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Udaan 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Suraj getting up and washing his face. He drinks wine. Chagan stops him and says you fell in this dirt by getting much drunk. Suraj says who are you to stop me, this is my village. He sees a man beating his son. He thinks of Bhaiya ji, who gave him gun to hold. Bhaiya ji slaps him. Suraj cries. FB ends. Suraj gets angry seeing the boy crying, and holds the stick. He asks why are you beating this little boy. The man says he is my son, I can do anything.


Suraj asks why, because you are more stronger than me. He pushes the man and says when I was little, my dad has beaten me as I was afraid to hold the gun. He beats the man and asks what does fathers think, why do you beat the sons, don’t you know the son will grow up and take revenge. Chagan tries to stop Suraj. Suraj angrily beats the man. Chagan says what happened to Suraj, does Chakor know this. Police comes there and stops Suraj. Suraj says I m Suraj Rajvanshi. Chagan thinks to inform Chakor.

Kasturi and Bhuvan come to take Chakor. Bhuvan says we will take Chakor and go. Ranjana says if we wait for Tejaswini. Ranjana says she will take time to come. Chakor says I will go and greets them. Ranjana thinks this problem is gone now, way is clear for Kamal ji. Tejaswini comes there and stops Chakor. She says police arrested Suraj for drinking and beating someone, just you can save him. Chakor asks what can I do.

Ranjana thinks Tejaswini is doing this to stop her bahu. Tejaswini says don’t leave me alone, my house is getting ruined because of Suraj, just you can make him walk on right path. She thinks to do more drama to affect Chakor. She takes Chakor to temple and says you are Mata’s avatar for us, you can save this house, I m standing to beg you, don’t make me sorrowful, save this house from breaking, save my son, can’t you see my pain, if you can see, then save my son.

Kasturi says Tejaswini is saying right, Chakor you help Tejaswini, stay back. Tejaswini thinks her plan worked. Imli says Suraj insulted Chakor a lot. Ranjana says its tough to stop Suraj, he is mad, how will Chakor stop him. Vivaan comes home. Imli asks him to see whats happening, police caught Suraj, and now Tejaswini is saying Chakor should make Suraj fine, explain Tejaswini that even Lord can’t change Suraj, how will Chakor change Suraj. Vivaan says Tejaswini is right, just Chakor can change Suraj, she helped me when I was drug addict, she can make Suraj quit drinking. Chakor agrees to help Tejaswini and hugs her.

She tells Kasturi and Bhuvan that she can’t come with them. Bhuvan asks her to stay here. Vivaan says I will come along Chakor. Imli reminds Vivaan that he had to take her to Navratri pandals. Chakor asks Vivaan to go, we will manage. He says fine, I will drop Kasturi and Bhuvan. Imli thinks why am I not happy that Chakor stayed back.

The man apologizes to Tejaswini. She gives him money for his treatment. Chakor asks Tejaswini to do what she said. Inspector gets Suraj out. Tejaswini asks inspector did Suraj get hurt. He says no, I arrested him on your saying. Suraj comes and says so you guys got to know and came to bail me out. Chakor says yes, someone had to come. Inspector asks Chakor to sign and take guarantee of Suraj, if he is found drunk and beating anyone at night, we will not free him for 6 months. Suraj says you did this to stop me from drinking, no one can stop me, I will do what my heart says.

Chakor tells inspector that she wants to file FIR, you have proof, I have seen Suraj losing senses after drinking and he beats people, you can keep him in lockup all night. Suraj asks are you mad, did you come to free me or do my bail. Inspector asks constable to put Suraj back in lockup. Suraj says I will see you Chakor. Chakor asks Tejaswini to come. Suraj says I will not leave you, you can’t keep me in lockup for much time.

Imli is annoyed with Vivaan for not noticing her. He asks her what happened, just tell me. She says I tied hair today and you did not notice it, you earlier asked me to keep hair loose. He laughs. Tejaswini and Chakor come. Chakor asks what happened. Imli says its between us, don’t tell Chakor. Vivaan says nothing, what happened of Suraj. Tejaswini says he will be jail tonight. Chakor says we have to stop him from drinking, else he will be in jail again, I told police to keep him in lockup for one night, we have to think something to make him quit drinking.

Suraj comes home and asks them to think. They all get shocked seeing him. Suraj taunts Chakor and says I told you, I won’t be in lockup for long, I have come out, inspector was good and agreed for just 5000rs, he gave me wine in lockup and told me that my mummy and wife did this trap to teach me a lesson.

Vivaan says its for your betterment. Suraj says stop me from drinking in haveli tonight, if Chakor stops me, then I will not touch wine bottle, but if I drink then… Chakor says then I will never stop you, I will leave from haveli. Suraj smiles and agrees. They shake hands.

Suraj looks for wine bottles. Bijli says Chakor made me throw it. Chakor says I gave holiday to all your servants. Suraj says I will go and buy wine. Chakor says we kept Mata Jagran to keep eye on you all night, I can lock you in room if needed.

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