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The magical ishqbaaz -ep 6 maha episode

Hi guys…..thanks for everyone who explained me the situation…..even I was very busy as I am in tenth…..HAPPY DIWALI GUYS….hope u all r enjoying…so let’s get into hogwarts now

Shivaay:u??!!!! Here???
Ani:what the hell ??i must ask u that
Shivaay: I came to see my sissy
Ani:I study here nd I came to see my friend
Dumbledore enters nd ask them to stop their fight…he expains them that Aaliyah is weak nd it would be good if they stay with her for some days nd leave
Shawn nd Barry say sure
Before shiv could ans pmru say we will also be here….
Rudra:hey …whoever u r….how much years did it take for u to grow this long beard…
This school needs no cleaner…u itself is cleaning it
Everyone laugh
Then they all head to the hall getting dinner…nd as it’s. the first day they have a great feast

In the hall
Shivaay:omg!!this much food…
Ani:hehe…we r big at â�¤ï¸�
Rudra:I will go fat
Shawn:its so awesome here….where’s Harry.?
Hermione:he must be here by now..he went with Barry
A streak of lightning ⛈
Barry:omg it’s so cool….I want to settle hear
Harry:ur powers r more cooler…it would be awesome to see central city
They smile…Harry then sees Shawn….Harry loves Shawns music
Shawn has also heard a lot about Harry
Harry nd Shawn share a light moment

In the common room…
Anika nd shiv have to share rooms
Anika wears her normal clothes nd come
Shivvay:u wear normal dress?!!
Ani:yes I do
Shiv:hey what’s ur maiden name?
Shiv:that’s weird…it doesn’t match
Ani:I was an orphan..a muggle like u..when I was adopted by them…they took care me more than their own sons
Shiv:ohhh…its so weird here
Ani:yep ..for muggles

Shiv:hey?why does everyone get so stunned when the see Harry…why is he famous
Suddenly a huge thunder is heard …shivaay is afraid of thunder nd hugs ani in fear…
Ani:hehe …the great shivaay is afraid of a lightning
Suddenly the light goes of…ani hugs shivaay way more tightly and doesn’t leave him
Shivaay also hugs her..
Shivaay:now what happened to you??!!han Han

Anika:diverts the topic nd says….Harry potter is the boy who lived….as far as I know…you know who caster the death spell on Harry when he was just a little baby…nd he survived it with just a scar on his head…he is the only one who survived..both his parents were killed
Harry is believed to kill you know who….he is an awesome person….he is cute ,kind…Anika continues to describe him
Shivaay gets annoyed
Shi:ok ok…but who is you know who
Ani:we don’t say his name….he is the emporer of black arts…he is LORD VOLDEMORT
Then both of them doze offf in the same bed….

Precap: the triwizard competition is announced…shivaay attends magic lessons…Anika helps shivaay…Shawn Barry omru explore the campus..

Ok guys I am using Harry Potter nd the goblet of fire as the base for my ff…I chose this cause…here u have the Yule ball nd stuff nd it’s not too complicated like the others…so everyone can understand


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