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two mountaineers (swasan ff) by rabia (glimpse)

Hello again guys… Rabia here with a new concept…. I know many readers want that I should give the second season of love between swasan.. but guys.. giving new season with new suspense. Shocks it is very difficult for me and I think in this whole page of swaragini ff’s only one writer is there who give the same intensity of thrill, suspense, shocks etc.. and she is Vaishnavimishra the writer of (IT’S NOT REVENGE IT’S LOVE SWASAN) she already written 2 seasons and now 3rd season is going on… im a big fan of her stories like the way she give each and each scene in detail its amazing 
Okay soo now guys coming to my new ff… one more thing guys I’ll try my best to give proper details of every single thing to remove confusion
This ff is on 2 ppl who are mountaineers… the story from which I inspired is actually the true story but obviously the writer made some changes to make it as a complete story and
I will also made changes I am just getting the plot from that story…

Swara Gadodia : mountaineering is her passion and doctor by profession…. Engaged with her bua’s son Sahil.. 25 yrs old


Shekhar Gadodia : father of swara a businessman loves her daughter a lot… got swara engaged with her sister’s son Sahil.. loves his sister a lot…

Sharmistha Gadodia : mother of swara died when swara is very small

Kaveri Sharma : sister of shekhar Gadodia…. Most irritated person.. always try to interfere in swara’s life… (Widow)

Sahil sharma : kaveri’s son… swara’s fiancé… always in the race of making money… didn’t care about any body…

Kavya sengupta : kaveri’s daughter mother of 2 most irritated and manner less children ( not a very imp role just a side role)

(kaveri and his family are not a very imp character they just come side to side nothing else)

Arnav Kapoor : sharmishtha’s brother uncle of swara… loves her like his daughter…

Janki kapoor : arnav’s wife aunt of swara also loves her like his daughter….

Ragini kapoor : swara’s cousin and her best frnd her age fellow done masters hates sahil and his family…. (Supporting character) engaged to Laksh Singhania ( not have any role only as a fiance’)

Kaveri hates ragini because she said that ragini is very manner less and blunt but for swara ragini is a pure heart girl who didn’t tolerate anything wrong

Swayam kapoor : ragini brother… loves swara as his own sister but irritates her a lot… both always doing fighting with each other….

Sanskar or david Thomas : seismologist ( the one who are expert in studying earthquakes and seismic waves) and a mountaineer….. 29 yrs old…. A british born his mother is Indian and father is British

Kavita: sanskar’s wife mountaineer by profession but died ( not having any role throughout the story just a topic)

Other characters will be disclosed with the passing of story… but these are the major characters who have an effect on lead role (swasan)

Both character go from very up and downs but in the end they will meet… but in between they have to pass many hurdles…

They parted and then meet…

Now see what is stored in their destiny how will be their first meeting… what is the impression of one on other….

Did the liked each other in first sight or they have to meet again and again….

Mountaineering is their passion… but what will be the result of this passion….

There will be 3 stages of stories… 3 different places….

Every place has its own story in their life…..

First story is at the hilly areas…..

Second place of the story is Everest….

And finally the third place…. Earth quake affected areas….

Guys this is the first glimpse of my new ff… soo tell me u like the concept or not??

I will update 1st episode on Saturday…. But after your response… soo now your responses decide the destiny of this story….

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