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Unchain the my heart (Promo)

Hii guys, well none of you know me but you all know your frnd teja na. first time me and teja are writing something together. hope you will like our work. any types of cmnt are welcome positive or negative, tell us your view…

A boy and girl are happily taking phere ( vows)
With every passing ritual, happiness are increasing in girl’s eyes.
At last boy apply vermilion in her hairline.
Tear of happiness fall from her beautiful eyes.
Preist: now you both are husband and wife.
Girl: plz leave me, you are not in sense
Without giving any heeds to her pleading, he forcefully jump over her.
Girl: I beg you.
In whole room only, girl’s shouting are echoing.
She joined her hand in front of him.
He again ignore her, without her constant he tear her cloth.
She tried to cover herself,he forcefully capture her lips. Started to chewing wildly.
All started to go in vain, at last she gave up, he forcefully rape her.
Someone unconsciously lying on hospital bed.
After sometime, lady come from that room and show thumb to some one.
Lady2: now I am free from this witch all thanks to you.
lady1: no needs to say thanks, even I have profit.
Lady2: ya I remember you will get you prize.
lady1: but do you ever thought what will happen when she will get to know about her abortion.
lady2: she will never get to know anything.
Both passes genuine smile to each other.
Girl ; why always me, what sin I had done? Whenever I see some ray of hope you snatch it from me.
She fell down on floor, started to cry bitterly.
Girl lifelessly walking on road completely unknown to her surrounding.
Truck going to hit her, meantime someone pull her.
Voice: are you mad?
Now I have work for you , think guys who is girl and boy in first scene.
Girl and boy in second scene?
Girl in third scene?
Girl in fourth scene, whose voice is that?
Whoever will think crct next part will be dedicated to them. Now start your brain.
Do we should continue or not…
Thanks 4 reading, now shoot your cmnt.
Credit: teja and anniya


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