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Trust The Element Of Love Episode 8

Hi Friendz I M Back So Lets Sart…



RECAPE : Real Culprit Found….!!!


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Episode 8

Sence 1


Sanskaar enters with unconscious Swara in his arms and shouts

Sanskaar(Shouts) : Doctor Doctor…

Listening to his shouts the Doctor came there and becomes shocked seeing Swara in Sanskaar’s arms

Sanskaar(Worried) : Doctor plz check her she is not opening her eyes

Doctor : calm down Mr Maheswari plz lay her down on the stretcher and let me check her

Sanskaar lay Swara on strecher and Nurse take her from there Sanskaar was also going with them but doctor stop him

Doctor: Mr Maheswari plzyou stay here

Saying this he leaves from there

Tu safar mera
Hai tu hi meri manzil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Tu mera Khuda
Tu hi duaa mein shaamil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Mujhe aazmaati hai teri kami
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi
Junoon hai mera
Banoon main tere qaabil
Tere bina guzaara
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil


Doctor comes out from room and Sanskaar stands seeing him

Sanskaar(Worried) : Is everything fine doctor how is she ??

Doctor : Relax Mr Maheswari she is fine now she needs rest I have given her injection so she will gain her consiousness till morning if you want you can take her home or you can wait to gain her consiousness

Sanskaar(Feels Relax) : Thank you doctor tank you so much and I’ll take her home it’s better

Doctor was about to leave when Sanskaar again stops him

Sanskaar : Doctor wait a minute can you tell me what happened that she fainted

Doctor : Mr Maheswari I don’t know exactly but seeing her condition I can tell you that someone tries to molest her

Sanskaar becomes shocked and Furiouse

Sanskaar: Thanks doctor and plz don’t tell this to anyone you know na media…

Doctor : Relax Mr Maheswari I understand you we will keep this secret ok take care

Saying this doctor leaves from there and Sanskaar goes towards Swara’s ward

He sees her lying there like lifeless body a lone tear escapes from his eyes

He goes towards her and lifts her and takes her home


Sence 2


Sanskaar comes in lifting unconscious Swara Maria sees this and becomes worried

Maria(Worried) : Sanskaar baba what happened to Swara betiya

Sanskaar : wait Aunty first let me take her to Her room

Maria nodes and follows Sanskaar till Swara’s room

Sanskaar enters in her room and make her lay on bed carefully and covers her with sheet

Maria(Still Worried) : Now can you tell me what happened

Sanskaar explain Maria to all the events which had happened a few hours ago

Maria becomes shocked listening this and goes towards Swara and caress her hair

Maria(Teary Eyes) : My Doll how much she had beared on past we don’t know but I’ll promise from now on I’ll now let anyone harm you

Sanskaar : You are right aunty.

Maria turns towards Sanskaar and said

Maria : Sanskaar baba you come outside I’ll set the table for you

Saying so she was about to leave but Sanskaar said

Sanskaar: No Aunty I’m not hungry you go and take rest I’ll stay here at night

Maria sees towards Sanskaar and than towards Swara and leaves from there

When Maria leaves Sanskaar comes near Swara and say beside her

He holds her hand and kiss there

Sanskaar(Cryingly) : I’m sorry Swara it’s because of me if I would not have shouted on you than this would not have happened neither you go into site room nor this happened in sorry I’m really really sorry

While talking to Swara sanskaar remember Doctor words Molest and becomes furious his eyes becomes red blood shoot

Sanskaar(Detrmined With Anger) : I promise swa4a who had done this to you I’ll kill her how dare he to touch MY SWARA I will not leave her

Saying so he goes towards the couch and sits there


Sanskaar was sleeping on couch just than he heard some voices

He sits on couch and sees that Swara is struggling in sleep

He immdiately goes towards her and lists in her words

Swara(In Sleep) : No please I didn’t do anything plaza

Sanskaar(Worridly Patting His Cheeck) : Swara Swara plz open your eyes

Swara didn’t open her eyes and starts to react more fastely

Swara(In Sleep) : leave me leave me di help me I didn’t do anything I don’t do anything

She was crrying in her sleep Sanskaar becomes worried for her and don’t know what to do

Suddenly he hugs Swara struggles to free herself in her sleep but Sanskaar holds her more tightly and starts to rub her back to make her relax

Sanskaar(Trying To Relax Her) : Shhhh it’s me Swara Sanskaar I’ll promise nothing will happened to you shhh

Swara becomes relax and hugs her tightly.

After sometime when Sanskaar feels that Swara in fine he tries to free himself but Swara was hugging him so tightly so he also lay there with Swara taking her in his embrace

He slightly kisses on her forehead and sleep there by hugging her in his arms

Like he wants to protect her from all dangers

Like he will saves her from all evill eyes

Like he will even die if he has to do this to protect her


Sence 3


Sun rays fall on our beautiful love birds who were sleeping comfortably in each other’s embrace

Swara moves a little bit sir to Sun rays and cuddles in her pillow to avoid the rays just than she realise someone’s hand on her waist

She slowly opens her eyes and becomes mesmerized to see Sanskaar sleeping like a cute baby she smiles and was about to touch his hair who was coming on his face just than reality hits her

She immediately free herself from his embrace and moves backward on the bed

Due to sudden jerk Sanskaar opens his eyes and sees Swara who was looking scared he understand the situation

He sat on the bed and said

Sanskaar(Trying To Calm Her) : Look Swara there is nothing to be afraid of I’ll explain to you but at first you just be relax ok

Swara simply nodes and now she feels a little better after seeing Sanskaar’s understanding behaviour

Swara : How I came here?

Sanskaar sighs and said

Sanskaar explains to Swara about yesterday incident Swara becomes pale after remebering the incident and Sanskaar notes this

Sanskaar : Swara relax no one is going to harm you ok if you don’t mind can I ask something what had happened at store room

Swara didn’t reply to him and sits there bowing her head down

Sanskaar(Dissapoined) : it’s ok Swara of you don’t want to tell me than its ok for me but I want to tell you one thing whenever you feel alone or you want to share your feeling with someone , someone whom you consider your than you will always found me there with you I assure you that but for now you go and freshen up than I’ll brought your breakfast

Saying so Sanskaar was about to leave just than Swara spoke

Swara(Determined) : I want to share my feeling with you plz don’t go

Sanskaar shockingly looks towards her while Swara was controlling her tears….!!!


PERCAPE : Swara’s Past…..!!!


So Tell Me Guys How Was That…!!!

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