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The Royal love birds episode 1

Hey guys thank u for reading.but I am afraid that I won’t be able to post regularly bcoz of my exams so I’ll post when I’ll get time dears plzzzzz support me.love u alllll

Here we go
Thapki is still in the bathrobe.she sees someone coming through her window.she goes to the window and gets shocked she opens her mouth and shouts “you”.she quickly closes the door and goes to that person.
Thapki:John what r u doing here(yes guys John is the person and he is her boyfriend.john is the son of a small business man naman)
John:I came to meet u
Thapki:but y if any one sees u.she panics


John:baby I was missing u
Thapki:wait did anyone saw u coming here
John:no baby
Thapki:ok now go

John:y r u doing this to me.from many days Iam seeing that u r not taking to me every time I call u.
U always cut the call or say that u r busy.he says angrily and turns.thapki realizes her mistake and hugs him from back and say that I was really busy in some work that dad gave me.but trust me Iam not ignoring u John
John:how could I believe?

Thapki:ahh ok today I’ll will spend my whole day with u now smile
John smiles.the hug each other and close there eyes.a maid knocks the door and says princess ur dad is calling u
Thapki and John seperates.thapki says I am coming in 5 mins

Thapki:John now go I’ll will call u back ok
John:ok baby bye.he goes through window.thapki quickly changes and goes down
Thapki:dad did u call me?? Krishnakanth was sitting with some ppl
Dad(krishnakanth):yes dear come here I am buying property on ur name
Thapki:ohh Dady what’s the use??we have much land.y do u always waste money on this silly things
Dad:no dear the fact is that these ppl have to return my money.so they want to give there land
Thapki:oh ok Iam sorry Dady

Dad:it’s ok dear
Thapki wanted to ask him to go out with her friends for 1 day but she thinks that he won’t allow her to go
Thapki:d…d..Dady can I ask u something
Dad:ahh dear Iam busy
Thapki:ok(in mind-u r always busy u won’t have time for me or for the family)
Dad: but tell me what do u want to ask dear
Thapki gets happy

Thapki:dad my friends have planed a get together party and they were requesting me to come can I go daddy plzzzzzz plzzzzz
Dad :but…..
Thapki:plzzzz dady
Dad:ahhh ok ok dear but come back soon
Thapki:thank u Dady I love u

Thapki call John ask him to meet her at a park and cuts the call
Thapki:sry Dady for the first time I lied u .she goes to the park.john comes there and closes her eyes from back.thapki touches his hand and says “John ” he removes his hands nd says thank u for coming.thapki smiles.they enjoy the whole day nd while going home thapki says to john
Thapki:John till when we are going to meet like this like thieves
John:I know baby we need to talk to ur dad about our relationship.if u want I can talk to him
Thapki:we both will talk to him
John smiles

They reach the palace they go near the door.thapki’s dad come there
Dad : thapki u came come inside dear.y know what tomorrow someone’s coming to see u Iam very happy dear.
Thapki nd John are hell shocked
Thapki:whatttt but dad
Dad: (seeing John)u maybe her friend thank u for taking care of my daughter
He takes Thapki with him
Thapki sees john.john goes from there

In the hall
Poonam:ahh Iam very happy for u dear.i wish every thing goes well tomorrow
Krishnakanth: yes Poonam jii
Thapki:but mom dad I don’t want to marry
Poonam :what are u saying????
Krishnakanth:wait Poonam ji I’ll talk to her.thapki dear I know u always wanted to help me in my rule but I always dreamt to see u marrying before I die I want to see u marrying I want to see my grand children’s before I die.
Thapki gets emotional she says I’ll think
She goes in her room

Thapki:I have to talk to john I have to meet him tomorrow before they accept this alliance

Percap: thapki hears something very shockinggg

Plzzzz comment did u guys like it………

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