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Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love(43)

The chaos was created in the hospital… just then doctor came n scolded them for this kind of behaviour in hospital n asked them to leave as only few people are allowed to stay in the hospital at this tim
d- what is going on here?? cant u people see its a hospital n many patients are there who are getting disturbed by ur this behaviour..
plz i request u people to slove ur personal problem at home.. all this is not acceptable here..
n yes.. only few people are allowed to stay here.. so u people please leave from here as soon as possible , we are here for the patient , as n when there would be ur need or the patient gain her consciousness , we will call u
untill then plz maintain peace in the hospital..

@Twinkle’s ward..
Twinkle was feeling restless.. she was having breathing problem in her unconscious state.. she has clutched the bedsheet.. The nurse present there saw her condition getting worse n immediately called the doc.
N- (came running to do cwho was busy scolding kunj n family) doc.. doc.. the patients health is getting worse.. she is breathing heavily.. plz come fast..
d-(saw kunj n family) n left from there..
family’s condition was not at all good listening about twinkle’s worsening health conditions..
Kunj immediately rushed from there towards twinkle’s ward.. who was sitting lifelessly on ground few seconds back.. but after listening abt her.. he immediately rushed to see her..
usha started crying miserably n manohar was consoling her having tears in his eyes too..
listeing this news.. mahi started paniking… n suddenly she shouted..
m- ahhh.. ahhh.. uv. ahh… (holding her baby bump) its.. its paining.. (having tears in her eyes)


uv- (immediately rushed to her n called doc) mahi.. mahi.. plz cool down.. nothing will happen.. i m here na.. plz dont panic..(tears continuously falling from his eyes seeing his love in pain in front of his eyes.)
Suddenly he started shouting for doc..
uv- doc .. doctor.. plz help..
Usha couldnt saw his son in deep pain n went to him n helped him in shifting mahi to ward.. Mahi was taken in ot..(she was still screeming_)
UV was restless seeing her whole family broken, watching his bro his kunj n his love in this state n seeing his family hating him…
Usha patted his shoulders.. He looked at her n suddenly hugged her from wait n started crying loudly.. (jab dard hota h to kuch bhi ho, maa hi yaad aati h)
usha was just patting his head in order to console him..(afterall he is her son, no mother can see her child in pain)
Adi too came there n hugged uv..

but uv was just crying n sobbing.. clutching them ..
uv- maa… mahi..ma.. mahi..my baby.. maa.. i ..i c. cant live without her n my baby..
(still sobbing) she already has some complications in her pregnency n n.. now.. now th.. this..(sobbing)
ek taraf mahi n dusri taraf tw. twinkle… (clutching his hairs strongly in his palms) ye.. ye.. Kya ho ra h?
Kyu?? jab bhi m kush hone ki koshish karta hu.. Aa.. aaisa kyu hoyta h mere saath..(crying)
(seeing towards usha) maa.. maa usse kuch hoga to ni na.. maa .. plz mmai to bolo na.. ki vo theek ho jaaye.. plz maa.. m.. vo mahi..(pointing towards mahi’s room) theek ho jayegi na..
usha- Haa mera baccha.. shh shh..(lovingly caressing his hairs) kuch ni hoga putar.. bharosa rakh.. kuch ni hoga.. sab theek hoga..
Here both adi n usha was trying to console him..

@other side.. outside twinkle’s ward..
kunj was just staring towards the door of the ward n was sobbing..
He is hiding his whole face in his palms n is sitting in nearby benches.. (just thinking about the storm which has just arrived in his life.. after knowing about his n twinkle’s marriage n her sufferings till now,.. he has never imagined this situation in this situation in life)
He was sobbing continuously thinking about twinkles present situation n his time spent with her..(all their happy moments).. suddenly a slight curse appeared on his lips.. but its faded as soon as his thought about the accident.. the dreadful accident
Manohar was sitting just beside him n he is also worried for her daughter but his heart was aching more by seeing his beloved son’s state.. (afterall father is father, how can he ignore his sons miserable condition)

he just wanted to console him.. n hug him .. but something was stopping him in doing so.. !!
He hesitantly put his hands on kunj’s shoulders.. kunj just saw him n started crying hugging him.. (his state is miserable like hell)
manohar also didnt part himself from him n hugged him back consoling him.. both didnt utter a single word from mouth but they were being support of each other..
kunj was feeling heaven by his father’s love after this much time.. (he was thinking about his betrayl to twinkle.. he was cursing himself in mind for leaving such a pious soul on her wedding day)
thinking all this.. he came into senses n realised that he is hugging his dather..(he felt happy thinking that his father still loves him after this much happened,.. little did he know that a father can never ever hate his child child no matter what the situation is?? he can be angry on his child for his mistakes n also can give the worst punishment but can never ever hate his child)
He parted himself from him.. n looked towards him n started apologising him..
k- Dad.. dad.. i.. i m .. so sorry.. plz forgive me dad for my mistake.. (still sobbing) i know i did wrong.. i .. i will rectify my mistake.. i will never ever leave her.. dad plz ask her to get up soon.. i .. i .. i cant see her in thsi condition.. plz dad do something.. ask her to get up.. She treat u like her dad only na.. plz ask her.. she will not deny u .. plz dad plz.. i.. I LOVE HER./. cant loose her dad.. plz ask her to get up..
i will do whatever she say.. i will never evr tease her by calling her.. syappa queen too.. but plz ask her to get up once.. i will never let her go away from me this time.. (again hugged himcrying )

Manohar didnt utter a single word from his mouth but was continuously caressing his head trying to make him relax n comfort..
But he too was broken from inside seeing her lovely daughter on the death bed…
(kunj didnt realised that he confessed his LOVE for HER.. in this condition.. he is not in his senses to recognise his own condition… dard me dil ki baat zubaan tak aa hi gayi..)
Screen freezes on crying faces of both uv n kunj with their parents trying to console him..
Hello friends .. i know i m a bit late.. ha ha.. sorry.. i know i m whole one week late.. but thank u so much for understanding me..
n yes… tell me did u like todays episode..
did u realised kunj just confessed his love!!
i know this confession was not at all expected.. but i think it was necessery.. he came to know about his feelings..
now wait for him to confess it to twinkle..??
but befor that guess what will ahppen with twinkle??
will she forgive him?/
will his family forgive him?/
oh..oh.. ek baat to m bhul hi gayi.. mahi ka kya hoha??
vaise bhi bhot complications h…
socho socho.. untill next one …
bbyee see ya frnds.. meet u soon with next episode..

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