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The Royal love birds -episode 4(mega episode)

Hey guy I am super duper happy today.becoz it’s my bday today.???that y I’m uploading today

So here we go
At thapki’s palace
Vasundra:thapki this is our khandani kade.mother-in-law gives it to her daughter -in-law.so bihaan’s dadi gave it to me.and now I’m giving it to u
Thapki smiles
Dadi:there is one more rasam of our family.groom will make the bride to wear the kade.so bihaan make thapki wear those kade
Bihaan smiles Nd takes the kade from vasundra.he takes thapki’s hands and make her wear.but he does not leave her hands.thapki looks at him.bihaan is gazing her lovingly.she takes her hands Nd takes the blessings from elders.pandey’s take their leave


Bihaan palace
Everyone enters in the hall.bihaan is thinking about thapki
Balwinder(in a teasing tone):bihaan u told that u don’t want to marry as u r not ready.but y did u said yes
Bihaan:ahh dad wo I…I said yes becoz u all wanted me to marry.how can I say no to u
Everyone smile silently
Dadi:arre bihaan u and thapki have to be together for the life time.so just think about it and take a decision.we are not forcing u
Balwinder :yes maa ur right.bihaan yet it’s not late.only the relationship is fixed.we can break it no problem.i ll call krishnakanth ji
Bihaan:(shouts)noooooo. ..i mean they may feel bad if the brake the relationship.after all thapki is a girl
Dadi:so u ll waste ur life.noo no Balu give me the phone I’ll talk to poonam
Balwinder gives the phone.bihaan snatch it and was about to say something
Vasu:arre stop teasing my son.no worries beta they r teasing u.go and get freshed
All starts laughing.bihaan give a weird look and goes from there
Bihaan comes to his room and closes the door.he jumps on bed and starts thinking about thapki.he takes out his phone and sees her pic which he mistakenly took when thapki came in the hall
Bihaan:when u came in the hall I was busy staring at u.nd I don’t no when my hand touched the pic “click” button.its gud I can see ur beauty all the time.he gets up nod says dadi and dad r right y did I told yes for this marriage without thinking once.bihaan pandey what is happening to u.what is this weird feeling.

Scene shifts to thapki’s palace
Poonam:thank god every thing happened very well
Krishnakanth:yes Poonam ji.see Poonam ji our thapki had become this big that now she will leave us in few day.but I’m happy that she ll be happy in her life they r very gud ppl.they will take care of thapki
Poonam:yes.thapki r u happy dear
Thapki:yes mom.mom can I go to my room I am feeling tired
Poonam:yes dear go nd take rest I’ll send juice for u
Thapki goes to her room.maid comes there and gives her cold drink.she takes that and closes the door.she sits on bed and remember John.she takes her phone and says now Iam going to kill all ur memories John.she deletes all his pic from her phone.she goes to the locker and takes out an album which had her pics with her friends and mostly John.she throwed it on the floor and takes the cold drink and pours it on that.she takes match box and burn a match stick.she says Ram Ram Satya hai and throws it on the album.soon the album burns into ashes.thapki feels better doing that
She sleeps

Next day at bihaan’s palace
Bihaan wakes up and gets ready and comes to the hall
Vasundra:bihaan today is ur would be wife’s bday Poonam and krishnakanth have thrown a party today evening.they invited us be ready to go
Bihaan becomes happy that he can meet her.but the next moment he becomes sad nd goes from there.balwinder thinks in mind-what happened to him he did not said any thing.i have to talk to him
Bihaan is in his room thinking about some thing deeply.balwinder comes there.bohaan didn’t notice him.he comes inside and calls his name.bihaan didn’t respond
balwinder touches his shoulder Nd says bihaaan
Bihaan:ahh yes…yes dad is there any work for me
Balwinder:no I just saw u worried about something so I thought of asking u.is there any matter bihaan
Bihaan thinks nd says: no dad nothing
Balwinder:u remember I childhood if u were in any trouble u used to come to me for help
Nd u used to say that I have solved all ur problems so I could help u this time also son.there is any thing ur hiding from us
Bihaan:no dad nothing like that.actually today is thapki’s bday.nd I don’t know much about her.i was thinking what to gift her
Balwinder (in a confused tone):was that the problem
Bihaan:yes dad
Balwinder laughs loudly
Bihaan(angrily)what’s there to laugh
Balwinder:ahh I’m sorry I was just
Bihaan:leave it dad if u have any idea then tell me.i have to go to market to buy some thing.i am thinking to buy a diamond neckpiece
Balwinder:ahh Bihaan what ever u wanna gift give it with whole heart.she would love it
He goes from there.bihaan keeps thinking

At thapki’s palace.party had started.the guest started arriving
Pandey’s also comes there but bihaan is missing.poonam and Krishnakanth greets them.they sat on the sofa and started talking
Thapki came in the hall in a pink ball gown with pearls on it.hairs were left free.she comes and takes blessing from all.she searches for bihaan
Thapki(in mind):y did he not come today
She started talking with her friends.just then she started getting an awkward feeling her hair started flying in air.she took her hairs front and turned.she saw bihaan coming he is looking very handsome.he was wearing a black suit and white shirt.he came near her and wished
Bihaan:happy birthday
Thapki:thank u
He put his hand in his pocket and took out a gift wrapped box(it was small like a jwellery box)and gave it to her.thapki hesitated to take it.she every one in the hall
Vasundra:arre take it beta ur would be husband had brought it with so much love
Poonam:yes thapki take it dear
Thapki looked at bihaan and smiled.she took the gift
Thapki’s cousin 1:thapki plzz open it na we want to see what jiju had gifted u
Thapki looked at bihaan.bihaan smiled
Cousin 2:yes now open it
Thapki opens it and sees a heart shaped pendent made of full gold thapki looked at bihaan and smiled
Cousin 1(whispers slowly):arre he is a prince he should be gifting diamond but he is gifting gold
Cousin 2:I think he is a miser prince.thay laugh
Thapki bihaan and all family members hears that
Bihaan:open that heart
Bihaan:yes open that heart once
She opens it and sees there pic in it on one side bihaan’s pic and on other thapki’s pic .she gets a wide smile seeing that
Thapki:this is the best gift I have ever received .thank u .thank u soo much
Bihaan :my pleasure
Thapki to her cousins(in a taunting way):gift is seen through the heart not by its money.
Vasundra and balwinder feels happy hearing that.
Later dj person request Thapki drew bihaan for a romantic dance
they agree and goes on stage.music plays…tum hi ho .bihaan hold thapki waist.thapki holds his shoulder they dance staring each other and smiling

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