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Udaan 10th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 10th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Suraj coming to haveli. He claps and says you are very smart, you have sent my pic to all wine shops in village and said my liver got damaged, no wife can think this, I feel I should not give you divorce, where will I get such caring wife. Chakor says no use to say all this, you lost, the challenge had condition that you will leave wine forever. He goes to his room. Bhuvan says my Chakor won again and they all clap. Tejaswini says congrats Chakor, you made Suraj leave. Vivaan asks how do you get such plans in mind. Chakor says still 5 mins are left, Suraj will leave wine. Tejaswini says you won’t go anywhere till Suraj quits drinking, I can’t manage him. Vivaan asks all for them to continue jagran. Ranjana thinks if Chakor stays for more days, it will be big problem, she has


to lose today. She goes and looks for wine bottle. Suraj says I will not leave Chakor, how can I lose, I don’t like to lose. The guests leave from the haveli. Imli says congrats Chakor, you got Suraj on good path. Ranjana brings the wine bottle and gives to Suraj, saying you can drink as much as you want, I know you don’t like to lose. Suraj gets shocked.

Everyone pray. They hear some sound and turn to see. Suraj throws the wine in the pool water. Ranjana looks on. Chakor asks what are you doing. Suraj says I m celebrating my success, you lost Chakor, I got the wine, I can drink it if I want…. But I don’t want to drink, its my wish, you lost, now leave from here, so that I can live my life my way. Chakor says I did this as I can’t see tears in Tejaswini’s eyes, I don’t regret that I lost, as we all wanted you not to drink, I m glad that I m going from here, I can’t stay for a moment. Suraj stops her and says wait, I will send your bags, just leave, I will drop her. Imli says Chakor is tired and will go later. Chakor says no, I will leave, I don’t want to stay anymore, I will go alone, leave my hand. Suraj says no, I will drop you. Tejaswini says Suraj you are doing wrong by giving her divorce, just she can manage you. He asks how, by putting me in lockup, divorce papers are not signed, I will do my Pati Dharm, I will drop her to her Maayka. She asks him to leave her. Suraj says this is my way to trouble you for the last time. He drags her and they leave out of the haveli.

Ranjana smiles and says Kamal ji will be happy knowing this. Chakor asks whats this misbehaviour, leave me. He says don’t act, I m hurting you for the last time. She gets hurt and says I m not acting, my foot is hurt by the thorn, let me remove it. He holds her foot and removes the thorn. He says thorn got removed, and lifts her. She asks why are you taking care of me now after hurting me. He says I m not caring, I m removing thron from my life.

He takes her to Kasturi’s house. Chakor asks him to get her down. Suraj drops her and argues. Chakor tells Kasturi and Bhuvan that she got free now, and is very happy. She asks Kasturi to feed her roti. Vivaan tells Imli that he will take her to Navratri fair. She gets glad and says I will enjoy a lot.

He hugs her and they smile. She says you are the best. He asks her to take his name. She says Vivaan…. Girja comes and says Chagan and Lakhan came to meet you. Vivaan asks them to sit. They tell about the dance competition in navratri function. Imli says I can’t dance, and we have other plans. Vivaan says you can think of me and dance, and we can go fair later, Imli will participate and I m looking forward to meet Chakor. Imli says Chakor is not alone, we are with her. Lakhan says its good Chakor got free of fake marriage. They leave. Suraj gets angry seeing divorce papers and tells Imli that Chakor did not sign on one paper. Imli asks him to take sign at Navratri function.
Lakhan meets Chakor and apologizes to her for misunderstanding her. Chagan tells her to participate in dance competition. Chakor says no, I can’t dance. Kasturi says you have my dancing skills. Chakor refuses. Bhuvan and Kasturi sign Lakhan. Chakor asks whats happening. Kasturi says nothing. She makes halwa for Chakor and says I will make you fat. They laugh.

Lawyer tells judge that Bhaiya ji made the attack on police to burn evidence, but jailer will tell what did he find. Jailer recalls his family kept as hostage. Jailer says he did not get any evidence, govt lawyer forced him to blame Bhaiya ji. Lawyer says Jailer is lying, I feel he is afraid and changing his statement. Judge declares that Bhaiya ji is freed with honor, as there is no evidence against him. Bhaiya ji happily hugs Ranjana. She asks him to come, haveli is waiting. He says we will go, but whats the hurry, lets arrange some gifts for haveli people first, I want to meet Ragini first.

Chagan welcomes everyone in Navratri function. Vivaan smile seeing Imli and wishes her all the best. Chagan tells about Imli and Chakor’s dance. Kasturi gets Chakor and compliments her beauty. Imli asks Chakor how will you dance. Chakor says yes, I don’t know good dancing, I came for Kasturi, but you will win this competition, as you dance the best. Vivaan says you both are praising each other, but Chakor is number one in whatever she does. Chakor says no, imli will win. Imli thinks why don’t I like Vivaan praising anyone, I want to be number one for Vivaan. Imli goes and dances on Prem ratan dhan payo….

Suraj comes to Chakor. She asks what happened, could you not stay without me. He says I think you want to be with me, you did not sign on one paper. She says I will sign in morning, I can sign later. He says come with me. She says let me go, I have to see which song Chagan plays next. He says leave song, sign on papers. Vivaan sees Suraj and thinks what is Suraj doing here. Imli sees Vivaan with Chakor, and gets upset. Everyone clap for Imli. Vivaan asks Chakor to go, everyone is waiting for you. Chakor goes on stage. Suraj sits and thinks I will see how my ex wife dances, I will take her sign and go. Imli asks Vivaan what was he doing. He says see Chakor went on stage, come. Chakor dances on Aaja nachle …… Everyone clap for her. Imli cries seeing Chakor dancing better than her. Vivaan claps for Chakor. Imli thinks I want to be number one for Vivaan, I can do anything for Vivaan.

Imli and Chakor dance. Vivaan says how did Imli reach there. Chakor gets hurt because of Imli. Vivaan looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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