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Volcano sign of destruction but not for swasan (OS) by Rabia

Okay guys rabia here again… with a new concept of OS obviously it’s a love story …. But the situation where it’s started is totally a different and a unique one… as u all know what destruction volcano creates when it burst… but what happen when u find your soul mate in thst situation?? it will be a love story but according to the surrounding situation….. feelings take place when one saw other’s behavior…

Swara gadodia : student and also a tourist loves travelling around the world and this time she select the country Japan.. which is the 3rd largest country who is at the risk of bursting volcanoes…. She loves to see a volcano mountain… soo now she all set for going to Japan…


Sanskar: a geologist (earth scientist) who loves to read or study mountains… and this time he also selects the Japan.. for his study….

Let’s see 2 different ppl who don’t know each other .. how they are going to meet… whether anyone can survive or not??

What is stored in their destiny… will they able to fight with the circumstances… or will lose in front of the cruel volcano….

Intro :-

Swara is all set to go to Japan.. her father is a famous businessman of India and her mother is a heart surgeon… they both pampered a lot their daughter… who is a naughty bubbly and chirpy girl…. They trust her that’s why they allow her to roam the world….

Sanskar lives in London… businessman by profession but geology is its passion.. so he became a geologist… his parents loves him a lot…. They are happy with him they way he is handling business and his passion side by side without any hurdle… sanskar took a break from his business and decide to go for mountains study to Japan….

Both reached at the same time from India and London…. Both got out from airport at same time but didn’t see each other…..

Sanskar and his team met with team of geologists in Japan… and there they told them the most horrible situation….

The area which is now a days occupied by tourist is at high risk that volcano near that area is going to burst within 72 hrs….

Swara is in that area…

Now see.. how sanky is going to reach their.. who both our going to meet eachother who destined to be a soulmates 😉

Okay guys this is just a small intro and now tell me u all want it or not?? If yess than wait for some days and if not then wait only for the next part of love between swasan….

Take time for thinking no hurry and worry 😉

this will be only a one shot story i am not going to drag this one do remember this and u can give me suggestions as well

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