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the insatiable white queen and faithful dark knight: part 6

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So you think that money is the root of all evil. Have you ever asked what is the root of all money.


Flirting with the dark side has always had it’s fascination. Because you learn, and there’s wisdom there. Escpecially , the shadow is hundred percent gold. You hold treasures there that you need to learn about yourself to be a whole person.


Radhika was shocked to see Sara and bonnie’s compromising position. She was frozen at her place. Nadini looked radhika’s state and went to saral who also was in a shocking mode. Without thinking much she slapped saral left right. Bonnie was trying to stop nandini slapped by radz hard.

Radz told with anger,” u potrayed urself as a very dignified prestigious girl. U even questioned about my character and called me as pr*stitute. But what I am seeing you are more lowy than pr*stitute. How could u not spared ur own blood related brother for ur physical thirst. Chi..chi..” She clearly showed her disgust while leaving.

Saral escaped from nandini’s clutch and pleaded with his knees infront of radz ,” as u know I didn’t do anything. It was that shit bonnie who used me. Plzz believe me. don’t leave me.please.” Before radz could replied bonnie came and threw an unbelievable look towards saral. She said,” bhai why u pleaded her. Because of that mere piece u even accused me. I can’t believe it”. Then she said in a confident tone,” I will prove that we both are not guilty. What u saw was false and a trap. Wait for our medical reports”. Before radhika answer nandini intervened and took radz hand rushed out by cutting her ties with saral. Saral ran behind them followed by bonnie.

As they leave the real tension rose up. Though bonnie showed some courage to face radz but she felt ashamed, felt like disgusted with herself. Both couldn’t think what happened and how all those things happened. They couldn’t make eye contact. As time passed their depression increased, that killed them from inside. The only thread of their hope was was medical test which could brought them out from such horrible ashamed conditions. But after sometime that proved them wrong showing they had physical intercourse which chilled them from inside by bruising their hope, killing their soul slowly. That feel only known to those who had gone through it.

Radhika asked nandini to stop car in midway and told her she wanted to spend some time alone. Nandini saw her shedding tears silently so she let her without any arguments. She told radz to back home early. Radhika walked alone crying outside of city. She was going aimlessly by bowing down her head. After went some distance she straightened her face as a devilish smirk crept in her lips. She wiped her tears and looked up to sky ,” one more target and game over. I challenged u I would return everything. Now it’s my turn. The dice was already thrown . Just waiting for the movement and BANG..BOOM..everything will be finished”.

Radhika continued her walking, after some distance Arjun came behind her with hoodie. somewhere, on some subterranean level, her darkness and his may have connected. Radhika said without turning,” I trust only you and the darkness, who always look at me so honestly.” To which Arjun smiled, this time a contented one. After they went some distance more Neil came and joined,” congratulations kiddos, last game and last card used. Only need time to move.” To which radz replied,” game is still on. It will end with nandini Pandey’s suicidal death. R u ready guys”.
Both arneil replied,” always ready. ”

Trio looked at river flowing, standing on bridge. They thought,” people said river flows away everything, so as time take away all miseries, pain and healed everything. But some scars never healed until and unless we justified. There were only two ways for victims; first to stay with fear and act like nothing happened with u, second show some bravery and embrace darkness and punish each who responsible for ur miseries. We chosen second option. Because it soothed us, healed us.”

Evening went away as night approaches. The trio went to graveyard. Neil and radhika knees down infront of a grave and wiped out dust.Arjun was standing behind them looking at them with care. As they clearing the name plate it was seen ” RIDDHIMA MISHRA W/O- SARAL JOSHI”. Time went backward faster reached their imagination 10 years ago……


Radhika was not only child to her parents. She had a elder sister and brother Ankush. Both were much older than her and departed from her at a tender age. So she had a light memory of being rejected by her siblings as she was told like this by her mother mala. But the truth was something else. Mala sold her both children to different person. Ridhima to nandini and Ankush to Anuj & samrat. But both children were not complaining anything. Ridhima worshipped nandini until she got to know true face of her.likewise Ankush. But both children didn’t get chance to see each other and matured by themselves.

Ten years ago when nandini admitted ridhima in national institute of engineering and technology, she was too happy with her education. She was blindfolded by nandini’s show off care. Neil and saral were studied at the same college. Neil befriended with riddhima very well and they become best friends. Later Neil developed some feelings towards ridhima and about to confessed his love, ridhima revealed she loved saral and nandini was agreed for their relationship. Neil knew well about saral’s buttering way of approaches. Neil heard about saral’s lust over ridhima . He decided to tell nandini everything but got shocked hearing their conversation when went to their home. He thanked his stars that nandini didn’t see him. Next day Neil told ridhima about the true face of nandini n saral. But she was blindfolded by their fake love she insulted neil.

After marriage ridhima realized neil’s words.but it was late. Saral and nandini had been managing a racket of house wives pr*stitution. Where saral usually trapped girls by his way of talking and nandini aims beautiful poor girls, even she didn’t spare her brother’s daughter. Dilip was helpless as mala had thirst for money n power. Nandini instead of made her understand, spoiled mala more. And finally a mother used her children for their benefit. Ridhima was drugged and used at first. Neil tried to rescue her but as saral family was powerful police didn’t take any actions against them. Neil cursed himself numerous times for not able to save his love. Moreover they recorded some porn video of ridhima and blackmailed her.

Another side Ankush went to samrat and Anuj Mehera. Both had unusual s*xual interests. They are bis*xuals. In the process Ankush faced torture from beginning. In our society we always thought female were s*xually abused generally but males also abused. If a male abused by another that was the most disgusted thing to tolerate. Samrat always a step ahead to torture ankush. Mean time they recorded some videos and blackmailed Ankush, who matured into an murderer and joined a local gang. The most tender and fragile guy started behaving weird. He developed some hysterical activity due to hormonal changes which lead him to rape and bedding girls mercilessly. His mental illness was increasing day by day.

Mala got money from trio devils so she shut up her mouth. When Dilip protested too much and went for justice, they made his accident which led him to live his rest life as a handicap. Neil tried his level best to do something but failed each time due to injustice of society. One thing ridhima always did maintained her diary regularly and about her tortures. One day Ankush did some illegal work for Anuj. He praised his work and took him Saral home for further work. There Ankush saw ridhima when he was totally drunk . As they departed from childhood,it was bit difficult for them to know each other. Further Ankush has mental illnesses plus womanphobic nature increased.

Saral,nandini and Anuj present there. saral made Ankush to drunk till he loose all his sense and his inside animal woke up as he faced some absurd hormonal changes. Saral and nandini smirked devilish and drugged ridhima for a latest porn video shoot on demand of a client. Though saral n nandini knew they were siblings they were blinded by their selfish cruel motive too much. Later they made s*xual intercourse between them when both were out of their sense.

Later somehow they came to know about each other that they were siblings. The severe depression, the pain, the agony, the torture they faced, it killed both of their souls. Both felt miserable. Bonnie commented ridhima ,” what the big deal about siblings s*xual intercourse, when u used by many. U r not worthy for my brother’s one night stand also”. Ankush somehow felt he was the sole responsible for this condition. But he decided he would end everything for once and all. He decided his mind. But saral and nandini knew Ankush plan and murdered him. Ridhima broken completely after Ankush death and somehow escaped. She met neil and handed her diary.

Neil took her to police station to file complaint against devils. On the way of return they were attacked by goon . In process to save ridhima neil was injured severely for months. When he opened his eyes, he got to know ridhima committed suicide. But neil knew that was not truth. Something was there. But he broke down completely as he couldn’t save his love from monsters. He drowned himself in alcohol until he came to know ridhima has a little sister radhika who was going to face same situation. But he didn’t know radhika was the fire who already set her mind with her knight. When he know they too, ardhika were victims too, he came to help by himself. But astonished seeing the determination from kids and Today he can go any extent for them…..

Next part will be Arjun and radhika past…finally I able to edit many things..i planned it to between 5 chapters..guess it extended more…i don’t know if past justified or not, but those kind of thing happened in real life too. People can fall low for their selfish motive.

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