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Tum mera ho.. Episode 20

Hii guys!! Happy Dhanteras!! And advance happy Diwali!! I know I am very late!! Sorry guys!! And I was flying in the sky because of ur hugelob u all guys😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘 response!! Thank u soo much guys.. Do comment na!! I am eagerly waiting for it!! Ok let’s get into the story..
At 10:00 p.m
A noise was heard. As Pragya was in half sleep, she went out to look what was it.

There she saw a lady. But she could not see her completely because that lady was wearing yashmak. Before she could say something, the lady made Pragya to smell chloroform and she laid unconscious. Then the lady carried her and put her in a car and drove off..

At 11:55 p.m the car stops somewhere.as it was dark we could not identify the place. The lady speaks with a guy.
Guy: did u do what I told??
Lady: yes sir.
Guy sees inside the car.
Guy goes inside the car and sits inside. And makes Pragya to lie on his lap..
Pragya did not know anything because. She was unconscious and moreover she slept as she was tired.

Then the guy goes out of the car. And another lady comes in with a yashmak( there are two ladies, Pragya and the driver in the car now) the car stops in a mountain.. Pragya wakes up. She could not understand what was going on.. Before she could speak,

Lady 1: if u shout or try to speak anything, remember that u will die. And even ur family too.

Pragya was getting scared.
But the place seemed to be pleasant. It was a humid climate. No one can think of leaving from there. But Pragya was thinking about her family..
Lady1: what are you looking there?? Come out
Pragya comes out.

She shows a room.. And lady 2 gives a dress
Lady1:Bath there and wear this dress and come..if u even try to escape. I will kill u.
Pragya goes to the washroom..she baths and comes out.. She was wearing a baby pink lehenga.. Actually it was her most fav colour.. She comes out.

Lady1: Here wear this. Lady2 gives the matching accessories for her dress. Pragya was looking like an angel.. Then lady 2 goes somewhere. Then lady 1 sends her to a cave.pragya refuses. But the lady pushes her inside..and closes the cave with a huge behind her..

Pragya panicks. Pragya cries open the cave. She was bashing at the Rock. But no use.. Suddenly something hit her leg. She took that. It was like a remote.. She pressed that..

Suddenly the dark cave became a beautiful place.. The cave was decorated.. With beautiful flowers and lights.. She was going inside. She stops suddenly. She sees a screen. Something begins to play on that.. Her photos were played. From childhood to now..

First a baby pic.
Voice: she such a beautiful baby na.. So cute..☺️☺️☺️

Second when she was sitting in a bike and giving poses like driving the bike.
Audio:may I come with you!! I hope I will be safe with u babe!!😉😉

Third when she was 12 years. She was fighting with bulbul by catching her hair.

Audio: oh oh angry bird😡😡😡!! Will u beat me like this???

Next 16 years. She was drawing a pic.. It was very beautiful.
Audio: I wish that our life moves like Tis beautiful painting!!!😊😊☺️☺️☺️😊😊

Next 19 years. She was with Abhi..
Audio: boyfriend ah!! Super Jodi!!👫. But don’t worry that won’t happen now!! Because U are already mine.

Next it came HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!!! 🎉🎉🎊🎊🎂🎂🎂💫🎈✨

Pragya got tears seeing this. And she was angry because the audio told that it won’t leave her to be with Abhi.

Then again. In the screen.

Happy?? And Feeling angry too na..My cute little angry bird😡😡?ok ok. Sorry for hurting u.. I can’t harm ur boyfriend.. Because,

I LOVE YOU FUGGI!! 😍😍😍😘😘😘💓💓❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💑


Pragya was very happy. Somebody hugged her from behind.she realised that it was her Abhi..

Abhi: Happy bday princess…

Pragya does not reply..Abhi comes in front of her.
Abhi: r u angry upon me??
Pragya turns her face.
Abhi: is m sorry na. And catches his ears.
Pragya hugs him..

Pragya: u did all this for me??
Abhi: no for my ex gf.
Abhi: hey just a joke fuggi..
Pragya: bad joke..
Abhi: sorry..
Pragya: do u know I am the happiest girl in the world today..
Abhi: and I am the happiest man in the world today.
Pragya: why??
Abhi: Because the most beautiful girl is standing near me..
Pragya blushes.
Abhi: you are killing me fuggi. Your looks. Your attitude, your actions.
Pragya: ok enough of praising me.. Where is my gift??
Abhi: I am ur biggest gift na..
Pragya: No I need a big gift more than you.
Abhi: do you need a car? A house?
Pragya: no need those things.. I need a kiss..
Abhi: is that you talking to me?? Really fuggi I accept ur offer. Abhi comes to kiss her on lips..
Pragya: Buddhu!! On cheeks!! Not On lips.. Then Abhi pouts and kisses on her cheek.
Abhi: what fuggi??
Pragya: I told na on our engagement only..
Abhi: go fuggi.. Ok come let’s cut the cake!!
Pragya: oh u got cake also??
Abhi: hmm.

The cake was in heart shape. Choco flavour.. In cake it was written Happy bday Fuggi!! Pragya blows the candle..
Abhi: happy bday fuggi!! Happy 24!! Abhi gives a small box to her…
Pragya opens it. It was a diamond ring..
Pragya: it So costly Abhishek.
Abhi: U are valuable to me more than that fuggi..
He makes her to wear the ring.

The day was very beautiful for Pragya and Abhi.. At night..

Pragya: it was a very nice day Abhishek.. Thank u soo much!!
Abhi: the day is not yet over fuggi!!
Pragya looks at Abhi confusingly..

Abhi whistles.
Abhi: Akada chudu.( look there)

She can see the sky is very colourful.. With lanterns flaring in the sky.. That too from the mountain.. It looked very beautiful..

Pragya: it is awesome Abhishek!! But I what I wished is!! I thought that u should be with me the whole day!! But u was with me from 8:00 a.m only na!!

Abhi: no!! I was with u from 12:00 a.m
Pragya: what???
Abhi tells everything..
That guy was abhi(most of u would have guessed) and the lady 2 was Abhi..

Pragya: cheater cock!!
Abhi: it was ur wish na. That why!!
Pragya smiles..

Then they sleep in the car. Abhi in front and Pragya backside..

Episode ends here!! I know guys it is boring!! Sorry for giving this na!! And stones, eggs and tomatoes are welcome… And a big thanks for bearing this episode..bye guys!! Take care!! See u tomorrow!!! With lots of love,
Asmithaa(cutiepie Achu)

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