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Twinj: A journey that led to U – promos “Happie Bday Sayu didi”

I’m searching for it and I’m not finding it..
I searched and searched but closed by dictionary with thud…I still didn’t manage to find it…
U know what I was finding??
A suitable word which wud express my gratitude towards u ppl…
For the luv u have shown ,Im always grateful…???

I’m very sorry for leaving u ppl amid of suspense and surprise…
What to do, internals were der and I had studied the least amt for it…
Currently one more xm is left and   shortage of ideas

Sorry for belated wishes…
May u get ol u hve wished for…❤
Ur one of the sweetest soul …
Luv you ???
So these promos are on behalf of ur birthday…
(Lol instead of dedicating os or epi,I’m dedicating promo on ur bday,very sorry ,no tym and ideas so..maaf kar do plz)

Promo 1–

K: what’s her name?,where dose she live?how u know her? and how u got her diary? and y did u…..
B4 kunj cud complete om’s mom comes their panting..
Aunty: om ‘lips sealed’!!!
(Puts plaster to he’s mouth)
Enough of ur tantrums….come ,ur teachers are waiting for u …the bus is ready to move..
While hez mom quickly  drags him out of the cabin ,Om picks a pen in hurry nd then quickly drops it and hurridly picks another pen and scribbles something on the paper in a nano second..

Promo 2–

S: oh god!! Bhaiya KO kya hogaya hai
K: think kunj ….think….its the only way left to find her…
S not getting any  reply to his question..
Starts throwing the darts on the target board…
By luck a blue dart hits the center of of the circle colored in red….
Kunj looks at it…
K: where have I seen this now??
S: bhai y do u complicate things??
Its jzz a dart hitting its target…
U should be proud of how good my aim is…ryt on to the target,nai??
(Raising he’s collar)
K: zyaada bhaav maat Dee( irritated)
But this is also familiar yaar…
(Looking at the target)
S: bhai…..u may  have seen it in archery…..and obivously not in FIFA ryt?
(He laughs at his own joke)
Kunjs gazes suddenly shifts to a football game displayed on television
Something strikes kunj
K: COLORS ,,,,(screams)
Sanchay ur genius!!!
S: srsly????
K:haa mera sheer..
And he quickly runs from der..
Returns back with the laptop smiling brightly……..

What did om scribble and y did he change the pen ??
And what did kunj realize ??

And sorry for not commenting on ffs and os,due to xms I cudnt…I have read few and others I vl read soon…
I have still not replied to ur lovely comments.. Very sorry but vl soon reply..

My next update vl b on Monday..
Stay tuned..
Plz drop ur comments…
And guessess what’s the promos where ol abt…

Luv u loadzzzz….???
Once again happy birthday didi!!!☺☺☺

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