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Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 14)

So my sweet and lovely ppl….
Thanks for ur constant support and the degree of sweetness of ur comments is immeasurable…
I promise to CNT to entertain u ol
And very sry for being late…was caught in sum work

Recap: Kunj getting to know dat twinkle works in he’s office


Part 14:

I think I heard him wrong…
I mean how’s it possible.. Twinkle working in our company …
And we dumb ppl r searching her ol over…
Uff!! This girl was made our lives complicated…
Kabhi bhi ,kahin bhi ,kuch bhi hoo sakta hai
Damn confusing

S: bhabi hamare company mein job karti hai?
Aur hum log duffer ki tarah use har jagah dund rahe …
K: Duffer toh hum hai..
Chal ghar chalte hai…
S: kyon?
K: kyon tu ghar nahi jaana chahata?
S: hum office chalte hai naa…
Bhabi KO dund ne keeliye..
K: aaj mein sabko chutti deedi hai…
So office is closed and waha watchman ke alaava koi aur nahi hoga
Toh issliye ghar chalte hai
AM jzz nods with confusion crept over him

@ home
S: aaru, aaj bhaiya sabko chutti kyu diya?
AM: pata nahi
K: guys I jzz wanted to relax at home..
And I knew u guys vl be too lazy to go and manage the work der so I jz granted them an holiday…
Moreover they wanted to do arrangements since tom is karwachaut so its fair ryt?
AM: jabse twinkle hamari zindagi me aayi hai kya ryt or kya wrong …kuch nahi pata
K: meaning?
AM: look kunj ,she works in our company..
Omi has her diary and omi places those papers der though twinkle herself works in our company..
I mean she herself cud have placed them ryt?
Y om??
K: pata nahi
AM: and how cum ur so cool abt ol of this?
K: well I’m not cool, I’m too distressed to think anything now..
Things happened ol of sudden dat my mind can’t process anything now…
I think we shd take a small nap..

May be that may help to clear our minds…
AM: hmm
So three of them decided to take some rest to get sum clarity abt the sudden troll of events..

@ Evening
Kunj was playing with the cube…
To he’s bad luck if was trying to match the colour at one face the other face which was solved and set was disturbed..
So everytym he ended up with colors disorted
AM saw him struggling with the cube..
AM: why Ru twisting and turning it in wrong ways..
A chess camp is lacking concentration today ?
K: ( smiles)

No…I was jzz trying to jolt them up from other possible way…by moving from result towards distortion..
AM: I didn’t understd a single word..
Cud u plz be humble enough to explain me In simple words..
K: (smiles broadly)
I had anticipated that..
What I’m meaning is ,I’m jzz relating this with ‘finding the purple mistress’ mission
AM: the purple mistress now has a name
K: ( less audibly) yep, indeed a beautiful one..
AM: what Ru murmuring? Be loud na
K: nothing..
AM: OK u were telling me abt relating cube with mission twinkle..
K: yaa…what I was saying was…..
“How cud u start the discussion without me?” A voice cut short their convo..
Kunj and AM didn’t even turn back to c who it was…
Who else can be so dramatic ? Other than SANCHAY SARNA!

AM: chill sanchu ,we hvnt startd yet,come and join
AM : OK ,what were u saying,( to kunj)
K: well we need to jolt ol the clues we have and try every possible way
AM : what’s the need?
However twinkle works in our office
We can confront her tomorrow
K: hmm…it isn’t that easy bro
S: y?
K: bcz in our office according to records no one named twinkle is employed..
AM: what???
How cum u know?
K: I had jzz called subbu(record manager)
And got to know this
S: uff hooo!!!
Now what is this new drama….
U said na that she has clearly written that she works at TEENS in that paper?
AM: which means we are guided to wrong information?
K: may be or may not be
K: MATLAB, may be what she has written in the diary is wrong or her real name is something else

‘Once again complexity has hit us hard’ thought AM
AM: any plans to know her real identify if in case the info in the paper is ryt?
K: I have short listed the names of female employees according to their ages
Dat vl help us to put them to task
S: which task?
Kunj jzz smiles at them and says ‘u vl get to know tomorrow’

Next day
@ office

AM kunj and sanchay were in kunjs cabin
AM was holding a sheet of paper
AM: so ur idea is to make these ppl who are short listed to write something and lattr guess who is twinkle by analyzing their handwriting?
K: exactly
AM: the idea is gr8!
S: but we can directly confront them to know whose nick name is twinkle na
K: we cud have done that ,but we aren’t sure of the information we have got
AM: kunj is ryt…

Its indecenct to ask them directly knowing that our info may be wrong..
Its better to carry out our plan without them knowing our intentions
S: hmm
AM: but kunj why have u listed ly 4 names..
I mean we have almost 20 female talents in our office ryt..
K: ya…

Kunj shows the diary paper to Armaan where a particular line was highlighted by him
K: read it
AM: it says-
‘ I hve fallen in luv with my job
Its very interesting…
Not lyk my old one where young talent wasn’t appreciated’
K: what’s today’s date?
S: 16 Oct
K: what’s the date penned in the paper
A: 1 Oct
K: well we remark abt our jobs only in the beginning when we join it…
A: obivo
K: so twinkle has written this piece on 1st Oct and today is 16 oct which means she is newly joined talent
So I have short listed only those who have joined our company in the past 2 months
So well we have only 4 female talents who satisfies this criteria..
S: which means der are only 4 ppl who have joined recently ,i.e.,within past 2 months
K: exactly
AM: dat vl make our job easy..
K: ya hope so
Well sanchay u need to go to each of these 4 ladies and ask them to write abt recent fashion events which we have covered in the magazine…
By dat we can have their handwriting
S: but bhaiya to get their handwriting y give them such difficult task,our ly motive is their handwriting na ,so let’s tell them to write their name and give?
As kunj has said we aren’t sure abt the info dat twinkle works here ,so we need to b secretive even in finding their handwriting..
Professional manners!
S: kuch bhi!
But make sure this tasks and everything gets over soon…
I’m desperate to meet my bhabi!
To which armaan smiles..
K: so u vl get to know her soon ly if u go and inform them abt writing recent coverages of TEEN on fashion
S: OK…
K: oh i forget to tell u this!

Don’t stand in front of them and give ur million dollar smile….it isn’t required at ol..and don’t try to give them ur faltu advice’s and suggestions… Or else u vl mess it up..
Jzz be professional..did u get dat?
S: OK….I vl try following ur so called ‘professional manners’
Ol I care abt is to find her soon ,nothing else
With that sanchay walks out of the room to fulfill the task at hand

Kunj picks up the paper and reads the name which he had shortlisted,
Pia, Sakshi, Latika, Sharanya…

‘I jzz hope twinkle is one of them’ thinks kunj…

So hw was it?
It was bit short, sry for dat…
But tell me guys who do u think is twinkle?
Pia? ,sharanya?, Latika?, or sakshi??
In one epi which included only AMs views
I had said u dat it wud be impt for twinj meet….
So in dat epi I also gave short introduction of these ladies and Pia u know from epi 1 itself…
So plzz drop ur guess…
I’m waiting for ur ans….
Plz do comment…
Vl be back soon…

Precap: don’t know 😛

Loads of luv 💞💞💞💞💞

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