer?dekhne ke like pate rahiye…

So guys it was the first epi. I THINK it’s quite okay at length. … of u likes it do comment and silent reader like me wake up!!

UNTIL next time take care… I will see you soon bye…..!!!!


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