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Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 10)

This is my 10th part and it is possible only bcz of ur immense support..
Tqs for ur warm welcum ,the luv u ve showered on me…

I remember on the ff intro lovely said me that soon ideas wud flow nd it wud go beyond 7 parts…
And that’s exactly what happened..
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I’m glad to see silent readers commenting..???
Keep commenting guyz,it boosts me to write better…?
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Got boored to study so wrote this part

Very sorry it isn’t the surprise but it vl lead to a surprise…

Hope u lyk it

Recap: kunjs bitter past

Part 10 —

Kunjs mind made a hard and lng dive to land into present situation… The annoying screeching sound of the wheels HD bought kunj back to the present…

Kunj looked at AM, but soon understood that he’s frnd was as clueless as himself
The rain had slowly subsided but still roared promising a heavy downpour that nyt..
AM got out of the car and checked the engine..
Kunj was waiting for armaan…but even after 10 min when armaan didn’t show up..
Kunj hesitantly stepped out ..it was drizzling now..
It was a chilly evening ,the cold breeze made him tuck he’s hands in the pockets of he’s denims..
Kunj tapped on AMs shoulder..
Looking @ AM ,who was so engrossed in checking the cars engine..
K: some complicated issues with the engine I suppose
AM: complicated enough to not to  carry  us home..
Kunj smiled…he lykd talking in DAT complicated way.
K: impossible to get a mechanic in this whether
AM: Yaa
K: its drizzling ,let’s get in the car
“Sometyms its good to get wet in the early showers of monsoon “said armaan meekly

I know kunj ,u don’t lyk to feel rain drops..
But for hw LNG vl u run away from them?
The harder u run,the faster they chase u
U need to make peace with ur past…
Only then u can enjoy the present..

Kunj was standing silently as if he was in a dilemma..
AM noticed kunj…
‘May be he needs more tym’ he tout
AM: if urnt comfortable with it ,its OK,let’s get in…
‘Let’s stay’ blurted kunj cutting him short
AM: are u sue?
K: hmm….
Both of them sat on the bonnet of the car..
Neither of them spoke ,at regular intervals AM glanced at he’s frnd to make sure that he was ol ryt..
The rain slowly intensified and kunjs eyes welled up …
He had held back for a very LNG tym,he couldn’t take it anymore…

He needed a shoulder to cry and vent out ol he’s pain
Wen AM put an assuring arm over kunjs shoulder,kunj hugged him tightly and cried he’s heart out…
AM silently held him ,allowed him to cry ..
AM: its better to let it go … The longer u hold, the harder it gets…

It seemed as if the heaven cried along with him…
After sum tym;
As kunjs sobs got lighter,the rain reduced to a trickle..
AM: u good?
KS: hmm…much better..
AM: Look! god isn’t that bad,he gave u the much needed privacy to cry!
To which kunj smiled and closed he’s eyes..he felt the cold air moving across him..
by now both of them were completly drenched in rain..

AM: so,
K: So?…with he’s famous one eye brow arch
AM: SO……..
K: so what??
AM: well as much as I know kunj sarna,
He doesn’t express he’s pain that easily ,so for this rxn to take place their has to b sum  reason…he said smiling wisely☺
Kunj smilied, put he’s hands back into the pocket…from he’s hand arised a piece of paper..
AM quickly grabbed it ,the paper was wet due to rain,but AM cud make out what was written..
AM: so this is the catalyst.. Lemme read it
It read:
Happy Rainy Day!
Dua hai baarish ke jitne qatre girain
Utni hi aapko kushiya mile..

A smile crept over armaans face..
AM: that’s cute..nay?
Kunj smiled: yaa
AM handed that back to kunj..
The Ink had drained out of the words due to rain falling on them…
AM: but who’s she??
Kunj was abt to reply wen Suddenly something caught he’s eyes..
Kunj looked @ the paper carefully…
He stared at it for sum tym..
AM peeped into the paper to c if he can get to know why kunj was  amused looking at it..
AM: what happened ?
K:  observe those stain on the paper
AM: theres nothing much to observe..
They are purple stains…its colour might has got diluted so by that ol i can say is the words were written in dark purple ink which almost resembled black- blue mixture..
K: ryt..
When I had read it in office the color of words were very  dark shade of blue…but now we know that ,these words are inked in purple..
May be ol those papers we have got are inked in purple which seems lyk dark shade of blue…

AM: let her write in any color na…how vl that matter…
K: let’s go home….
A: by what means of transportation?
Taxis are also on strike today…
K: damn…(he looks at the car)

Kunj calls sanchay,but sanchay doesn’t pick he’s col…so kunj txs him

K: were u?
S: disco

‘Isske puri jawaani disco me hi nikal jaayegi’ murmers kunj
K: come to 4th lane..west coast
S: yy
K: I can’t explain u d whole thing,so jzz come here
S :I vl cum at 11
Kunj looks at he’s watch …its still 9:30
K: oh suhaani is crying,I think she is missing u badly..issliye I called u.
Its OK seems lyk ur busy..enjoy the party
S: oh blue eyes wali na.. Came the immediate reply
K: yaa
S: I vl b  their in  15 min..
Console her..

Kunj looked at it and smiled…
‘I know my brother very well’ he thout
AM took the cell and scrolled through the txts..
AM: who’s suhani?blue eyes?
K: muhje nahi pata
AM: then what’s ol these msgs
K: sanchay himself don’t know he’s gfs name,then how do u expect me to know their names..
AM smilies understanding kunjs plan..
Since sanchay denied to come there kunj used some fake name and texted him..
Sanchay thinking that its related to one  he’s gf matter said that he wud their immediately… Well no such girl exsisted!

Wen sanchay came their ,he came out of the car nd started screaming “suhani” “suhani”
AM: jzz now she went..
S: kya?
AM: haan
They cud hear a loud horn,wen they turned back they saw kunj driving the car which was jzz now bought by sanchay…
Kunj signalled them to get in
Sanchay being confused followed armaan

In car;
Kunj and armaan bust out laughing looking at sanchay who jz now got to know that he was pranked..
S: bhaiya dats not fair?
K: everything is fair in love and war
A: ohh hooo…sumones talking abt love.. huh??
To which kunj jzz nodded hes head in disagreement
Sanchay was still upset that he missed out a NYC party
A to S( in ears): don’t worry seemes lyk ur bhai got sum clue abt ur bhabi
Sanchays face immediately lit up..
S(excited) : bhai aap bhabi se kab shaadi karne wale hoo?
K: what? kyon bhabi? U have lost it sanchay

After some tym..
In living room:
AM and sanchay had seated as if they were gng to witness some miracle soon
Kunj bought ol those papers and placed them on the table and poured water on ol of them…
Sanchay and armaan who had anticipated a miracle were shockd ….
Kunj picked each paper and focused using
Kunj stood their trying to remember something but failed..

S: bhaiya..aap calculations baad me karlena..phele ye batao ki is paper me aise kya hai joo Hume nahi dekhai deraha hai?
K: OK..
Wich colours we normally use to write anything?
A: blue ya black
K: ryt, if a  girl is filling something dear to her,which colour she vl use?
S: she may use diff colors,to make it look attractive as its very dear to her
K: exactly..
But this mystery lady has filled her diary,and diary is always considered dear to the oneself in purple..
She should have written in daily used colors lyk blue or black,or she wud have made it look beautiful by using diff colors
…but y purple?
Wen I poured water on ol this papers…purple ink spreaded meaning ol of them were written in same dark purple ink which wen written seems blue- black mixture…

S: may be its her fav colour
K: possible
A:even then we dont use our fav colour ol the tym to fill our diary ,its quite difficult to maintain a diff pen altogher to write a diary…she creative yaar…
K: exactly
And the color we choose to write such things  indicates our personality…
And purple indicates royality ,creativity,magic,mystery,power ,  imagination
A: that’s very unique
S: my bhabi is very diff na…he winks at kunj

A: OK.. U were thinking abt sumting else also I suppose…
K: ya…
he hands armaan those papers and magnifier and asks him to focuses on alphabet ‘O’
A: every ‘o’ has a point at its center,the rest of the alphabets have no such thing..they are normal
That’s wiered…
K: hmm…I’m not remembering where I ve seen it..
A: meaning
K: I hv seen this calligraphy yaar…but where? I dont know
A capital letter O with point at its center!
Y am I not remembering it?
Think …think…
S: but how cum none of us noticed it in these days?
A: the point is too small to be noticed and we NVR observed it properly..
But kunj how cum u noticed it..
K: wen I showed  u how the color had spread on the paper …that tym I noticed color spread even at the center of the letter ‘o’ of apko*
That moment I jzz ignored it…but now wen I poured water on ol these papers ,each ‘o’ had a point at center…
S: but where have u seen it..?
K: don’t know…I’m not remembering

So sorry for not posting the surprise but this vl lead to the surprise no 3
How was it?
And guys where do u think has kunj seen that calligraphy….
Think ….think…
Hope I didn’t boore u…

Plz drop ur views…
Wud luv to read ur response….

Precap: surprise no 1

Loads of luv ???

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