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u all made us like this (swasan ff) by rabia (teaser)

Guyssssss seriously im very much dukhiii (sad) :’( I can’t be able to write a single romantic line :’( what can I doo now?? If I will not be able to give then will u all stop reading my
stories???? (Weeping) :’( :’( pls tell meee pinky promise I tried many times but always failed instead of romantic lines always came black ghost, witchy witch, fainting or lady don type ideas (pout) soo now what would I doooooooooo (aaaannnnnnn) :’(

till than read this bekaar (stupid) teaser 😛


Part 3


Someone stabs one boy brutally and smash his head many time on the rock…. And take him into the car….

After half hr throws him out from the car… on which the injured boy roll down from the small hill…

Another half hr later…

One car came and a girl from that car come down and takes that boy somewhere….

After 2 days…..

Doc : congrats mr. ram gerawal operation got successful…. Now the old one is dead and a new one is born….

Soo guys this is a small teaser due to TS I can’t be able to give proper time to next epi soo im giving u this…

Soo nowww..

Who is the boy??

Who is the girl who saved him??

Who is ram gerawal?? He is having the same surname which swasan have soo is he related to them???

And about whom doc is talking about?? That old is dead and new is born???

For knowing this u have to wait for few days 😉 if u want 😛 and if u want than i can convert this ff into ts choice is yours 🙂

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