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the insatiable white queen and faithful dark knight: part 5

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The light of day showed you the limits of possibility. But walk through the dark, the absolute, total darkness, and the possibilities were limitless.

Enjoy the night, the darkness, where U can do things that aren’t acceptable in the light. Night is when U slake ur thirst.


Radhika and Arjun laughed hoarsely seeing jai’s shock. Radz went near jai and said evily ,” the man who tricked is a dumb and i hate such weak foolish people.”

Arjun moved forward and said in a threatening voice,” jai khurana , u played with fire, wrongdoing. I can forgive anyone but not that who tried to trick me. Moreover u tried to separate us by sending some absurd threating messages to others mobile. Try to trap us but……”

Jai was asking in mixed confusion and fear , ” so u both were not separated. Then what was that day incident when that man proved to u that radhika toyed with u and u cried over”.

Arjun replied cunningly;” that was what u want to see, we showed u. Do u have slightest idea that I will never believe anyone when it’s related to her, even she herself declared that she cheated me, I won’t believe.”

Radz turned and said;” let me tell u one thing jai. For people like u who lived in comfort without knowing any hardship may not have idea of trust. But people like us never betray one another because we are everything for each other.if one is broken means we all broken. ” she continued ;” I told you everything coz u were never in our target and once knowingly or unknowingly u help us. Now let me tell u some interesting facts…

” jai khurana, cousin brother of inspector samaira Khanna, a special spy to give informations regarding us to inspector. Now get ready for ur reward for ur dare”. Jai was stunned hearing that they knew everything about him.

Arjun came forward and asked radz ;” now what should we do with him?” As his stances got more harder. Jai looked up radz with fear and trying to spoke out some. His words stopped in his throat in fear. But his eyes got widen when radz replied coldly;” FINISH HIM OFF” and moved out from there. Next moment jai fell down on the ground as blood oozed out from his mouth. Arjun came out.

As radz crossed some path someone with hoody jacket came and patted her head. He said ,” thank u very much. If it was not for u both I couldn’t have that courage to stood up again after that remorseful phase of my life”.

To which radz replied;” I told you m a devil . I am doing all this only because of my scars. The scars they gave me I’ll return them with interest.”

Arjun came from back and joined;” now time for the real game to start. Target need to be fired. Don’t u think so, big bro Neil.”

Neil smiled one tricky smile and in a intense voice;” But don’t U think before that we should first take care of miss inspector and Chinese cartoon.”

Ardhika said;” go on. Only u can do that now. Ready to implement our plan.”

Trio looked at horizon from where darkness started to come into the world. But their inner darkness was so strong that it could fade light also. Trio went in different directions.

Their POV

Many people believe they know true darkness, but until it has been experienced it cannot be imagined. Without even a flicker of light, the mind begins to play tricks. There is a constant feeling that there is a wall before you, that you must stop. The eyes open as wide as they can, hungry for thirst.There is only what you want and what happens. There is only grabbing on and holding tight in the darkness.


Sam got worried as there was no trace of jai. It was almost two days since he was vanished unnoticed. No sign, nothing suspicious but she decided she would went to college for interrogation. When she was talking with professor bonnie came there and said by herself about the previous incident. She told how jai followed radhika. Sam was suspicious and afraid now for jai. She asked radz whereabouts from bonnie and rushed to her. Radhika and kritika were talking something regarding upcoming fest. Sam pulled up radz and charged her directly what she did with jai?? To which she made innocent face and told she didn’t know anything, even she wanted to know where jai was? Suddenly she asked like she didn’t know anything;” btw inspector why do u so much concerned about him; like ur loved ones. Its just our friend gone missing but; what exactly he is to u??”.. Sam suddenly stilled with radz counter strike. After composing herself Sam started to ask another question to radz cut by kritika immediately. Kritika said ;” listen miss inspector mam ur all accusations were wrong. I don’t know from where did u heard such absurd things but radhika was a great friend. She was at hospital with me for the whole time that day. Bonnie pushed me hard ,so I lost my consciousness. Radhika, my lovely friend admitted me to the hospital and stayed with me there for the whole time until I got my consciousness. U can check it with hospital nurses and there register for guardian.”

Then kritika turned to face radhika and saw her swollen pale face. She said ,” don’t worry radhu, I believe you because as a princess u befriend with a pauper like me. U showered all ur love on me. I’ll be there for u always. I promise. Now don’t cry please.” with that she even started cry and drag out radz with her. Sam dialled hospital number and got shocked hearing everything kritika told was truth. Rads looked back Sam worried face and smirked evilly. She gave a pitiful look to kritika who held her tightly on her wrist , thought;” I am sooo sorry dear for using u but I have no choice.”

—- Flash back of that day—-

” after kritika fell down when jai told radz not to behave hoarsely as she snaped bonnie.radhika ran outside while informed neil about the situation. After all people gone Neil admitted kritika in hospital but put guardian name as radhika Mishra. nurse gave a saline to kritika and told Neil to brought some medicines. One thing neil covered himself so much that nurse couldn’t figure out if the person was he or she. Neil was very good at changing voice. He utilized his power and talked like radz only. After nurse gone he gave kritika a sedative having no harmness or side effects. Then neil went to the place where radz, Arjun and jai was present. After all those drama, neil gave radhika his jacket and medicines. She left for hospital. When kritika got her sense back she found radz sat near her. Nurse told her how radz took care of her. She was emotional again and her determination to save radz from anyone got to her extreme point.

—- flash back end—-

Sam was driving very harshly. She was emotionally and mentally disturbed for jai. On top of that radz words kept ringing in her ears. She mumbled ;” I am damn sure that cunning radz knew everything but everytime I got nothing. What’s it?? Why she tried to act be innocent.” She was very angry with herself. As a cop she never failed in her life but a college student gave her hard time. Her hand on steering got more stronger as it resulted sudden crash with something or with someone more precisely. She stopped car and looked at the person who was tried to get up with pain. Blood oozed out from his bruises. People started to gather and scolded samaira when the bruised man defended her by saying it was his fault not her. Sam was adamant to take him to hospital.

On the way to hospital they formally introduced to each other. When he said his name Neil Malhotra Sam thought she heard his name somewhere; but where. Neil complemented her that she was beautiful from inside as well as her appearance. Whatever it might be, but if someone complemented u anybody could feel happy though they didn’t show that on face. Neil applied that trick first. He also held samaira tightly when doctor gave him tetanus. Sam laughed seeing his kiddish behaviour. Afterward Sam offered to drop him at his home , he was agreed happily. On the way when neil stared Sam constantly, she asked ,” am I really that beautiful that u couldn’t take ur eyes off?”. To which neil immediately replied,” yes, but u will look more beautiful if u remove that tough rough expressions”. He gave his signature dimple smile and got off ,” see u soon, if fate allowed” & winked. Sam was also impressed with his fun filled nature. She didn’t replied anything but constantly thinking about him on her way back.

As Neil entered his home a mischievous smile but devilish one crept on his face. He looked at one picture with all his love, care, pain and closed his eyes tightly . He mumbled,” don’t worry. Nobody can never take ur place in my heart. They will suffer for what they did.” He looked at his table and saw the diary left by Arjun. He messaged both radz and Arjun about his first attempt.

Saral came to meet nandini at a restaurant com bar. They were discussing about the alliance. Saral was excited enough he told about his future plans. To which nandini felt irritated and said ,” no need to show off such concerns which u will not do. Both U and I know for what and why this alliance was happened. Do as per my instructions otherwise u know the consequences.” Saral just smriked at nandini. Arjun sat at a dark corner listened their conversation and tried to control himself. He observed them carefully from a safe distance. Saral asked for some drink for both of them. After sometime nandini left for home. Arjun went to saral ,who was already drunken. He tried to be friendly with him and instigated saral against nandini . He praised saral for his thoughts. Saral spit out something to which Arjun felt disgusted and wanted to smashed him off there only.

Somehow he controlled himself and came out from the bar. He straightly went to nandini’s house and waited for some moments until radz went to window side. He showed thumbs up to her to which she smiled. Arjun lowered his gaze and smiled himself in his deep thought,” I can do anything for that smile on ur face. U r everything for me in this harsh world. I’ll always be there at ur service , this is a promise I made to myself.” He looked up once again to see radz who also stared him and signed ” what happened?” . He nodded his head negative. He felt his heart fluttered for sometime and that was a very new feeling for him what happened first time. Radz sent Arjun back and turned to be shocked seeing nandini stood behind her. But she immediately composed herself. Nandini caressed her cheek and said,” saral wanted us to visit him tomorrow morning and joined for an outing together.” Radhika nodded happily.

Next day morning when nandini and radz visited saral house, servant informed that he was in his sisters room. Both went upstairs and got shocked seeing the view infront of them. Both saral and bonnie found in a awkward situations, like they had s*xual intercourse between them. Radz screamed aloud as she couldn’t think how can something like happened between brother and sister. Nandini went and slapped continuously saral.

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