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Twinj- A Never Ending Love Story (how tashan changes to ishq) – “Promo”

Hii guys…
M back to eat ur brains..
Dare any1 scrol down..read my bak bak..
I wanna say a thing..
Huh..dont get tensed..its not k i will say “my no. Of comments have decreased n i want u all go comment..”
Not at all guys..
For now m happy..but guzz m a bright student n i gave my exams saying “jay sidhant”
Yep guys in each exam i said that..
Dare any1 laugh there..
Guzz..now its the most dangerous time for me..
Do u all noe y…
No na..let me say u..
Its the time that we r getting our papers..
I have done well..but my parents have expectations frm me..
I m getting good marks too..but they want perfect..
Now u all will think that when my exams r over than too m saying all this..
Coz if there is less than 98 marks then whenever i will touch my tab my brother will taunt me..my father was very much angry on me as i got 96 in maths..he was angry coz i said i would get hundred..
Soo…wat all i wanna say is just wait for my ff..i m giving u all a promo here..to give some highlights of the upcoming story…
So enough of my bak bak..
“TWInj – A Never Ending Love Story ( How Tashan Changes To Ishq) Promo”
A beautiful place is shown…there is a table kept in between with red and white table cloth n a vase with a bunch of purple n white flowers beautifully placed in it..the walls are decorated with red,white and purple flowers and tiny bulbs were beautifully placed beneath them just giving the flowers some twinkling shine..then the camera rolls around…there were Balloons kept of red and white colour all around the ground…and the fog was spread all around…there were two chairs kept beside the table which were covered with white cloth and some red stripes..(guyz bear with my stupid description)..it was a date setup…then there we see a boy wearing white shirt with black coat on it that were having i single golden stripe on the middle of the collar..with a black pant..he was sitting with a red rose in his hand…there was a girl standing wearing a beautiful pink gown..with work of silver n golden stones till her waist…
Boy-“i noe wat i will say after that u will be shocked but wat i will say is true…i dont knkw when i fell for u..wen i started loving u..wen the first time i saw u i started liking u…but wen i saw u with him(some 1 else)i was very jelous of him…then i realised that i loved u..yes..i really love u…will u be mine..forever n ever..?
The girl was shocked..she was having tears in her eyes..either that were of happiness or something else..
The boy gets very happy…they both hug each other..very tightly…
Next scene..
The same boy is shown entering sarna mansion…every1 sees him n gets happy…they all started to talk to him..some1 makes him eat food…some1 asks him to take rest..but there was a pair of eyes who were boiling seeing him there…
Promo ends…
So guys…
Who was the boy..
Who was the girl..
Whose pair of eyes wer That..
Want to noe…
Then read..TWInj- A Never Ending Love Story(How Tashan Changes To Ishq)
N tell me guys..who all u think were they..
Throw ur comments..
Critism is welcomed but no ill language..
If u allwant any chandpge then do tell me guys..
Ok enough..
If some1 wants the link of previous episode here it is

Twinj- A Never Ending Love Story (how tashan changes to ishq) – Epi 7


N yeah guys…a new entry is there to enter soon..
So guess who is the one who will enter…
N 1 more thing..i think i can post after 20..but if i get time i will post before that..
Ok ok going..enough of my bak bak..
Love u all…

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