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Udaan 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update


Udaan 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


The Episode starts with Suraj saying we have to take Chakor by force if she does not agree. Chakor sees them. Suraj asks Chakor to come, Bhaiya ji called them. Imli asks her not to worry. Chakor asks them to leave, she does not have to talk. She shuts door. Suraj stops her. Imli asks her to listen, why they are supporting Bhaiya ji. Chakor says you are with the one who rules, when Vivaan knows this, he will die. Suraj says come with me, else I will lift you. She says one who could lift me died. She shuts door and he gets hurt. He says you have to come with me, I have to prove… She says you want to prove your loyalty, go and tell Bhaiya ji to come and meet me here, I won’t go to meet him. They both leave.

Vivaan gets ready. Imli comes home and smiles seeing Vivaan. She hugs him. She asks him if

he is feeling wrong when she is going out with Suraj, like she felt seeing Vivaan with Chakor. She says I m doing this to fool Bhaiya ji, till you and Chakor find some way. He says I don’t feel jealous seeing you with Suraj, I know why you are with him, I m glad this time Suraj is with us to fight against Bhaiya ji, I don’t want you all to risk lives, I will do something to make him away. She asks what. He says we are doing this for our bright future, stay here, I will come. She asks where are you going. He asks do you trust me. She nods. He says this time I will do something that Bhaiya ji goes away from our lives forever. He kisses on her forehead and goes. She prays for Imli.

Chakor thinks why does Bhaiya ji want to meet me. Bhaiya ji comes to village. He comes to meet Chakor, and she gets shocked. She asks how did he come. He says you called me and I came. Suraj is in haveli. He asks Tejaswini where is Bhaiya ji. She says he went to village, you told that Chakor can’t come to haveli, so he went to meet her. Suraj asks what, and rushes. The men do not let villagers go.

Bhaiya ji says you told Suraj that I have to come here to meet you, so I came, I want settlement, I don’t want you to try to send me jail again, I don’t want to color my hands with blood by killing anyone, Ragini said you got invitation from asian games, its matter of pride, this will make you and me famous, there will be peace. Chakor thinks I have no proof, no one will support me, if I have to protect my villagers, its better to accept his proposal. She says before I accept or reject anything, I want to put two conditions, the factory should run in village and I want to know what Ragini wrote in contracts. Bhaiya ji says listen, I did mistake before, I got punished also, I got defamed also, but now I won’t do such mistake again.

She says workers should get wage. He says sure, they should get money. She says even I want Aazaadgunj has peace, its tough to believe you. He says how to make you believe me, I want to end this war. The villagers look on. He says Suraj and Imli understood, I hope you also understand, decision is in your hands, I will wait for your decision. Bhuvan and Kasturi come and greet Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji goes. They ask Chakor what happened, what did Bhaiya ji. Chakor says everything is fine. They all leave. Suraj comes and asks Chakor what did Bhaiya ji say. Chakor shuts door. He stops her and gets inside her house. He shuts door. She asks why do you want to know. He stops her and asks her to say what did he say. The power goes.

She says no need to show pity. She lights the lantern. She asks him to go and ask Bhaiya ji. He shuts her mouth and says you talk a lot, listen to me, I did not come to show pity, Imli and I are fooling Bhaiya ji and make him sure that we are afraid, so that he does not make plan to kill us, we came to take you, but you did not come, we wanted to make him busy so that you and Vivaan get evidence against Bhaiya ji, but you won’t listen to me. She says why did you not say this before. He says I came to say, you have shut door on my face. She says thanks, I felt I lost, now I feel there is some hope, we can end Bhaiya ji’s rule, you and Imli have to be careful else he will kill both of you. He says yes, there is danger, so I want you to find out how did Bhaiya ji get out of jail. She says yes, I have to find out what did Ragini write in contracts. He says do it soon. She says I feel we will win in this fight.

Imli waits for Vivaan and says don’t know what is Vivaan thinking. Vivaan comes home and shuts Ranjana’s room door. Ranjana asks why did he shut door. Imli asks him to open door. Bhaiya ji and Ragini come home. Vivaan comes with suitcases. Ranjana asks where are you going. Vivaan says I m not going, you are going with Kamal Narayan, you will leave haveli right away, these are your bags. Suraj and Chakor are on the way. He says Ragini is at home, you take care, Ragini’s men can be there, I can wait.

Chakor says no need, I did all such dangerous things along. His car stops and he checks. She says whenever I go for work with you, there is some hurdle, what will I do, I won’t leave you if I get late. He asks her to help than complaining. Black color gets on his face. She laughs and says you want help from a girl, this is against your ethics, you are handsome young man, you don’t need help, I will go and do my work at factory, I m going by walk and come fast. She goes. He says mad girl, what did she say, handsome. He smiles and says am I really handsome. He sees mirror. He sees black color and says she made fun of me, if I did not had to get evidence against Bhaiya ji, I would have not talked to her.

Ranjana scolds Vivaan. Bhaiya ji asks Vivaan whats all this, you should apologize to me, you are alive because of your mum. Vivaan says I don’t have time for nonsense, take your wife and daughter and leave. Bhaiya ji says you think I will leave if you say. Vivaan says yes, because your pride and money is with me, your bank has nothing. Bhaiya ji gets shocked. Vivaan says that factory has no earnings, Ragini tried to get money from me, but failed, if you try to harm me and Imli, the money will go to charity, its my instructions. They get shocked.

Vivaan says I will decide who will stay here, before I call police and make you all leave, it will be good you leave with respect. Ranjana slaps Vivaan. Vivaan says what better gift can you give me. Bhaiya ji says you have stolen my money and holds his neck. Vivaan shouts you have stolen money from villagers, you are served food by my money, not by Ragini’s money, this haveli is on Suraj’s name, not yours, now don’t waste my time, get your bags and leave silently.

Ragini says I think Vivaan will be on our side, this is our haveli, we won’t go. Imli asks Vivaan not to try to break this family, Bhaiya ji have kept us united, if you make them leave, then I will also leave from this haveli. Imli asks Vivaan to have patience, else things will spoil. Vivaan says you are my wife, you won’t go anywhere, they will go right now.

Bhaiya ji says Imli, your relation should not break, I will go, I have to request to Vivaan, give us 24 hours, we will find some good place, I promise we will go. Vivaan agrees.

Imli asks Vivaan what did you do, you should have told me, don’t know what they will do. He says I m doing this for our bright future, see how Bhaiya ji and Ragini got scared, they would be preparing to leave. She says or anything else, will they leave so soon. Chakor goes to check contract papers and gets shocked seeing Ragini. Ragini says I felt you will come here, there is bad news, papers are with Papa. Chakor asks her why is she taking revenge from villagers. Ragini says I don’t care for villagers, I will tell you, king becomes king when he has Praja. Chakor argues. Ragini says don’t motivate them with false hope, get out. Chakor says I will not lose so easily, do anything, I will get rights for villagers.

Bhaiya ji asks Suraj and Imli to get ,oney from Vivaan, else I will kill Vivaan. Imli gets shocked. Vivaan tells Chakor that he will kick out Bhaiya ji, Ranjana and Ragini. Chakor tells Vivaan about Bhaiya ji’s warnings to kill him. Vivaan gets shocked.

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