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Udaan 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 18th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji declaring Ragini as his heir. He does her aarti. Everyone look on. He applies tika to her. Ragini smiles. Bhaiya ji claps and asks everyone to clap. He tells everyone that they all have to obey Ragini’s command from now on, if they not, then he will burn them alive. Vivaan comes there and sees Imli. He asks you are in such clothes. She says I m doing this for your dream, I want our family to be safe, trust me, I will tell you everything later. Bhaiya ji says king wants a minister to obey commands and manages work, I know one such person who works from heart, that is Suraj, he will be Ragini’s helper. Suraj gets angry. Ragini asks how can you do this. Bhaiya ji says don’t talk in between, Suraj is my son, I know he did mistakes, but I m sure Suraj will change.



says Suraj, I have forgiven you, I m giving you respect, come. He makes Suraj sit and does his aarti. Suraj says I know why you are doing this, as you are afraid of him. He scolds Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji says whats this, I want you to help Ragini, you and Ragini will manage all this when I die. He makes Suraj wear the gold chain. Suraj asks him to give this gold chain to beggars, I don’t want anything, I got enough already. He throws the gold chain and leaves.

Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini to see what happened. Vivaan thinks I have to do something for my good future, its not just Imli’s responsibility. Bhaiya ji tells everyone that Ranjana is their Badi Malkin. He asks Girja to make Tejaswini her helper. Ranjana smiles. Vivaan says how will I live with stain to be Ranjana’s son, she is more worse than Bhaiya ji, atleast Bhaiya ji don’t act to be good.

Vivaan confronts Ranjana and asks how can she support Bhaiya ji when he was killing her son. She says I told you not to get him arrested, you were with Chakor that time and now with Imli, I knew Kamal is alive. He says fine, I understood you are Kamal’s wife and not my mum, I m going with my Papa’s pics. Even my mum is dead for me, I got orphan. He gets angry and goes.

Suraj says don’t know whats their plan, Ragini did not know this. Tejaswini asks him to be with Bhaiya ji if he is good. Imli likes the idea and says if you are with Bhaiya ji, we will go what will he and Ragini plan next, else we can’t know his plans. Suraj agrees to join Bhaiya ji. Imli says we should find out how did Bhaiya ji come out of jail. Tejaswini says but Bhaiya ji should not doubt we are acting. Imli says Chakor and Vivaan fought alone, now we all are together, we will win.

Chakor talks to Chagan and says we can’t do anything, I can’t blow off this fire, we all will burn. Chagan says no, this can’t happen, you and Vivaan have punished him, this time Imli and Suraj are also with you. She says this time its not easy, you have seen what Bhaiya ji did, I can’t make him angry again. Lakhan says yes, its all darkness now, Ragini has made him powerful now. Kishor asks Chakor to save all of them. Kasturi and Bhuvan sing hum ko mann ki shakti dena….

They all encourage Chakor and ask her not to lose so soon as she is a fighter, don’t lose without fighting. Chakor smiles and says yes, you are right, if we have to die, why not to fight and die, I had Vivaan with me, now I have you all, Imli and Suraj, we will win and show to Bhaiya ji. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai………….plays……… They all clap. Kasturi hugs Chakor.

Ragini asks Bhaiya ji ti come, welcome in the factory. Suraj and Imli come there. Chakor tells Chagan that they have to meet Vivaan and discuss. Suraj goes to Bhaiya ji. Ragini asks Bhaiya ji to come, its hot here. Bhaiya ji asks what did you think Suraj, are you with me, or against me. Chakor and Chagan come that way. Suraj touches Bhaiya ji’s feet and says I m with you, if you can forgive and accept me back being elder, its my duty to be with you, I m ready to become Ragini’s helper. Chakor gets shocked.

Bhaiya ji says I expected this from you. Suraj touches soil near Bhaiya ji’s feet and applies tika to him. Bhaiya ji makes him wear the gold chain and hugs him. Imli also touches Bhaiya ji’s feet. Suraj says Imli will be with me like before. Bhaiya ji says come here, and tells everyone that Suraj and Ragini is with her.

Chakor says great Suraj, you showed your color finally, you changed your color so soon. She scolds Suraj. Ragini asks Chakor to lower her tone. Imli asks Chakor to be quiet, you are talking to my Sasur ji. Chakor says you are also with him. Imli says yes, leave from here.

Chakor asks Imli to come with her. Bhaiya ji gets angry. Suraj stops him. Imli asks Chakor to go, else she will not leave her. Chakor says I m not afraid. Suraj says enough of acting, I will drag her. He asks Chakor to listen to him. Chakor says I won’t listen, you joined Bhaiya ji, you are a bad man, you took Imli with you, if anything happens to Imli, I will not leave you. She leaves angrily. Suraj says she will die by my hands. Ragini says leave it, come and see factory. Bhaiya ji says Chakor spoiled my mood, I m going haveli, I will see factory later. He says Suraj, Chakor will do something, call her to the ground, I want to talk to her. He leaves with Ragini.

Imli says Chakor will never come. Suraj says if we have to prove our loyalty to Bhaiya ji, we have to get Chakor. Chakor goes home and cries. She says Suraj and Imli are with Bhaiya ji, what will I do now.

Vivaan tells Ranjana that Bhaiya ji and Ranjana will leave from the house. Bhaiya ji asks will we leave if you say. Vivaan says yes, your money is with me, leave from here.

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