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UR wish, MY command….twinj (part-7)

Hi guys…hw are u..I hope all are fine…srry for late post…I m really busy…maaf kardona….ab thankyou section…

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Now lets begin…

Kunj goes to meet UV at the park. Uv arrives there.
Kunj: hi uv… thanks for coming.

Uv: anything for u bro… ab batha kyun bulaya mujhe…koi problem hai…twinkle teek tho haina..

Kunj: sab kuch teek aur twinkle bi teek hai…wo tujhse kuch puchna tha..(keeping stone in his heart) Tu twinkle se pyaar kartha hai..

Uv: (first gets shock then blushes) yes..I love twinkle….lekin tujhe kaise patha..

Kunj tells him hw tw told him to find out his feelings. Uv smiles n says..

Uv: tu use abi kuch math kehna bas use xyz hotel par aane ke liye kehna..I will propose her there…

Time passes n tw arrives at xyz hotel…

Uv proposes her n twinkle hugs him. (Are kiss sab nahi hoga kyunke wo sab karne ka haq sirf kunj ko hai…)

Screen shifts to kunj..

Kunj is shown crying hugging twinkle’s pic..

Someone rings the bell. He opens to find twinkle standing at door smiling brightly. As soon as kunj opens the door she hugs him tight and says…

Tw: kunj Ty so much.. tumhare wajhe se hi uv ne mujhe propose kiya… I m so happy…

Kunj smiles with teary eyes….

Time passes uv n twinkle are still in relationship. Kunj secretly cries every night.

Twinkle n kunj goes to visit UVs college(remember he is a lecture). In college everyone is busy in there own world. Twinj spotted uv. Both goes near him. He left saying ‘hi’. Twinkle feels hurt as uv ignores her. Kunj feels sad seeing twinkle sad. He sees someone playing guitar. An idea pops in his mind. He borrows the guitar n starts to sing.

Kunj sings…

*main hoon naa song*

(He whistles making twinkle look at him)

(Kiska Hai Ye Tumko Intezar Main Hoon Na
Dekh Lo Idhar To Ek Baar Main Hoon Na )…(2)

(Everyone looks at him)

Khaamosh Kyun Ho
Jo Bhi Kahna Hai Kaho
Dil Chahe Jitna Pyar Utna Maang Lo
Tumko Milega Utna Pyar Main Hoon Naaa..
Kiska Hai Ye Tumko Intezar Main Hoon Na
Dekh Lo Idhar To Ek Baar Main Hoon Na

(Twinkle gets surprised. But then again turns sad. Kunj walks around her singing. Everyone starts hooting)

Kabhi Jo Tum Socho, Ke Tum Ye Dekho
Arey Kitna Mujhko Tumse Pyar Hai
To Chup Mat Rahna, Ye Mujhse Kehna
Arey Koi Aisa Bhi Yaar Hai

(Kunj turns other side n tears drop from his eyes)

Dil Hi Nahin De Jaan Bhi De Jo Tumhein…(2)
To Main Kahonga, Sarkar Main Hoon Na

(Twinkle sadly sings looking at UV who is busy)

Kiska Hai Ye…Utna Pyar Main Hoon Na
Kiska Hai Ye Tumko Intezar Main Hoon Na
Dekh Lo Idhar To Ek Baar Main Hoon Na


(Uv comes there n asks sorry from twinkle. Twinkle hugs him.all starts hooting them)

Again kunj sings being sad n also happy…

*sad bcz reason u know
*happy to see twinkle smile again

Kehne Ki Ho Dil Mein Koi Baat, Mujhse Kaho
Koi Pal Ho Din Ho Ya Ho Raat, Mujhse Kaho
Koi Mushkil, Koi Pareshani Aaye

(Kunj takes back steps while smilingly saluting both of them. He turns n wipes his tears.)

Tumhein Lage Kuchh Theek Nahin Haalat, Mujhse Kaho..
Koi Ho Tamanna Ya Ho Koi Aarzoo…(2)

(Both smiles at him)

Rehna Kabhi Na Beqarar Main Hoon Na
Kiska Hai Ye…Pyar Main Hoon Na
Kiska Hai Ye Tumko Intezar Main Hoon Na
Dekh Lo Idhar To Ek Baar Main Hoon Na..

Song ends…

Kunj comes to the college garden n cries his heart out n thinks.
Twinkle mai tere liye kuch bhi kar saktha hun.. teri chehre par sirf smile dekhna chahtha hun..tu meri zindagi hai..aur mujhe lagtha hai tu Uv ke saath hi khush rahegi..I really love u….

Screen freezes with UV n twinkle hugging eachother n kunjs crying face…

To be continued….


So how was it??? N what about the song did it matched with current situation….

Drop ur cmmnts…whether +ve or -ve..any confusion do ask me…suggestions are always welcome…if any mistakes pls ignore…


Love u all…


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