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Tujhse Hi (A Swaragini FF) Episode 10


Hey guys. Hope you didn’t forget my FF..I missed you sooo much😘


The episode starts with Swara making the breakfast. She sees Sanskar coming and sitting in the dining table.

“Swara, make me eat food..” He orders with a cute face.

“Okay..But you need to feed me too.” She says.

“Always ready!” He says and laughs..

They both laugh hearing that.. Swara made Sanskar made eat food and vice versa. Soon, they finish their breakfast and get up from dining table.

“Sanskar….I want you to take me to the office today..Daily I get bored..” She says with hoping answer..

“Okay Swara..Come.” He says and smiles..

“Really?! Thank you” She says and kisses him on the cheeks in excitement.

Sanskar smiles seeing that. They both sit in the car. Soon the reaches Sanskar’s office..Swara gets surprised on seeing someone.

“What happened Swara?” He asks her while seeing her expression.

“Sanskar…She’s Piya..She was my class mate..” She says..

He was surprised hearing that. .She runs towards her and taps her shoulder. She turns around but doesn’t recognize Swara.

“Yes? How may I help you?” Piya asks her.

“Piya..Do you know Swara?” Swara asks.

“Swara? You mean Swara Gadodia?” She asks.

“Yes..She was my classmate.” Piya says..

“And I’m Swara..Swara Gadodia..Remeber me?” She asks.

Piya gets shocked on knowing it and hugs her tightly.

“Swara? Where were you? You didn’t even gave me your phone number or address.. Do you know how much I missed you?” She asks..

“Arre..I’m sorry Piya..Actually. …” She was about to say when Sanskar comes there.

“Sanskar..Please can I take Piya with me?” Swara asks making a puppy face..

“Yes..You can..” He says smilingly as he can’t see Swara’s sad face..

“Thank you Sanskar…” Swara says and hugs him.

Piya was shocked on seeing it as Sanskar never listens to anyone. In simple words, he was a bit strict in office.

“Swara? Come let’s talk..” She says..

“Thank you sir” She says before going.

Swara and she reaches to a room. They both sit there and talk..

“Swara? Who’s he? I mean..Sanskar sir is a bit strict in office..He doesn’t listen to anyone..So how he listened to you?” Piya asks..

“Actually Piya..He’s my husband..” Swara says..

Piya was too shocked. .

“And you never told me you’re married?!” Piya says.

“Calm down my Rajdhani express..It’s been month to our wedding. Besides, I didn’t knew your phone number too.” Swara says. .

“Oh…fine” Piya says.

Precap- Not decided yet..Maybe Kavita’s next plan.

Sorry guys. . I’m uploading this FF after 18 days..Hope you all didn’t forget my FF..And I’ve also started another FF “Sanskar : I love you Swara. Swara : I love you too.” Do read it..And I’ve osted one OS. . “SwaSan: No one can separate us.” Seriously, I was very happy with the response on it.

Now, I’m gonna post another FF which will be titled as “SwaSan OS: Tere Bin”. I’ll be uploading that after……I don’t know😜

Bye..Take care
Have a great day ahead!

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