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Udaan 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Chakor calling for help. Chagan comes and helps her. He gets her out of the grave pit. He says its good I came here, did you not see such a big pit. She says no, pit is round, it looks like grave. He says yes, anything can happen in Bhaiya ji’s rule, for whom is this. She says it looks long, for a tall man. She gets an earring there. Chagan asks whose earring is this. She recalls and says its Ragini’s earring, whom is she planning to kill, Bhaiya ji has two enemies, me and Suraj, I m here and….. Chagan says it means Suraj. She asks hjm to go to Kasturi and Bhuvan, she will manage everything.


She recalls Suraj. FB shows Suraj saying its tough to sleep on couch, how shall I sleep, its short couch. FB ends. She says it means they are going to kill Suraj, Imli and Vivaan

are in village, I have to save Suraj. Vivaan knocks door and asks imli to open the door. Imli changes the saree and opens the door. He says sorry, I did not have courage to say truth, situation won’t be same, I promise to gift you next time. She says yes, this is my biggest gift, our happiness. She gives saree to a village lady. Kaki blesses them. Imli and Vivaan light crackers together and smile.

Suraj drinks a wine. Ragini tells about making Tejaswini leave from haveli, so that they can do their work. Ranjana says don’t worry, I will see her. She asks men to shut Tejaswini in some room. Tejaswini calls out Suraj. Chakor comes to haveli and says Suraj is not answering my call, I have to alert Suraj’s men. Guard stops her. She says I came to meet Suraj. He asks her to leave.

Suraj’s servant meets her. She says I have to tell something. Bhaiya ji signs his men. They go to attack Suraj’s men. Chakor tells Suraj’s servant that Suraj’s life is in danger, Bhaiya ji will not leave him. Bhaiya ji’s men shoot down Suraj’s men. Chakor says Bhaiya ji has got grave prepared for Suraj. They go and see Suraj’s men dead. Servant says they killed our men, you are saying right, I will go and save Suraj. She says no, don’t go. He says they will kill Suraj. Chakor says no, they will get alert, let me think.

She sees a decorated place and asks whats this. He says dancers are getting ready there. She takes his gun. She calls someone for help. She tells her plan. Bhaiya ji goes to Suraj and says you won’t forget this Diwali night forever. Suraj asks whats going to happen. Bhaiya ji says a lot will happen, have patience, it will happen infront of your eyes. Dancers come and dance on Aaj ki raat. Chakor dances along with them, with a veil on her face. Bhaiya ji asks who is this third dancer, I just called two girls. Ragini says I don’t know anything. Suraj drinks more. He asks Bhaiya ji how did he get great dancers. Bhaiya ji says I got the Apsaras for you. Chakor dances with Suraj.

She lifts veil to show face and he goes away. Everyone clap for the performance. Suraj smiles. Bhaiya ji and Ragini aim the gun at Suraj. Suraj gets shocked. Bhaiya ji says I can’t forgive anyone, you cheater, you tried to kill me. Suraj, Chakor and Suraj’s friends get shocked. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to be read to die. The guests look on shocked.

Suraj asks why are we talking like this, I should stop this acting. Bhaiya ji, Ragini and Ranjana look at Suraj. Suraj says you all are very innocent, to make me drink a lot and then kill me, you should think that the wine bottle has juice or wine, turn behind and see. Bhaiya ji and Ragini see the juice bottle. Suraj’s friends and waiters get the guns and aim at Bhaiya ji and Ragini. Chakor smiles. Bhaiya ji and Ragini get shocked.

Suraj makes them lower the guns. He says I had a doubt on you, you have forgiven me and kept me, I understood you are acting, so I was also acting, how did you like my Diwali special drama. Chakor smiles. Suraj sings Baap numbari to beta dus numbari….. Suraj aims gun at Bhaiya ji.

All the guests support Bhaiya and get the guns. The guests aim gun at Suraj and his men. Suraj and Chaor get shocked, after getting surrounded by everyone. Bhaiya ji and Ragini smile. Bhaiya ji signs what….. He takes gun from Suraj’s hand. Chakor thinks Bhaiya ji changed the game. Bhaiya ji sings beta dus numbari to baap sau numbari…… He laughs. Chakor says I have to think something fast. Bhaiya ji says you rat, all preparations are done by Ragini, I will prove your death as suicide, ask why, because you have tried to kill your father, and you were dying in guilt, you shot yourself and died. Ranjana smiles. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to remember his mummy.

Chakor comes to them and aims gun at Bhaiya ji’s head. Bhaiya ji, Ragini and Ranjana get shocked. Even Suraj gets shocked when Chakor removes the veil and shows her face. Suraj’s servant comes there and gets shocked seeing everyone aiming guns at each other. Chakor asks Bhaiya ji to throw gun down and ask your men to throw guns, if I shoot, then scene will change. Bhaiya ji asks are you mad, move this gun. She asks him to put gun down. She signs Suraj’s servant. He switches off the lights. Chakor holds Suraj’s hand and takes him. Bhaiya ji shouts find Suraj. The men fire in darkness, and many people get killed, till power comes. Ragini says Suraj, Chakor……. Bhaiya ji asks where is Suraj. Ragini says even Chakor is not there, they have run away. Bhaiya ji says find them. They all run out of haveli.

Chakor and Suraj run in the village. The men follow them. Chakor asks Suraj to run faster, Bhaiya ji’s men would be following us. She holds his hand and they run. They hide behind the trees. The men look for them and do not get them. Suraj’s hand gets hurt by plant’s thorn and Chakor shuts his mouth. Chakor diverts them. Suraj asks where will we run. She says yes, we are not cowards, we have to find some way to stand against Bhaiya ji and Ragini. She asks for his phone. He asks why phone. She says just give it. She calls reporters and says I m Chakor, I need your help.

She says I have an idea. The men look for them and go. Vivaan and Imli try calling Chakor, and Kasturi, Bhuvan. Imli worries for her parents. He says we will go and find them. Bhaiya ji says if I don’t get Suraj’s dead body, I will kill everyone. Ragini says where will they go. The men come back. Bhaiya ji asks where is Suraj. The man says I think they went Sitapur. Bhaiya ji beats them. Suraj and Chakor come there holding hands. Bhaiya ji gets shocked. Bhaiya ji says Chakor is smart, come, you did great thing, you understood not to sit in sinking ship, thanks for getting Suraj, I will give you prize.

Chakor says I did not come to take prize, I came to say, till I m with Suraj, you can’t do anything to him and me, you were my enemy, you will be and will always be my enemy. Bhaiya ji asks will you save him, you are not related to Suraj. She says I m Suraj’s wife and I have full right on this haveli, till I m with Suraj, you can’t hurt my husband. Ragini says stop your nonsense, Papa shoot both of them and bury them in that grave, Chakor do your wife’s duty there. Chakor says its good you left your earring near the grave, else I would have not known for whom you have dug that grave. Bhaiya ji aims gun at Suraj, and says I can shoot him right away, what will you do.

Vivaan and Imli meet Kasturi and Bhuvan. Imli asks for Chakor. Kasturi says she went to village long time back, did you not get her. Bhuvan says it means Chagan said right, Chakor went to haveli, you both go there fast, Chagan said Chakor went to save Suraj. Vivaan asks what. Kasturi says go fast. Vivaan and Imli leave.

Chakor says you stop getting in your ill mannered daughter’s words, else you will lose respect. She says Ragini’s memory is weak, I said I will not leave anyone who harms my husband. Bhaiya ji says I will kill him. Media reporters come and ask Chakor ji, who is trying to kill your husband. Bhaiya ji and Ragini hide the guns. Ragini thinks who called media here. Chakor smiles.

Reporters ask Chakor who is trying to kill Suraj. Chakor asks them to ask Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji gets silent. Reporters click pics. Bhaiya ji says I don’t know and acts innocent.

Update Credit to: Amena

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