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U R MY ANGEL (epi-3)

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Chalo lets starts 3rd chappy
Screen starts with sun rays falling on mansion
Baby is seen sleeping peacefully near sumi

Our 3 musketeers sleep got distrubed to this stupid sun rays (y the hell ? Comes early yar y can’t ? Do round slowly seriously I hate sun ?)

Raglak were holding sanky in the sleep bcoz he was in btw them,there r chances sanky may fall from the bed so sanky sleeps btw them every day

Sumi came to their room wake them up but our ragini was not in a mood open her eyes

Laksh sees this and went near ragini and ask

Laksh: ragu wake up it’s late we have to go school

Ragini: (sleepy voice) stop lucky I know today is Sunday so let me sleep

Laksh: so wt we will play with baby na get up yar

Ragini: plzzzz lucky baby won’t get up this much soon She was not like u

Laksh: with naughty idea he took mug and pour the water on ragini face (splashhhh)

Ragini:she woke up with jerk she took pillow and started running behind laksh they were running hole room

Sumi saw this with disbelief and stops them

Sumi: raglak stoppppp
Both stop seeing sumi sanky was laughing by clapping his hands

Ragini: mom beat this monkey donkey idiot he disturbed my beautiful sleep ( with cute pout )

Laksh: u duffer buffaloe stop ur scolding get up we have to go and buy toys for baby

Ragini: bites her tongue Oooo sry wait I will get ready

Sumi rolled her eyes by seeing this ?

Sumi took raglaksan went washroom make them ready

Raglak were helping each other in wearing dress sumi make sanky get ready

Now tym to our princess bathing

She called a middle age women for baby bathing

She took baby went to washroom

But our 3 wants to see how she was making bathing to their ANGEL

3 went to bathroom open the door and shocked to see the scenerie

3 got angry on the lady and started beating her lady was screaming like hell

Sumi & ap listening sounds they rushed to the room they r shocked seeing the 3 musketeers r beating her like hell sanky was holding hair and raglak were biting hands

Sumi & ap shouted on raglaksan

They stoped seeing them,

Lady got relived seeing them( bachara ?) She gave the baby to sumi very next movement she ran away from the place

Ap: wt u 3 r doing and y the hell u r beating her

Raglaksan: our Angel was crying bcoz of her we know she had done something with our angel that’s y she is crying

Laksh: how dare she to make my princess cry I will not leave her

Ap: ( rolled her eyes ? Angrily) u 3 idiots our angel was crying bcoz she was doing bathing
Every baby cries when they were doing bath, even u 3 also cried when u r at this age now leave from here

Raglaksan: sorry mom/ mumma we don’t know na babies will cry during bathing, we thought she beat our angel, so we beat her once again sorry mumma/mom
They left the place

Sumi & ap: laughed at their innocence and how much they loved their angel
soon they also left the place

After breakfast
Laksh asked ap to come with them we want to buy toys for our angel
Ap agreed and left to the shopping they buying so many toys and dresses for angel

After 3hrs
They completed their shopping sanky asked ice cream to ap
Ap agreed and went to ice cream parlour and they ordered their fav. Flavours but our raglaksan doesn’t want to eat in the parlour they want share ice cream with angel so they asked for take away

Few minutes later they reached the mansion all three went near angel they sat beside the angel they were about to feed ice cream for angel but sumi stopped them and said she should not eat anything except milk it’s not good for her health

All 3 saw the angel said sry and started eating sanky was on right side of angel & raglak on left side of bed even sumi & ap also started having their ice cream

After a while when sanky was enjoying the ice cream some cream fell on the angel face near the lips sanky saw this and remembered sumi said she will get ill so he licked the ice cream near the lips to this baby started laughing

Sanky felt happy again he licked the angel now she was laughing more all 4 saw the angel thinking y suddenly angel started laughing loudly they all shocked to see sanky was again licking the angel to this she was laughing

Ap stops the sanky & asks wt r u doing y licking her face

See na mumma she was laughing when I’m licking her face

Ap: I asked y doing that

Sanky: sumi mom told na that ice cream is not healthy for baby they will get ill by mistakenly my ice cream filled on her face so I licked her he said all this with innocent and making puppy eyes

Raglak: laughed and said sanky u done a great job yar baby ko bukar hone Sw bachaya tune

Sanky: haaa and smiled?

Ap: sanky u should not do like that okie

Sanky: but y mumma ?

Ap: i said na u should’t do matlab u should’t do that okie na (actually she did’t know how to explain him)

Sanky: okie sorry

Ap: now all complete ur ice creams

All completed ice cream 3 muzketeers
Started showing the dress and toy to angel
They all played with her

Slowly days are passing like this
After 21 days now our angel naming cermony
Sumi & shekar kept her name has swara
Shekar says to dp aajse our 2 daughters name should spell in once sentence SWARAGINI
He says that’s y i choosed this name for princess

Dp happily nodes yes there will 2 body but 1 soul SWARAGINI

all are smiling seeing this

Slowly days passed to months in these months raglaksan used to come early from the school to play with angel

Screen freezes on all happy faces ?

Precap: one year leap…… on angel bday
Sanky gift on angel bday

If u people like this chappy so plzzz do comments…?

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  1. Amazing dear…nd i rlly laughed at da part when the three muskeeters whr beating da lady..rlly how innocent thy r…i rlly njoyed a lot…loved it dear….waitng eagrly fr nxt….post soon

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