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Vote for your Favouite Naagin 2’s Pairing!

If I says that naagin was best then it’ll not be wrong. The serial shows Rivanya’s Love Story and How Shivanya kills her Parents’ murderers and saving Naagmani from Mahaismaties, Kabir, Yamini and Shesa. The show ends with Promise of its season 2.

Naagin 2 starts on 8th October and showing us good chemistry of Rivangi (Rocky+Shivangi). It is too revealed that Yamini is alive and Shesa is back as Ruchika and lives with Yamini. It is not yet revealed that How Yamini is alive after Goddess Kali kills her and How Shesa comes out after Shivanya throws her besides the wall.

Well, they are showing that Rithik is dead and Shivanya now lives in Rithik’s friend’s house and wants to make her daughter;Shivangi marry with a good guy. Rocky falls in love with Shivangi while Ruchika who is Shesa in real, loves Rocky. Shivanya has find a guy;Adi. Shivangi agrees to marry Adi as she wants her mother happy.

Let us know in this poll, who wants Adi and Shivangi’s Pairing and who wants Rocky and Shivangi’s pairing. You may leave a comment as well!

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