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The magical ishqbaaz -ep 3

I am so sorry guys I am writing this for the second time as Telly didn’t post it…..I am sorry ??…..I had my exams no I am havin my last one tomorrow so yippee…I am feeling so happy coz a dumb nerd like me is now gonna enjoy her life??….no today I am gonna do a huge post as I have not written for a long time ..so let’s get in

Shivaay:hey what happened ??
Harrry :what happened to the malfoys
Anika: Harry don’t worry ….he would have done some dumb thing
Harry:come on spill the beans
Shivaay:hey Anika shout ur mouth you don’t know what will happen when a person messes up with the oberois…malfoy thought he was so clever that he can fool us ..but that will never happen…we have shut him up in a godown no now he is gonna starve to death without food and water


Ron joins
Ron:u dumb!!u think u can put a wizard to death just by locking him up…we can kill people with a flash. Can’t we open a stupid door(ok I am making everyone talk fiercefully as in magical world they don’t fear muggles whether it’s normal people or oberois)
All laugh
Shivaay:u will regret this Anika
Anika:let’s see u BLUE EYED CAT!!!!!
Shivaay:what did u call me
Drags her closer now both r cm away from each other…now Harry no ron went as the had to get something else
Anika:leave me
Shivaay:ohh..u look ? beautiful but what to do …I am a muggle(blurts the truth thinking he was saying in his mind)
Anika:what the hell!!!!???
Shivaay:vo..it was a tongue slip
Anika:so can u now leave me??!!
While shivaay leaves her ?…his glasses brake
Shivaay:that’s my watch
Anika:calm down…I will repair it
Shivaay:what r u gonna glue it??
Anika:what is a glue?(wizards donno about muggle products)
Shivaay:u called me dumb …but it’s u who is dumb
Anika doesn’t rely and chant a spell”EXPELLO REPARIO”…the glasses become all new …shivaay was stunned by her ,her beauty ,her courage,her pride…everything about her dragged him towards her…his thoughts r disturbed by a call nd he leaves to go to his own world

In the muggle world

So guys the muggle world is basically set up in USA ?? in a city called central city

Oberoi mansion

Shivaay is thinking about Anika ….but then he remembers her closeness with Harry no gets angry
Om:hey bro wassup
Rudra:fan ,light,ceiling,ac

Om and shivaay:shut up rudr!!!
Shivaay:hey today i went to the magic world….no she didn’t know what glue was
Om :who?
Rudra:Baha’i u got ur self a girlfriend without telling me…I Winona speak to u
Shivaay hugging rudra :no yaar …..u know I won’t do that kinda stufff….no replies to om her name is Anika
Om and rudra cup their mouth in shock as this is the first time their bro has said a persons name without their maiden name
Shivaay:what happened??

Om:u dint say her maiden name!!!
Rudra:Han….u said only her name…omg what happened to u
Shivaay then realizes that he did not even bother about her maiden name…how come I got lost so much into her that I lost my priorities…..
Om and rudr start mocking him
Shivaay leaves the room angrily

In the enterance of oberoi mansion
A handsome guy in his late teens enters the mansion…he is white no is 6’3 tall
When he enters the house everyone becomes elated
Shivaay goes no hugs him
Shivaay: hey Shawn!how are u
(Yes guys ,this is shawn Mendes…he is a Canadian pop singer..prinku is his huge fan ..once when they went to meet him they became friends …ndShawn is 18)
Shawn:I am awesome?…how r u
He goes nd meets everyone nd hugs them…then soumya come
Soumya:omg omg…Shawn I am huge fan of urs…u killed it in illuminate btw..nd Congo on graduating..ily
Shawn:aww thank you…I love u too
Rudr in his mind:how dare he say I love u to my sumo!!

Just then a streak of lightning enters the house…..⚡️⚡️

Everyone is shocked except Shawn…
A man in a red suit is seen…the man is in his late 20 ..he is 25
Shawn:Barry!!!how r u ??heard that u put down captain cold!!!
Yes guys it’s Barry Allen the flash( I am adding him also as I saw some ishqbaaz fan clubs commenting on flash fan club)
Barry:yep dude ..it was awesome!!!
Shivaay:who r u?!!why did u come like a lightning
Barry:I am the flash…I can go faster than the speed of light
So why r u here….I came to meet Shawn…

Precap:Anika gets sorted to her house…..mysteries in hogwarts….trouble in central ? city….shivomru nd Shawn nd Barry gets to go to hogwarts again

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