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(Twinj FF Fake marriage turn into love ) Part 1

Twinj ff fake marriage turn into love

This is my first ff and hope to entertain you guys. Iam sorry if I did mistake here please we here you go my first ff for twinj.


Big college is show and their are group of people and it seem like they are discussion something very very serious. So let see what they at talking about.

Twinkle : I have to find a room in any how to stay until I have finished my college.

Chinki: twinkle you should have tell me before I should mange but now it to late because every house that I know for rent is been given to someone else.

Twinkle : Chinki I think college will be close to Sammy house that why i don’t tell you.

Chinki: okay let it my other friend is also dealing with the same problem so I will talk with him.

Twinkle: okay but do fast.

Chinki: okay.

Chinki: Karan Wahi I have my friend that have to struggle to find a room to stay can u plz talk to your friend that she can stay.

Karan Wahi : okay but their is big problem.

Chinki: what is the problem

Karan wahi : well in his flat only married people or single people can stay.

Chinki : okay she will manage this.

Karan wahi: okay then see you at college.

They both share a smile to each other.

Other side twinkle was waiting for Chinki to so she can talk with her.

Chinki : their is good news and bad news. Which one you want to listen first.

Twinkle: okay first say me bad news and then good news

Chinki : twinkle you have to acted like married women if u want to stay in that flat. And good news is you get the flat.

Twinkle : what u are kidding me wright. Who will acted to marriage women just to gets flat.

Chinki : u have to do this if you want to study ?

Twinkle : okay Iam ready for this deal. What should I do now????

Chinki : you have to meet a guy in cafe and discuss about room.

Twinkle : okay I am ready. But who will give me address of place.

Chinki: give her address and tell person name which is silence.

Cafe twinkle get ready and left to cafe and she saw someone is waiting for her in same cafe. And she think is could be same guy what Chinki is talking about.

Twinkle enter the cafe and she was about to fall but but the guy hold her on time and said sorry my bad that u trip down.

Twinkle smile and said it okay and thank u for saving me for falling on the ground.

Guy : well it okay Ms. ummm

Twinkle : Twinkle Tanega

Guy : Kunj kunj Sarna nice meeting u. So you are the one the my buddy wahi was talking about my roommate.

Twinkle: yeah that wright Iam the one. Let discussed

Kunj : so we have to acted like husband and wife to the people which I own the house is it okay with u.

Twinkle : actually not but we have to do this as I have to study ?. By the way tell me your favorite thing and your parent name.

Kunj : okay so my parent is Usha and Monohar Sarna and it becomes mute while they are talking.

Twinkle : well nice to meet u Mr. Sarna forwarding her hand for shake.

Kunj same here Ms. Taneja. They both shake their and she leave the place.

Twinkle sift in his place and his house holder got to know that his is marriage.

And they just want to check is it true of not then they see twinkle prying to god and they smile see traditional in house and well Mr. And Mrs Sarna tomorrow dinner with us is conformed u two have to come.

Pracape: what will happen when Mr. And Mrs Sarna will meet the house holder in their place.

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