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TWINJ ki TASHAN-E-SHAADI ~By Zuha {Episode # 4}

So I am back with the 3rd episode of TWINJ ki [email protected]!
Sorry chiku for making you wait for so long!
Also friends I will be off site for next 2 weeks as my exams are starting but I will be back soon Insha Allah! Love u all! Keep smiling ? Always ?
And as said this episode will be Comedy (Though I am bad at it) but I hope that you all will enjoy!

Twinkle and Kunj are shocked to know Leela proceeding towards the terrace!
Twinkle and Kunj together say, “Siyappa!!!”
T-Kunj jaldi chupo! (Kunj hide quickly!)
K-Yeah, yeah!!

Kunj starts finding a place to hide…

K-Arey kahan chupo? (Where should I hide?)
T-What do you mean kahan chupo, find a place and hide!
K-Oh gosh! This shaadi is such a headache … glad that after 3 days it will be over!

Twinkle is stunned at his statement!

T-Kunj what did you say?
K-Huh? Pata nahi! Please hide me somewhere?
T-Yeah, yeah!

Twinkle sees Leela standing in front of them…She is left shocked!
T-Maaaaa! Aaaaaapppp?

Manvi and Soumya reaches there, panting, as if they were trying to stop Leela!

T-Ma sorry voh unhonein (Kunj) ne mujhe bulaya tha! (Twinkle is unaware with the fact that Kunj is not present there!)
L-Kisne puttar?

Twinkle looks here and there and finds Kunj nowhere…

She wonders where is Kunj!

It is revealed that Kunj is hiding on the balcony’s pillar (As in movies I hope you guys understand!)

L-Voh Ma, Manvi aur Sumo ne!

Leela turns and faces Manvi and Soumya who nod in NO!

T-They are lying!
M&S-NO Auntie you know us we don’t lie!

Twinkle gives a death glare to them!

L-Koi gal nahi puttar!

Then she notices Twinkle’s dress changed from lehnga to ball gown and looks at the arrangements, flowers all where with candles lightened, it could be a perfect place for a couple to romance ?

L-Puttar, tera joda , aur yeh sab.. (Dear your dress, and all this..)
T-Ma … ask them (Pointing towards to Sumo and Manu)

Both of them were appalled!!!
Twinkle signed the 2 something both of them were confused…Manvi and Soumya looked at Leela’s questioning face!
But they thought something and said, “It … it is her baby shower! :P”

Twinkle gave them a death glare while Leela was shocked and both Soumya and Manvi themselves were shocked!
Twinkle thinks, “Baby shower?? Like seriously? I myself am a baby ? Bridal shower kehte bwaqoofon! Ab ma toh mera bheja fry bana degi! Kya karoun babaji!”
L-Hey babaji! Twinkle tu pregnant kab hui?? (Twinkle when you get pregnant!)
Twinkle nod in NO!
L-Kahin tum ne aur kunj ne….

Kunj who was listening all this coughed…
Leela was distracted by this voice while TwiManSo made a SHIT face!

L-Koi awaaz aayi?? (Any voice came?)
T-Nahi nahi Ma!
L-There was a noise from here! (Pointing towards the pillar where Kunj is hiding!)

Kunj makes a “MAR GAYE” face

T-Ma there is no one there…

But Leela continues to move ahead…

Twinkle thinks, “If Ma gets to know that Kunj and I were secretly meeting then I will be made a widow before my marriage! Kya karoun???”

She sees a flower pot beside and kicks it…Leela stops proceeding and turns to find Twinkle’s hand bleeding…She gets concerned…………………………………
L-Ki hua puttar ji…aur yeh haath..Kaise..(What happened beta? And your hand…How??)
T-Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! Ma buhat dard ho raha hai! Ouch!! (mom it is paining a lot!)
L-Wait I will bring first aid kit box…

Leela rushes down the stairs…
Kunj comes out and says, “Finally!!”
S-My would be jija ji (brother in law) because of you this all happened!
T-And you 2 devils! Manvi and Soumya! It is my baby shower?…

Manvi and Soumya look at each other and makes an “OOOOPPPPSSSS” face…

M-Sorry Twinki…
S-Haan really sorry actually my tongue slipped…
T-Yeah your tongue is slipping a lot nowadays…
And as she hits slightly on Soumya’s shoulder, pain rises in her hand as she exclaims, “Ouch!”
Kunj gets concerned and holds Twinkle’s hand, while Manvi and Soumya are happily amused…and they quietly leave from the place…leaving the 2 love birds alone…

Twinkle eyes Kunj intensely filled with love, Kunj sucked blood and cleaned the wound while Twinkle continued adoring her…
K-Twinkle what was the need to do all this…
T-To save our relation it was necessary!
K-But what was the need to hurt yourself!
T-Why does it matter to you?

Kunj stood still for a minute as he himself was unaware of the fact…He realized what he was doing and left Twinkle’s hand with a jerk leaving her baffled!

K-I have to leave…..Bye!

And he rushes off…Leaving Twinkle appalled!

Kunj comes down and thinks, “Kunj what were you doing? What do you think huh, that by falling for someone will bring peace in your life, but it will tangle life more, just remember his marriage is a life-long challenge plus headache just stick to what you are and what is your life-style!”

Next day…
In Taneja Mansion…
Twinkle was walking tensed remembering Kunj’s words, “Oh gosh this shaadi is such a headache…glad it will be over in 3 days!” and how he left Twinkle baffled!
Twinkle is tensed…
Leela comes and pats on her shoulder making her to come out of her thoughts…
L-What happened puttar? Where are you lost?
T-Nothing Ma…everything alright?
L-Voh puttar…Usha ji has sent your Sangeet’s dress, try it on if any problem is there so tell me! Theek hai puttar?
T-Ji ma!

Leela leaves but Twinkle is still lost and thinks, “Why do I have a weird feeling regarding Kunj!”

Scene freezes on Twinkle’s tensed face!’

Precap: Sangeet ceremony…..

So it ended…..I hope you guys enjoyed..Do leave your comments….Love u all! Keep smiling ? Always ?

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