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Hai my dear chella kutties( sweet hearts) hope everyone had a safe and happy diwali. I was really very happy after seeing ur comments in previous epi. Thanks dears for ur love and support
The epi starts with abhi thinks only tanu can help me in this. But I have ask for her help without aliya ‘s knowledge otherwise it will result in danger either to me or tanu. I don’t know whether she will believe what iam saying or not but i have to do something to trust me.First i should find whether tanu’s parents died really by accident or it was aliya’s plan. First i should get her mobile number and meet her without aliyas knowledge.Let me meet her in the garden where we usually meet.

At eveng:
Tanu was walking in the garden by lost in her thoughts. What happened to aliya akka. Why she spoke to me like that yesterday. An fb
Aliya: Tanu who is he?
Tanu: i told u na. He is like my brother
Al: But hereafter don’t meet him. I don’t think he is a good person
T: No akka not like you think.He is really good and he treats me like his own sis just like u.
A: No tanu I know this world better than u so it’s better to avoid him ( in a stern voice) ( mind voice: if I let you to speak with him and meet him that will be danger already i hav hurted u by killing ur parents i cannot hurt u again or I cannot afford to loose u)
Tanu tries her best to say abhi is not like the person as aliya thinks
Al: avantika..( tanu looks puzzled. Aliya realized wat she said ans tries to manage) tanu( almost shouted at her) can’t u understand I’m saying na . If I get to know tat u meet him u can’t see a worse person than me. Aliya leaves tanu looks helpless
Tanu came back to senses as abhi shook her shoulders
Ab: hey where are u lost?
T: nothing Anna
Ab: no u r hiding something. U miss ur parents right?
T: yes Anna and I don’t know what is bothering aliya akka and shares what happened tat day. I think hereafter I can’t meet u like before.
Ab: ok I need some details regarding ur parents accident.( tanu looks as if y he need these details )I hav many frnds in police dept I will try to catch the real culprit. He asks abt venue and time how does the accident took place and details regarding about her dad frnds and do he have any enemies like that. Tanu answers him.
T:ok Anna its getting late if aliya akka sees we both are talking then I’m gone if u need any details then call to this num. Giving her number she left.


Abhi was still roaming in the garden thinking what to do next. He sits in the heap of sand near children’s park and starts to dig a hole playfully while thinking
Shall i ask prabha’s help no no i should not risk his life in this. Ok let me ask him without saying about aliya as he knows about tanu. He calls prabha.
Pr: yeah abhi tell me
Ab:R you free can i meet u now?
Pr: no abhi I’m out if town for personal works and here is heavy rain and there is some problem in my car i think i will there tmrw morning i will meet u eveng in ur flat
Ab: no we can meet in some other place. I’ll txt u later
Pr: ok abhi bye

Abhi gets something from the sand
Prabha was looking at the road waiting for the mechanic whom he hav called. A girl came out of the bus stop and starts to dance in the rain with the kids there like a child. Prabha saw her face in a lightening and was mesmerized by her beauty ( ur guess is right that is ammu) . He gets down from his car and starts to admire her ( plug ur headphones to poo pol poo pol ne en nenjai koidhaval minnalai minnalai en parvai parithaval from minnalae). When he about to move to talk to her someone comes in front of him .
Pr: who are you?
m: sir u only called me
Pr: car is there only go and check ( The mechanic was standing in the way which hides ammu from prabha’s view so he was keep on moving left and right to see her but the mechanic also stands hiding his view)
P: sir i need key
Pr: I’m waiting for him for the past one hour should he come only in this correct time .He opens the car and hurriedly turns to see her but there is no one in the road rain also stops.
Abhi digs larger to find what is that. It was a diary. He was about to throw the diary to dustbin but stopped as Krishna’s photo fell down from the diRy and found it was Krishna diary so he stRted to flip pages as he may get some clue. He was really shocked to when he read some pages in that .

Precap: tanu and abhi’s plan against aliya

Bye dears see you soon bye take care….

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