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The episode starts with abhi thinking about akash. I can feel a change in akash behavior nowadays he is always lost in some thoughts whenever he comes here to meet me or if he is waiting for me in the garden he will be looking somewhere else even after I came there and most importantly he is getting angry often even for small issues which is an unusual thing which I haven’t seen in these many years . Is that die to his work.stress or he has some problem?. Even when I met rachu last week when I went to their she didn’t talk much that was something unusual because she is very talkative and we are meeting after few years so she has many things to talk at least a reason to argue for not meeting her in these years. Wat will be the reason? is there any misunderstanding between akash and rachu due to his sudden change in his behavior?. Oh god is there any problem really or I just over thinking about it? Whatever I just talk abt this to akash before that I should ask prabha does he also feel changes in akash’s behavior. His continuous chain of thoughts was interrupted by rachu’s call.

At hospital
Tanu was very much tensed and holding aliya’s hand tightly and aliya was trying to console her.
Abhi rushed to the place where rachu was there. It was the same hospital where taaliya is there. Abhi touches rachu’s shoulder after seeing him
Abhi: rachu wat happened?
Rachu: He was out of town for the past two days for an official meeting. Today mrng only he came here that to he went to office directly as there was some issue there. Eveng one of his colleague called me and informed that he is admitted here as he was fainted and there is some allergy in his face and hands
Abhi: who informed u ? Where is he now?


Rachu: he is on the way to the hospital see he is the one who informed me.( that is Suresh)
Abhi enquires wat happened as Suresh was also with him for the past two days.Doctor comes at that time and informs that his allergy has become worse and he is struggling to breath and his heartbeat is uneven we will try our best.Rachu starts to cry again and asks what he ate today or he had any medicines at their trip.
Suresh: yeah he has some medicine has he was having severe head ache and says some medicine name.
Rachu checks about this medicine in internet and slaps her head he has allergy for one of the component in this medicine.
On the other side of the hospital doctor informs tanu that they can’t save her parents. Tanu was totally shattered after hearing this.
Tanu: hereafter no one is there for me. I hav no relatives as my parents hav married against their wishes I don’t know anyone here as we hav came here few months back. There is no one for me I hav became orphan now and she tries to jump from the window( there are in 6 th floor) but aliya stops her.
Aliya: hey who told there is no one for u. U r my sister iam here to take care of you.U come and stay in my home
Tanu looks on but akka I know that u care for me a lot but this is not possible practically. Even though I come here how long can i be there? A month, 3 months, 1 year after that i will become burden for you i dnt want to be burden to anyone.

Aliya: hav u completed ur dialogue? Did i say that u r a burden for me? Not at all. If u hav some respect and affection for me then obey my words.
At last aliya convince tanu to stay with her.she asks a nurse to take care of tanu and went to 4 th floor where akash treatments going on.
Rachu went to nearby temple to pray for akash. Abhi and akash went to medical shop which is in groundfloor to buy some medicines prescribed by doctor.
Aliya stands outside the ICU and looks akash through glass. Doctor was quite happy as his uneven heartbeat has become normal and now there is a lot of chances to save him. Aliya was staring at him for a while her black eyes changes to violet and a kind of light ray passes from her eyes and attacks akash after sometime his heartbeat becomes uneven again.
Aliya: Everyone here including doctors and ur wife will think that u hav died because of medicine allergy but no one knows that the actual reason is me. No one could see the ‘A’ mark on you because of the allergy that u hav which is plus to me ( There is a ‘A’ mark on his neck,shoulder and wrist which is not clearly visible coz if his allergy). Good bye akash see you soon in UFERLA.
Saying this she starts to walk towards the lift and abhi comes opposite to her with the medicines. Meanwhile Ecg in ICU shows that akash heartbeat is stopped.
Hai frnds i know this epi is a boring one. Thanks a lot for ur support and love . Pls share your both positive and negative comments see you all soon bye take care….

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