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War love – three shots (intro)

Hii friends iam really sorry not updating the my love from another star actually I was really busy in my works and more over most of them know the story so iam stopping that story and writting a new one

This is a story I read from a book so I’m going to write it and please support me in this its a just a three shot story with just three episodes


Let’s go into story introduction

Abhi – a smart and young army officer and captain
Pragya – a young girl with no interest in life
Rathore – Pragya’s father also an army officer and captain of riot army
(Abhi and Rathore are captains of different army and enemies)
Sarala – mother of Pragya
Guru – future captain of riot army and fiancée of pragya
Aarthi – maidservant of pragya
Nikhil – male servant

So this is the introduction guys pls comment me what you like and whether to continue or not

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