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The New Relation Begins (Promo)

Maheswari house:
It was a happy time for Maheswari family….
They were many relatives coming.. And in other side they were many police securites… And was a
guy who is busy with preparations..and he is welcoming everyone…
A man comes..
Man: Laksh sir where should I keep this items??
Yes it was Laksh…
Laksh: (smiles) keep it in that room..

Man: yes sir…
Laksh smiles he was very happy… He looks at the house.. It was fully decorated..
He gets more happy…he remembers onething…
He goes to his room… He takes out his diary..and writes his hapiness in it…
I never expected this day will come.. Finally it came…
You know when I first met her.. I was very angry.. I felt “how can she take all my rights, all my

items…from that day I started hating her?? My hatred on her became more day by day..
If I say anything, she starts fighting with me..
If I buy any shirt, before I try.. She wears that.. And she tells me that I’m comfortable wearing boys
I just feeling like tearing that shirt into peices..
I think this is the punishment for me.. Not only for me for every brothers in this world..
Now I’m very happy because… I know every girl should go out oneday from her house..
Now my sister… So called Swara Maheswari is going out.. Today is her marriage… She is sad, but
I’m happy… Because from now her husband should bear her.. Now I’m completely free..
I think this moment is making me soo excited.. I want her to be a perfect wife for her husband
listening to him.. Doing all household works..

Hahaha lol she looks funny… I’m excited…. I will be the first brother to be happy while sister
is leaving to her in laws house” yes I’m very happy because I hate my sister…I have beared her this
20years.. Now I can’t bear her one single day too.. I know she will use her brain to escape from this
marriage but I’m more intelligent than her.. I kept my securities..
A man knocks:
Man: sir… DP sir is calling…
Laksh : I’m coming…
And Yaa listen… Tell Maa to come down.. Pandit ji is calling..
Man: yes sir..
Laksh: one sec… Tell her to bring Swara quickly… Boy side has come..
Man: yes sir…
He leaves…
A lady is making swara ready..she watches her being soo sad.. As if she doesn’t like this marriage..
At that time that man comes..
Man: Ragini Bhabi…Laksh sir is telling to bring Swara mam soon…
Ragini: okay..
AP comes…
AP: Swara.. What is this? Ur not ready?? They came.. And pandit ji is calling.. Today is ur marriage..
Atleast behave properly today..
Swara looks at her angrily…
AP: hmm.. Don’t try to convince me with ur looks.. Ur going to marry him that’s all..
Swara again becomes sad…
AP gives her a small rectangular box which is locked..
AP: Swara this is the special gift for u by a special perosn…
Take blessings from them…
Swara: Maaa r u mad? How can I take blessing from box?? See it’s locked… What’s there inside..

AP: il open this box only when ur marriage gets over.. Until then no…
Swara: offo…. Okay…
(She takes blessings… AP eyes are filled with tears.. She kisses her cheeks.)
AP: be happy Swara….Ragini.. Bring her fast.. Nd be with her..(she signals her)
Ragini: okay Ma..
AP leaves…
Swara: (tears in her eyes) Bhabi.. I don’t want to get marry soon.. I have so much of time.. I’m not
ready… Bhabi plz do something..
Ragini: (tensed)Swara.. I can’t do anything.. U know na this is ur Bhai’s decision.. We can’t change
Swara: if he wants to see marriage .. Tell him to marry again.. Why is he ruining my life??
Ragini: Swara…’
Swara: sorry.. Bhabi plz tell me some way.. I’m scared.. See all my nails became small because
of tension…
At that time dp comes

DP: Swara ur not ready yet..
Swara: papa… I don’t like this marriage…
DP: do what you want to do.. Use ur creativity.. Did I ever said no to u?(he kisses her cheeks)
Swara gets happy…
Swara: should I run??
DP: all d best…
Swara: love u papa…but bhai??
DP: il manage
Swara: Wowww my sweetest dad!! Love u.. Byee…
DP: careful… Il message u then u come..
Swara: okay…
Ragini; wait Swara… Ur bhai knows about ur brain.. That’s why he kept his police securities.. U can’t
escape from him.. And his staff..
DP: don’t worry il Manage those securities…u go quickly..
She runs from backside without everyone notice..
Ragini: Swara careful…
Swara runs… Laksh shocks…
What happened next???
Where did Swara goes??? Will Laksh being a police finds her?? Or will she meet any new person??

Swara: naughty, funny, chubby.. She loves to irritate her brother..
Sanskar: friend of Laksh… A police officer.. And opposite to Swara..
Laksh: police and friend of Sanskar.. He hates his sister
Ragini: innocent and sweet wife of Laksh.. She loves Swara soo much.. She cares for her..
How will Swara and Sanskar meet???
Will opposite attracts???
Is that bridegroom Sanskar???
What’s there in that box which AP gave to Swara???
It’s a emotional, funny and beautiful love story…
“The New Relation Begin”


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