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True Love will Thaw (Raglak) (Chapter-17)

Guys thank you so much for all the love you ppl have been showering on me. I’m very happy to receive such a warm response even in my second innings. Thanks to you all. This’ll be a very short update, sorry for that guys.
“Help people, even when you know they can’t help you back.”
“And boom! his nose grew more bigger” Kabir explained with twinkling eyes, to which Chotu slapped his forehead and expressed “Yar Kabir main baby nahi hooon. I hate these fairy tales. Kuch real batao naa”, pouting cutely. “Real?? hmmm” “Ok the story of the real Superman who lives in this 21st century” Kabir started with a proud tone. “I’ll kill you Kabir. I know at the end, the Superman will be Kabir Verma” , Chotu glared and Kabir grinned widely. “Clever boy” Kabir remarked, eating the samosas just served by his Paaro. “Kabir beta! Why didn’t Laado come still? Is everything fine?” Dadima asked worriedly, as she entered with a plate of ladoo. “Paaro! Don’t worry she’s attending her classes and I got kicked out of the class. If you still are worrying, I’ll go, pick her up” Kabir assured, gulping the ladoo, to which Dadima gave him a tight smile. Kabir grabbed Chotu’s hands who was pretending to be asleep, so Kabir would no more force him to travel around Kolkata. “Kabiiir..” Chotu dragged, rubbing his eyes. “You need to learn a lot from me Chipmunk. Better luck next time on your acting skills”, said Kabir shrugging. Chotu glared at him fiercely. “Cool” said Kabir patting his back and lifted the little Chotu in his arms to his car.

” Why does this still affect? Why he automatically comes first in my priority list? Why his proximity bothers me? Why do I still think about him? Why do I still Lo…love him?” Ragini’s chain of thoughts was disturbed by a tap on her shoulder. It was Kabir, a person she trusts the most. More than the degree she trusts Laksh. She quickly engulfed him in a tight hug, unable to control her emotions.


“Ka..Kabir why should I be the victim always? I loved Laksh unconditionally right from the very first moment I saw him. Is it my mistake? I always always wanted to be with him. Is it my mistake? He loved my half-sister who is more bold and more of his type. Is it my mistake? I loved him madly.. Very madly. I married him and I dreamt of being together always. Is it my mistake? He tried to kill me and I tried a lot to forget him. But my love for him only keeps growing. Where is my mistake Kabir? Where is my mistake?” she sobbed. Kabir was totally blank, he could feel his chest wet due to her tears.

“Anarkali! Anarkali! Shaanth ho jao. Shhh. Shhh. Don’t cry girl. I’m here. I’ll be always with you. We’ll sort out everything. Come on. Cheer up!”, he said lifting her face up and patting her cheeks. “Kabiiiiir” she dragged with her teary eyes. He cupped her face “I promise you. Promise you. Everything will be fine. Just a matter of very few days. And my Anarkali would be the most happiest girl in this world.” , Kabir assured, wiping her tears. “I love you” she said. “I love you too” Kabir replied smiling.

“Accha you both forgot me?” Chotu asked, standing with his arms folded and with a menacing look. “We love you the most” RagBir opened their arms for the little prince for a group hug.”Ok now since I’m sure my Anarkali had cried, because she looks so clumsy. I, Kabir Verma declare that I’ll give Anarkali and the handsome Chotu, an ice cream treat”, Chotu announced, imitating Kabir. “Done”, Kabir said, excitedly. “Don’t be so happy Kabir. I’ve no money. So you can’t run away today asking me to pay” Ragini said shrugging”. Kabir was about to turn the deal off, when he looked at Chotu’s threatening look. He rolled his eyes saying “Yeah whatever you both decide”. Chotu hugged Ragini with a huge excitement and grabbed her hands to lead her to the car.

“You stay here. I don’t know exactly when we’ll return. You sit, watch tv, or do homework or anything. But do not disturb my Paaro ” , Kabir explained Chotu, who was getting down the car, after Kabir’s ice cream treat. “Yeah sure. And thanks dude, for the ice cream thing.” Chotu said, walking away. “My bankruptcy”, Kabir mumbled, rotating his steering.

15 mins later in a nearby park:
“Look Anarkali. Can you imagine a married life with a guy who is not Laksh?” Kabir questioned. Ragini nodded negatively. “Can you imagine me in Laksh’s place?” he continued enquiring. Ragini couldn’t answer him, she kept staring at the space. “Yes or no Anarkali?” he asked politely. “I like you and you are totally diff..” she was cut by him “Yes or No?” . “No” she sighed sadly. “Perfect don’t sign it” he said with a wide smile. “And you?”, Ragini asked narrowing her eyes. “You know right, so many girls are waiting for me” Kabir replied with a cool smirk and he started enjoying the view of little kids playing. After few seconds, “Have this”, Kabir found a paper, which looked like a legal paper, Ragini handling to him. “DIVORCE PAPERS OF RAGINI AND LAKSHYA MAHESHWARI”. Kabir’s eyes dropped down to Earth when he found Ragini’s signature on it. “Hand over this to Lakshya Maheshwari” she said, clearing her throat and walked away. Kabir kept looking at her, as she walked away, with Shock.
So now you all would have guessed what Kabir is upto. But now the poor boy is stuck because of his Anarkali’s unexpected decision. What’ll Kabir do next? Keep reading TRUE LOVE WILL THAW(RAGLAK). Take care ppl. Love you all.

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