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Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 11)

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So seeing ur response I cudnt help myself from posting this…
I’m traveling now so thout to write this one

Recap: kunj crying he’s heart out and purple extravaganza…

Here goes the next one,
Part 11–

The sun slowly rised to the horizon..
The sky seemed lyk a perfect piece of art…where the painter had painted The sky in orange and top of that lazyly moving his brush dipped in bright yellow….

Kunj was sleeping on his study chair leaning against the table..he had rested he’s head on the laptop,which was placed on the table..
AM and Sanchay had dozzed off on the couch

Seems lyk they were too much stressed out the previous nyt thinking abt the purple mystery …

Kunj dressed up as early as he cud and tried waking the other two..
As expected they both didn’t show any movement in response to the stimulus..
“Both of them have sworn themselves to prove concept related to biology wrong!
Because its said that- ‘ applied stimulus brings change’
But these two NVR get affected …” Blurts kunj throwing he’s hands up in air in dismay

Kunj bought a jug of water and then SPLASh!
But surprisingly both of them without even opening their eyes took a napkin which they cud grab from the near by table ,wiped their faces,got up from the couch and walked to the bed lyk zombies ..and resumed their SLP as if nothing happened a few mins ago!
Kunj: ugh!!!
I hate being their care taker…
‘NEGATIVE FEED BACK SYSTEM’ he yelled b4 closing the door behind him with a thud….

The first thing kunj did after entering he’s cabin was searching for a new piece of paper…he almost jeoparadised he’s cabin in order to find it…
He was visibly disappointed… He cudnt find any new paper…
From past few days it had bcum he’s routine to check for those papers everyday…sometyms he got two ,other tyms he ended with only one paper…
He had expected as fresh paper this morning but it was no where to be found..
Kunj sank back in hes chair and hez thoughts went back to her…

Kunjs POV:
Where have I seen that calligraphy??
Y I feel lyk Im familiar with her wordings?
Y purple? Oh god….its getting on my nerves now…
Ol these clues vl lead to her…
But how do I link these dots…
I need a bit more information…
But how vl get that extra info…
But why am I disturbed …
Y am I giving too much attention to her??

He’s chain of thoughts were broken my he’s phone ringing aloud..
Its armaan calling him…
On col;
A: hey I vl possibly be half an hour late today…omi is gng  for a school trip today to some mandir …sum thing..I don’t remember the place name…So he’s getting ready now…aunty n uncle have jzz gone out for an impt work…so I vl take omi and cum their and from their ,aunty vl make him board the bus to he’s destination..
So I vl b bit late..
(Kunj had forgotten DAT he was supposed to be angry on him due to the morning scene… Since the purple mystery had kunjs complete attention so kunj replied him casually..)
K: Theirs nothing urgent here.. So take ur tym.
Kunj hung up the col..
He went back to this dreamworld where he thought abt only her…?

Wen kunj opened he’s eyes he saw a figure searching sum thing in he’s cupboard
K: sanchay ,may I pls know what is of gr8 interest that lie in that cup board…
S: bhaiya I’m not finding my charger so jzz checking it
K: what the heck vl ur charger be dng in my cupboard?
I m not able to find my mobile charger itself..
S: that’s why I’m checking it here…
K: what?
S: well I had taken ur charger two days ago and now I’m not able to find it so searching them here…bcz i know dat u have stolen them back from me
K: first of ol ,u took my charger without asking me then u lost it and now ur referring me as a robberer?
And do u even remember that it is the 7th charger which u lost..
It just impossible SANCHAY SARNA!
S: possible ya impossible, joo bhi noon aapka bhai hi hoon na…
K: no room for any sentimental drama this tym..don’t enter the cabin till u find it…
S: par…
He was cut short by a joyous omi jumping and entering the cabin.
AM had bought him their..
Omi went to kunj
O: u know?? I’m gng for a trip today!!!
I’m sooo excited!!!
Ek hafte ke liye no skool…whooo!!
He screamed in elasticity, punching he’s fist in air..
The three smiled looking at him…
AM lukd at the papers kept on kunjs table
A: did u get any more information abt her?
K: no
A:anything abt the calligraphy?
K: no

While the two got busy in their convo,
Omi slowly moved and paused b4 those papers…and stood their starting at them blankly trying to comprehend something…
Sanchay who noticed omi,went to him

S: these papers are too complicated ..u won’t  understd anything leave it..let’s play
O: but how did they land in here..
He’s reply caught KS and AMs attention and they made their way towards him

A: even we don’t know how they came here
S: they seem lyk carelessly torn pages of sumones dairy nai?
O: (innocently) Yaa and I have torn them from the  diary
Kunj+sanchay+ armaan: What????

Precap: Surprise no 2

So how was the surprise???
Had any one anticipated this?
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