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Warriors In Love (Prologue and Intro)

There are celebrations going on in a royal camps of the Commander of The Mauryan Empire under the Chakravartin Samrat Ashoka….
Under the lights of stars at the night of new moon..
“Commander.. Its the time to celebrate.. We have won over the kingdoms of Awadh…”.. Said the Army official
“..Go for it..”.. The commander permitted raising the wine glass..
” three cheers for Commander (Senapati) Kunj…..hip hip ..”..the official said.
“Hurray..”.. The crew cheered
The 56dished meal was laid in front of all..
In the personal camp Of the Commander-in-chief ..
” shall we call the girls for our entertainment.. “..an official asked Kunj..
“.. You can if you wish for the performances.. But I won’t attend..”.. Kunj replied calmly gulping his glass of water.
” but chief…why don’t you attend these celebrations?.. You have always been a reason for Mauryan army’s victories..
But I have noticed ..you never attend the ceremonies where girls are called for performances..”…The official asked.
“..I don’t like the ways all behave with those performers..I deny to these activities where girls are not treated nicely…”.. Kunj replied with a casual smile.
“.. chief..Most of us don’t behave with them nefariously ..people just appreciate their beauty..”.. The official spoke.
” beauty..umhh…this isn’t beauty.. “..Kunj asserted.
” then what’s beauty in your eyes chief? “..the official inquired.
“.. Beauty..”.. Kunj said turning towards a candle stand..
“..When beauty is adorned.. It always has..shine in eyes..”
{A girl in shown in front of a mirror adding a stroke of collyrium in her big and beautiful…deep brown eyes with the Shields of long eyelashes..}
“And beauty always makes the eyes and hearts follow her…”..
{ a girl comes there also wearing a lehenga naming her G1
G1 : come on …. what r u waiting for …… we can be called at any time so stop ur make up ………. ……….
Later the G1 raises her eye brow n says : tell me seriously ……. do u wanna impress him ………
the other girl shows her what the hell look from her eyes
G1 : okay now stop ………………. come let’s go ..
The other girl smiles innocently …… n both leave …. The other girl wears a veil covering till her face..wears payal …and turns towards the exit of the room touching the flowers decorated in her room…she was dressed up in a pink-white lehenga.

“.. I would request you to join us chief..it’ll be an honor..”.. The official bowed.
“..okay..only because you are requesting but I won’t be standing here .. I will see it from there “. Pointing to the upstairs open balcony from where all the scenario of here can be seen properly.
The screen splits into two…
One with a smiling Kunj and other with the girl in a veil till her eyes which had fire in them.. her soft pulpy lips are visible beneath the veil…


This is a Love story of a brave 25yeared warrior.. Kunj who is the commander – in – chief of the Mauryan army under Samraat Ashoka..and a beautiful 23yeared girl..
We …Sidmin… Daamini and Lovely ( Shreya) are here with a beautiful epic love story!.. In the times of the Mauryan rule..though the characters are different from the real Mauryan period.. But We really hope that you guys will support and like.
How will they meet?..
What could be the situations and the consequences??..
So guys to know more u have to support us n we will try are best to entertain u ……… it was a short one but further we will try to post a quite longer one …..
All you’ll get to know in the coming segments..do tell if you want English dialogues or Hindi with translation..
Criticism is wholeheartedly accepted..
Its our 1st piece of combined writing.. We hope you’ll like the story.

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