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Unspoken journey of love – chapter 22

Chapter 22.



Laksh was confused dumbfolded angry n much more.

Sanskar on call with typical ruthless tone…
Sanskar…i want to know where.dey went .
I want all dere information within 1 hr or else u know what i can do.
He disconected call.
Sanskar…ypu have to pay for this swara ..u have to .

Meanwhile where all were tensed j was sipping coffee calmly.

Sankar..mr singhania tell us where r dey..
He said with venom filled voice ..n utter jealousy too.

J….n why should i.

Sanskar…u have to she have kidnaped ragini ..

J..let out a laugh …seriously kidnapped r u kidding me.

Sanskar anger now knew no bound he just held his collar firmly ..

j also knew he was pouring his anger out which he was holding since dey first met.

Sanskar…answer me

J…..fine relax where she would have taken her..ragini would be safe.

N moreover acc to my knowledge she would return soon to fullfill her incomplete task sayong this he went .

Sanskar banged his hand furiously on wall.

Where as laksh was in utter trauma.
Sanskar…acp. i said i want dere information right in front of me.


At swara flat.

Ragini was still sleeping .

Swara was in kitchen n was talking on phn.

Swara…eric..i m cent sure he is back.
Eric..if it is so we need to find his cure.

Swara….dis time he had messed with my family he soon going to face his end brutally.

Eric…ok so u know what to do yeah.

Swara….i know.

Sayjng dis she hung phn.

Within no second her phn rang again.


Person …what yess.
I wanna meet rags bring her home.

Swara…nuts. i m not coming home.

Nuts…its been 3 yrs shona for how long will u run

..who said i m running. Hain ….she said in dangerous voice.

Nuts…hey hold on why are u getting angry ..ok fine for sake of ragini …let her know where she belong

Swara…ok .

Saying dis call disconnected.

Here ragini slowly was opening her eyes she found an utterly new environment around her self….she startdd panicking….
Just den swara came in n took her in a bone crushing hug.

Ragini reciprocated it but was confused at dis display of feeling by an emotionless person.

Swara finally broke d hug though her face was cold as ice but dere was some sought of happiness

Ragini ..cupped swara face
..hey shona what happened..n where we are.

Swara…again back to her stern form..
R u alright

Ragini nodded

Swara..we are in LA.

N we soon going to fly at our home

Ragini was utterly confused OUR home.

Swara..yeah our home…

Ragini …what does it means.

Swara…gave her a gentle yet assuring smile..n took her phn. Out.

Swara….arrange my jet we are glying back to home.

Call ended.

Swara…come get up …n freshn up .

Take ur lunch n madicines because u r going to your home ie our home

Saying dis swara moved out.

Precap…swara. ragini at dere home ..
Ragini’ s transformation…swara n sanskar.

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