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Udaan 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Chakor colliding with Salman. He asks where is she lost, who is this Suraj, it seems you are annoyed with him. She says yes, I did not see such person. He asks her to see Bigg Boss program and she can see such weird people. She asks how does he manage everyone. He says if you can’t manage anyone, then manage by love, I m sure you can manage Suraj too. He leaves.

Ragini asks the goons not to do any mistake today. Chakor says how will I find out Ragini’s plan. She gets a call. A girl calls Chakor and says Imli is wounded. Chakor gets shocked. The girl asks her to come fast. Chakor leaves. Suraj comes there and sees Chakor’s house locked. He says she has gone somewhere. He gets a call and the girl tells Imli’s accident. He gets shocked and rushes. A man stops Vivaan

on the way and tells about Imli’s accident. Vivaan says no, nothing can happen to Imli and rushes. Imli gets a call about Vivaan’s accident. The girl asks her to come fast. Imli gets shocked and cries. She shouts no and tells Ranjana about Vivaan’s accident. Ranjana gets shocked. Ranjana asks Imli to go to Vivaan. Imli rushes. Ranjana smiles.

Suraj, Chakor, Vivaan meet at the place and say we got call about Imli’s accident. Chakor prays for Imli. Imli comes there running and sees Vivaan fine. They get shocked seeing Imli fine. Imli hugs Vivaan and asks are you hurt, I m fine, I got call that Vivaan is wounded. Vivaan asks what. Ranjana tells Ragini that it was too easy to get everyone at same place, they got trapped, Imli got mad. Ragini says Bhaiya ji plays with people’s emotions well, it will be fun now. Ranjana says yes, he knows what to do. Chakor says who can do this with us. The goons come and catch all of them. Suraj and Vivaan fight with goons. The goons use chloroform and make them faint.

Later, Chakor, Suraj, Vivaan, Imli get conscious. Imli is made to stand over Chakor with a rope in her neck. They all are tied. Chakor stands over Vivaan’s shoulders. They all get shocked seeing each other. Suraj asks who got us here, come out. Chakor says Suraj, if you move, Imli will get hanged and she will die. Vivaan says this is big trap, they made us faint and got us here. Chakor says Vivaan, even my hands are tied and there is rope in my neck too. Imli says it means if we move, we can die, who can do this. Suraj shouts who is that enemy, come out.

Bhaiya ji comes there and sings happy birthday to me. He gets a cake and comes infront of them. They all get shocked seeing him. The goons come there. Bhaiya ji asks what happened, why are you staring, its me, Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi. He tells them that all charges got cleared and court has freed him, now he is free. He sings Panchi banun……. Chakor asks how can this happen…. I have seen your final rites done. Bhaiya ji says I m that immortal box, phoenix, I learnt this from you, I have buried you alive and then after some years, you had great re entry. He laughs.

He asks are you all fools, how did you believe I m dead, did you see my dead body or guessed old man died, I m still alive. Suraj and Vivaan recall the body swapping. Suraj says this can’t happen. Bhaiya ji asks why, you are a clever rat, your plan was good, remember father is a father. Chakor thinks so Suraj tried to kill Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji says they don’t believe I m alive, I m cutting cake for this new life. The goons clap. He sings the happy birthday song and cuts the cake. Suraj says you have sent goons to kill me.

Bhaiya ji says that was to teach you a lesson, you became govt witness to trap me, I will not leave you. Suraj says I don’t want forgiveness, you should have died, you made my life hell. Bhaiya ji asks did you see hell and feeds him cake. He scolds Imli and Chakor and eats cake. He recalls Vivaan’s words and scolds him. He feeds cake to him.

He says you have talked to me sweetly and has got evidence against me, then I could not get saved and went to jail, I can do a lot now, I will not leave you. Chakor says stop playing games, tell us what do you want. Bhaiya ji says Chakor said it and laughs. He says you did injustice with me and I will take revenge, I will teach such lesson that world will see. He scares them and laughs saying Imli got scared.

He says I will not kill Imli, as you are their fav, Chakor has your life, one of you will die in some time, I don’t know who will die, one girl of you will die, if Chakor has to die, Vivaan will move, if Imli has to die, Suraj will move, its serious matter, think well and decide, both heros are of haveli, they are strong, but humans, their courage will end, I will go now, I will leave this cake here, atleast three will survive, have the cake, its tasty, don’t try to run, my men are outside. He leaves.

Tejaswini asks Girja who is coming that you all are decorating the haveli. Girja says Ranjana asked us to decorate haveli, someone is coming. Tejaswini says this is Bhaiya ji’s fav food. Ragini comes home. Tejaswini gets angry seeing her and asks what are you doing here. Ranjana comes there dressed well with all Shringhaar. She says Ragini won’t go anywhere, this is my haveli also. Tejaswini asks her why did she dress up like this, as she is a widow. Ranjana says leave Ragini’s hand, she will stay here, you can go. Tejaswini asks her to stay in limits, and scolds Ragini. She pushes Ragini outside the haveli and shuts door.

Ranjana asks why are you shutting door. Tejaswini says stop it, else I will throw you out. They hear bullet sound. Tejaswini opens the door and gets shocked seeing Bhaiya ji. She stumbles and gets away. Ranjana does his aarti and welcomes him. Bhaiya ji asks Ragini to come and says I will see who stops you from entering the haveli. He laughs.

Suraj, Chakor, Vivaan shout for help. Bhaiya ji says Chakor or Imli will be dying tomorrow, I want you to prepare for their final rites.

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