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The epi starts with abhi watching the cctv footage that he have received he was very much frustrated as he didn’t get a clue till now . He was fed up and about to off his laptop but stopped and shocked to see the video he rewind the video and saw that again it was video which was captured by the camera opposite side to the place which Krishna will be there. He saw a shadow of Krishna and some other person seems to be girl as it was with long hair In which that girl was attacking him brutally(like vampire) and after confirming that he was dead she stood up and her attaire changed automatically. Abhi couldn’t believe his eyes. He immediately checked the camera which would focus on Krishna’s place but the camera was not working at the time till aliya was there.
Abhi: so my instinct is correct its a preplanned murder.

The murderer noticed the camera which focuses krishna’s place and done something to make it repaired till the time she was there but didn’t notice that her shadow has fallen on the opposite wall and there is camera which has focused that. But according to the investigation be has no enemies then it might may be… It doesn’t look like ordinary murder it looks as if a vampire killing someone in a movie. Vampire…??? It sounds weird but let me check again. He started to check all the footage which is before one week of his death( in reverse order by date) as prabha told he was behaving weird since one week before his death.As far he noticed everything was normal but one thing was weird aliya was talking to him daily at night for sometime as soon as krishna see her he becomes very tensed.


But aliya’s face was very calm smiling as if she is talking to her friend. Abhi saw the same scenarios for 3 days footage one thing is clear now krishna was disturbed by aliya but y she is talking to him that to in late nights??. He rewinded the footage and stopped at the date ( at 10 pm )where Krishna came to know about aliya is a vampire. Krishna was very much tensed and writing something in a diary after sometime suddenly something in black color came in front of him by flying and the video starts to blur ( remember aliya was in black color attaire when she changed into vampire). Abhi immediately played the camera footage which is in opposite side so that he can get some clue.

Aliya tried to attack him but stopped as she found some persons are coming and changed her attire after that abhi couldn’t see that creature there but he could see shadow of two men was walking together and busy in talking something strikes in abhi’s mind and he checks the footage which focus Krishna’s place to find who are they he was hell shocked to see that as it was him and akash aliya have crossed them looking at krishna with full of anger while they where chatting Slowly he realized that he have seen aliya many times at the place where he and akash meets. That means aliya have killed krishna and akash as I saw her near icu on that day she must have killed him and she is a vampire…

But tanu told me that aliya takes care of her so well. That means her next target is either tanu or me. But if s
he want to kill tanu y she takes care of her so well?? Is her parents dead by accident or it was aliya’s plan to attack tanu ? And rachu told she meet akash last week is it her imagination or real? Is aliya trying to make rachu a vampire with the help of akash? Omg whom I should save tanu or rachu? Or should I save me from her? Oh god I have lot of ques but no answers. Yes the solution for this is tanu only she can help me in this..

precap: abhi gets Krishna’s diary

Hai frnds please say me if it is boring or not nice as I felt it is getting very bored nowadays. If u dnt like this then i will end this as I don’t my frnds to get bored by my ff. Please share your both positive and negative comments u can throw rotten eggs tomatoes and stones as well .And forgive me for being late . Bye dears take care

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