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The magical ishqbaaz -ep 2

Hi guys…..I am so sorry …I was really busy

But know I am so happy coz I getting an hard copy of my fav album with shawns sign!!!!


So let’s start

Now the oberois have signed a deal with malfoys ….but they didn’t know they were wizards…but as they signed it ..there was no option left

Shivaay:the stupid how dare he mess with oberois
Tej :calm down ….we have no option left
Shivaay:what the hell
shakti::it’s time now we have to leave to the station inorder to obtain our deal money from the malfoys
All three leave furiously

Diagon alley

Draco:ohh potter have u got ur self a gf?
Says coming near Draco
Harry and Ron :don’t dare come near my sissy
Then Draco leaves

In other side they enter diagon alley …they all were astonished to see the magic happening there but none showed it
They entered the magical world!!and now starts the magic of life

Shivaay sees Anika and stands shook by her beauty
Malfoy:welcome to our world sir
Tej :hmm…where is the bank
Malfoy :here sir ….it’s the griggnots
Tej:it looks like White House
Malfoys being a stupid replied
Malfoy:of course it will as it is white in color
Shivaay who was still looking at Anika turned to look at griggnots

Anika Harry Ron hermione come to griggnots
Anika and shivaay dash each other and Anika was about to fall so shivaay holded her…but in the process his glass fell and broke
Both shivaay and Anika were lost in each other’s eyes
And others were giggling

Shivaay:ohh miss whatsoever don’t u have eyes…u came and hit on me me now my glass broke..this world is stupid
Anika calmly took shivaay glasses
And to shivaay surprise the glass became all new
Anika :we are not stupid sir….we are just amazing people …if we want we can use the magic to make more money but we don’t do that …for us love matter not money like u muggles
Shivaay:what the wack??!!what did u call me?
Anika: a muggle
Shivaay:my name is shivaay!!not muggle
He shouted …
Harry came infront of Anika to protect her but Anika came and stood infront of them
Harry:Anika you leave
Anika:Harry …he just a muggle ..I will deal him
Shivaay thinks Harry is her bf and becomes envious
Shivaay :ohh….u don’t want to know what will happen if u mess with an oberoi…u will face what the malfoys r facing
Both Anika and Harry was shocked
And shivaay was wondering what happened

It end here….
Pls do comment if u like and give me more suggestions

Love you tons

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