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The Princess In Veil (Promo)

Once a upon a time they lived a king named Raja Suryavamsh!! He is very humble and gentle.. His
only aim is to give happiness to his people in his kingdom..
He has only 1 son, his name is Shekar suryavamsh..
Everyone in the kingdom loves sheKar, as he is same humble like the King…
Years passed…
Shekar took the responsible of being king To rule, and he used to take advices from raja, and
follows his steps..

Shekar is very good at heart… All are very happy in his ruling, but only sad thing is that Shekar
doesn’t have kids..
He met many doctors but all used to say that he cannot have children.. Many advices Shekar to
marry again..
Shekar wife Sharmistha suryavamsh.. Used to fee bad..and she decides her self to find for the
One day she goes to meet a sage who stays in Himalayas.. And she tells her problem to him.. He
gives a solution to do puja daily for 40 days and sacrifice something in return to God as a gift..
Sharmistha agrees and she leaves..
She goes to mandir and prays God to give her a child.. As a return gift il sacrifice my life for the
happiness of my people and my kingdom.. As my child will be having many caretakers.. But for my
people happiness il sacrifice my life..
She does 40 days pujas.. As expected she becomes pregnant.. It was a festival time in the entire
kingdom.. All were happy but all times are not good.. The city has no rainfall since many months..


No water, no food..This made people suffer..
There is only a river nearby but it is occupied by another kingdom King Adhiraj..
Raja Shekar tried his best to get water and food for the people.. But adhiraj got angry knowing that
the river is being used by other kingdom..
He sends a notice to Raja Shekar that this water wil not be given to them.. If u want water you
should give me what I want..
Shekar agrees to it.. Adhiraj asks Shekar to write his kingdom in the name of his son Laksh adhiraj!!
Shekar wants to make his people happy so he accepts.. And writes the kingdom on the name ofLaksh Adhiraj!! But Shekar tells Adhiraj that only ur son will get right on this kingdom, when he gets
25 years.. Until then he should not disturb his people.. Adhiraj agrees!!
Raja kingdom gets water.. But even that river is going to become dry in few months..As there is no
rainfall since many months..
The people in kingdom are becoming sick..

The sage gets to know about this kingdom.. He goes and meet Raja suryavamsh.. He looks at
Sharmistha being pregnant.. He feels happy and tells raja indirectly that.. The solution for this
kingdom is only a star which comes into this word.. That is the gift from God..and a solution for this
He leaves..
No one understood what he meant.. Days passes…months passes… 9th month!!
One night.. Queen starts getting pain.. All gets worried… Sharmistha gives birth to a girl.. As soon
as she comes out from her womb.. They was big thunders… Which made everyone shock as it is a
symptoms of rain.. And finally it rains heavily…

The kingdom happiness has came back.. All are very happy.. …raja suryavamsh and Shekar
suryavamsh gets happy and they remember the sage words.. And they think that the princess is a
star for this kingdom..
With that happiness… Raja named the child as.. ‘SWARA’ means STAR…
Her full name was Swara suryavamsh’ and nick name as ‘Tara’
And their sacrificed this child to this kingdom .. As she brought the happiness back..
Days passed… Sharmistha remembered her sacrifice.. She writes a letter to the princess that how a
girl should be, what responsibility she should take care of their kingdom as a princess..
She gives that letter to a servant and she tells that to give this letter to the princess when she gets
knowledge to write and read..
Servant agrees.. Sharmistha kisses her princess and leaves the kingdom and sacrifices her life..
When Shekar and raja gets to know about the queens sacrifice for this kingdom.. They feel sad but
feels proud for her sacrifice
Days passed…
Tara (Swara) grows up.. She is 8 years now..servant gives her a letter which was given by the

Swara gets happy as she stars reading the letter where Sharmistha explained her how she should
love others.. And all…
After reading the letter, she feels as if her mom is near to her.. Nd she promise her mom that she
will love everyone without any difference and she will live for people…
She starts showing love to poor Nd other people like how her mother does…all her amazed to see
her kind heart… All treats her with lots of love.. She has no worries.. She has everything in her
kingdom…she has her age girls to play.. She goes to school along with others.. Though she is
princess she has a loving heart.. She has no proud.. She is calm and humble.. But a pampered kid
by her papa Nd grandpa..
One day… Adhiraj reminds Shekar that now his son is 15years.. Now he is leaving to a city.. ..But
After 10 years my son will get 25years…I will again enter this kingdom to make it completely by my
Laksh..and be ready…
Shekar is helpless.. He just nodes yes…
10 years later…..21st century!!!
Swara’s 18th birthday….
What happened??
Laksh: son of Adhiraj… A spoilt prince…And a selfish and angry person.. He only wants his
happiness he don’t care about anyone..
He falls for Swara… And does anything to get her..

Sanskar: a student.. Who is very active, handsome, joyful.. Rags girls..Enjoys his college life with his
friends..but good at heart..
Swara: a beautiful princess, who does anything for her people..
How she meets Sanskar??
She is somewhere in a kingdom and Sanskar is somewhere in the city..
How will the destiny bring them together??
Keep waiting for the episode 1 of my next FF…
The princess in Veil…
This may be history type to u all.. But it is not.. It’s fully a college love story..
The fun is going to be back…!!

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