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Tu hi hai Aashiqui (Part 35)

The episode starts with Ishani and ritika preparing breakfast. Ranveer calls Ishani saying come up its urgent. Ishani goes to their room and found no one over there. Suddenly someone hugged her from behind. Ishani says ranveer stop acting stupid I have lots of work. Ranveer says must see you have time for everything except me . Ishani says finally u got it. Ranveer says what is this. Ishani makes him wear his tie. Ranveer asks for kiss. Ishaani presses the tie. Ranveer says u wanna kill me. Ishani says I regret why I did do it before. Ranveer says ohh. And comes near her . She gets conscious. Ranveer holds her hand. She says abeer ranveer gets away and Ishani runs away from there. Ranveer gets annoyed.
At the table ranveer comes and greets everyone good morning and didn’t even look at Ishani. Jeny says where is amaya. Ishani gets tensed and rushes to amaya’s room. Milan asks ranveer what happened why she is getting so hyper. Ranveer says nothing much Ill go n check. Ritika says no u wait I will go.
There Ishani searches for her everywhere in the house she was not there. Ritika says may be she went to temple with mom. Ranveer comes there with amaya. Ishani hugs her and cries and scolds her and says ehy don’t u inform mumma when u go. Amaya says u scolds so much and im not so small I can’t go to house garden also. Ishani hugs her and says baby I was so worried coz this world is not safe. Ritika signs ranveer what happened ranveer goes to corner and says everything about the incident. Ritika says she has bp problem she should not worry so much. Ranveer says keep Jeny safe and don’t tell this to maa. Ranveer goes to Ishani and scolds her and rudely scolds that kids get scared and stop it how many times I should explain not to believe in all these nonsense.
Precap:- major clash between ishveer and later amaya’s accident track and ranveer to blame Ishani for all this and Ishani to part way with ranveer and a high voltage drama

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