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two mountaineers (swasan ff) by rabia (epi-1)

Guys there is a little bit change kaveri is not shekhar’s real sister… but she is more than a real sister for him so that’s why he engaged swara with sahil..and guys my sneezing stops that’s why i wrote the first part 😉 😛



imp note:
guys this story was a true story so im not changing the plot of that story.. im just changing dailouges location place and situations etc.. otherwise main plot will be the same if u find boring or didn’t like it doo tell me 🙂


News published in the newspaper on 18 august 2016:

One mountaineer from British expedition team fall down in the crevasse (a deep open crack, especially one in a glacier). while climbing the Mount Everest….the mountaineer died on the spot… the team confirmed the news of her death…While climbing mountaineer fall down in the deep crevasse….
One month before:- ( now the story starts one month before the incident)

18th july 2016:-

She walk inside the white gate and look around.. while entering she saw two boys were standing and talking to each other….

One boy is swayam and other boy may be his frnd… but she didn’t liked him because he is looking like a flirt…

She ignore them and goes inside…….. in the garden ragini is sitting and reading the newspaper…

Ragini saw her and said : hello swara

Swara while making faces : hii…

Ragini: what happened??

Swara: outside swayam’s frnd is staring mee

Dii he is a son of minister… said by swayam from behind..

Swara: soo what?? He is looking such a flirt by face…

Swayam : dii don’t give much importance to your self…he is very much decent

Swara : huhh.. decent my foot

Ragini : shut up u both and swara what is in this bowl which u r holding??

Swara : oo yaa I made chilli chicken and she put on the table..

Swayam open the lid and eat the chicken…

Swara : first go and wash your hand and face….

Swayam : oo dii… sheron k muu dhullay he hotay hain ( loins always have a washed face)

Swara : ya yaa I know mamu bring u from the zoo naa

Ragini : can u please just stop it.. always fighting

Swara : where is mamu mami??

Ragini: inside go and meet them

Swara : some other time now I have to go kaveri bua is coming…

Ragini make a face on eharing kaveri’s name : why that old lady don’t stay at her home??

Swara : she is dad’s sister raginii

Ragini : so what… I just hate him and his idiot son.. why u don’t cancelling your marriage with him??

Swara sadly : its dad wish raginii

Ragini: swara don’t be soo mahan… if it is in your hand naa then surely at the time of your birth u said to doctor that doctor I don’t want to come out from my mummy’s tummy
because I don’t want to give her pain… (huh) (guys this is my personal opinion on seeing to much mahanta of heroines 😉 )

Swayam burst out in laughing on hearing thiss while swara throws the newspaper after rolling it on raginii..

Swara : shuttt upp and im going now byeee

Swayam from behind shouts : diiii mix loose motion med in kaveri aunty’s drink 😉

Swara : u just shut up swayam and she goes out…

Her house is just two block far from ragini’s house… she entered from the back door of her kitchen because she knows that bua is arrived and if she saw her coming from entrance than she start’s firing the questions…

In kitchen she saw kaka is serving drinks in the tray she picks up the tray and goes out… bua and kavya di with her irritating kids sitting in the hall…

Kaveri saw swara and said with extra sweet voice : come beta where were u look we are waiting for u bhaiya is also in office…

Swara with fake smile : bua I went for a walk in garden..

Kaveri: okay okay…

Kaveria saw swara from top to bottom…

(swara always wears joggers because she felt comfortable in it and it looks too good on her)

Kaveri : beta why u always wear joggers like boys??

Swara : bua I feel comfortable in them..

Kavya : swara why don’t u wear those purple sandals which sahil bhai bought for u….

Swara : kavya di its color is very bright and I don’t like bright clr…

(swara always prefer light and cool clr which gives a soothing effects… she never wear bright or shiny clothes)

Kaveri : louuu u r a exceptional piece every girl now a days wear dark clr cloths..

Swara didn’t said anything just gave them a fake smile….

Swara : bua will I prepare for lunch??

Bua: ya ya why not we came after many days I will surely eat lunch made by your hand…

Swara nodes and left to kitchen…

In kitchen kaka is working… kaka is also don’t like kaveri…

Kaka while making faces : she came after every 2nd day and always said that we came after many dayss huhh

Swara surpass her smile and said : kaka it’s okay it her brother’s home..

Kaki : hmmm

Swara is working in kitchen when kavya’s son adi came and open the fridge and take out the peanut butter full big jar which is not noticed by swara

Raj to kavya at kitchen entrance : momm can I have this??

Kavya saw him and said : why not beta it’s your nanu’s house..

Swara gritted her teeth and murmurs : idiot I bought this jar for making a dish and look this devil grab the whole jar…

But before adi open’s the jar if slips from his hand and the jar broke into pieces..

Swara mouth fell down after seeing this while adi runs outside…

Swara : idiott manner less I don’t know what kavya di eat while giving birth to these devils…

Swara is layering the lasagna when she heard her cat’s scream she immediately runs outside from kitchen’s back door and saw adi and kavya’s second son piyush is lighting the
fire at his cat’s tail..

Swara become shocked after seeing thiss

Piyush is grabbing the car while adi is trying to light the fir on cat’s tail and poor cat is screaming in pain..

Swara blood’s boil on seeing this she grabs the cat from piyush’s hand and said : what the hell u both r doing??

Adi and piyush in most insulting way answer her back: who the hell r u to question us?? U go and do your work…

Swara anger reached its peak and give them both a tight slap….

Both boys runs inside while crying… swara caress her cats and feed her milk…

Swara came inside the hall and saw kavya is consoling her sons and after seeing swara she turns his face..

Kaveri: swara why u beat them and pulled hair of them??

Swara becomes shocked on hearing thiss…. She give death glare to boys

Swara : bua I just slapped them didn’t pull their hairs..

Kavya in anger: what do u mean bye this?? U mean to say that my sons are lying

Swara in rude tone : kavya d I think rather pointing towards me u should tell to your children how to behave with elders and animals they both are lighting the fire on cat’s tail…lunch
is ready u can have it.. by saying this she goes outside and goes to ragini’s house…

To be continued…

Precap : swaragini planning for a tour and entry of sanksar….

Soo guys how was the first epi??

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