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U R MY ANGEL (epi-5)

Heyaaa guys I’m back with my 5th chappy

Thank u so much for ur support & love


Let’s start chappy
Screen starts with our angel was getting ready by our 3 musketeers finally after 3hrs struggle 4 got ready swara in red frock ragini in light blue colour dress
Sanskar in red & black combination shirt & jeans laksh with light blue with white combination
All 4 are looking stunning
Soon they got down swasan & raglak r holding each other’s hand

Shekar & dp smiles seeing their bonding 4 went near the kids took swara in their arms all wishing her again swara smiles & saying tq to all the ppl who r wishing her

All headed near cake it was big step cake with 4 steps of chocolate flavour swara fav. Flavour it’s written happy b’day angel (guys I’m sry swara was 2yrs old not 1yrs)
Soon swara saw the cake with no tym she put the finger on the cake & licked it
Swara: (took some cream agin kept near sanky mouth) Sankuuuu cake is so tasty have it

Sanskar: smiles &I licked the finger haaa angel it so delicious come we will some more

But ap stopped wait Sanskar 1st let Shona cut the cake then we will eat okie
They nodded their heads
Soon swara cutted the cake
Shekar: princesses 1st piece for me u love ur dad than these 3 an now come aa(opened his mouth)
All 3 started fighting like 1st me she loves me more than ppl
Swasan& raglak saw these & laughing like how their parents r fighting for the cake
Swara little brain started Woking she cutted another cake piece & shouted stop

All 4 looked at her now they embraced & triying to divert the topic she ordered 4 to stand has pair
Soon they stranded as do&ap shemish she forwarded both the handes
4 looked at her in confused
Swara : now I will keep 4 at a tym i have seen ur marriage Vedio in that mom & dad r eating sweet in the standing opp. Side now u also u ppl eat like that simple
She kept right handed near shemish same with dp & ap like this she kept at a tym to 4 of them
4 kissed swara cheeks
Soon all guest left the mansion now it’s tym for gifts
Dp&ap shemish bought a farm house for their princess
Raglak gave the their gifts toys & tedies
Now it’s sanky turn he swara to close her eyes she did that
Soon he kept something on her hands
She smiled seeing the gift she started shouting puppy sanku puppy heyyyyyyy
She kept the puppy down &I hugged sanky
Tq sanku ur my best flend(best Frnd) saying she kissed him on all over the face in excitement
All laughed seeing her antics
Immediately she tooked puppy & started thing the name by keeping index finger on chin

Swara: i will keep this puppy name has tilpsy (tripsy it’s my doggy name)

Sanky: tripsy so nice angel now onwards we will cl puppy has tripsy

Raglak: waise sanky y bought puppy for siso

Sanky: bcoz we will got to school she will get bored an that’s y I bought puppy for her to not get bored there is still one more yr to join in school na till she will play with the tripsy

Heyna angel swara: ha ha I will play with tripsy tq so much sanku

Ragini: swaru chalo let’s play with tripsy
All 4 started playing with the tripsy
Shemish & dpap were having tears in their eyes by seeing this they were thinking how these kids care for each other

Screen freezes on tripsy……

Precap: swara rocks sanky shock…..

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