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Twinj:Immortal struggling love (Chapter 28)

Chapter 28:
Kunj made his way towards twinkle n uv who were talking and giggling n were having fun. Twinkle didn’t observe kunj coming as she informed him to leave before getting down from the train.
Kunj went near twinkle n started talking to her,

Twinkle was shocked.
Uv: twinki who is he???
K:I am kunj sarna, I am her….
T: he is my college mate uv
Uv seems boggled
K:I love her


For a second the entire railway station was drenched in silence, twinkle was on the tip of a mountain called shock!!!!
Uv went all red. He started hitting kunj like anything as a reflex without delaying
Twinkle took several minutes to mark out what’s happening, as she came to knw the first thing hit her head was STOPING UV…..

T:bhai…wait don’t hit him
Uv was uncontrollable he was not leaving kunj,finally some how twinkle succeeded in separating uv n kunj. Kunj was lying in a pool of blood whincing in pain, still a sort of attitude n smile was on his face. It seems like kunj was upto something.

Twinkle ran to him n started helping him, uv who got angry seeing this went to twinkle n dragged her from thr.
All the time twinkle waa trying to explain her best bt all in vain.

T:uv listen….kunj is a nice guy, plz once u listen to me
U: u just shut up n come, from today u hv lost the right to talk.
T:uv….listen…. kunj kunj kunj….

She was yelling at the top of her voice, she was crying n was full red in pain.

Next scene,
Twinkle is seen crying in her room.
Leela comes to her to give her food.
T: may I don’t want anything plz leave me alone.
L: puttar I am ur mother I can understand u

Listening that twinkle was soo happy as she got some1 who could understand her she hugged leela and Leela held her back n carased her hair.

T: maa kunj is really a nice guy,I don’t know y uv is behaving like this, what’s wrong in it?? I love him
L: puttar I knw that u love Sme1. ..
T: kunj maa
L:hmm…whoever it may be, but u remember that u r a princess, u can’t love a guy who belong to a low caste.
T:caste? ?? Maa ru getting wt u r talking about
L:yes twinkle u can’t do this as ur bro n ur father won’t agree for an alliance with a low caste guy.
T:bt maa…
L: please listen to me n forget him, as we can’t do anything against ur father n brother, this is what I can say u, all is left fr you itself.

Twinkle was shocked to hear leela,as she was thinking something hard a voice fell into her ears. It’s her inner voice

Twinkle u r a princess u can’t marry a low class guy it’s against the rituals and traditions of this nation,as no one will support u fr this act as still the ppl is not taking things easily. But u love him naa, love had no differences, nothing can affect love, all the things may be caste, religion colour name fame all is nting infront love. U just believe what ur heart says.

Hearing this twinkle came to know what she want to do next……


Let’s see what twinkle gonna do further……

All I wanna trying to bring out is a caste differences which lead to love failures during term pre independence time of our country, at that time many love stories were killed by the mere traditions n customs which do nt hv any sense.

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