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The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 29

In case anyone didn’t read the previous part,

Part 29
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(Ishq bulaava plays in background)

Ku: twinkle, why is that when we are not together i feel so lifeless and when we are together i feel so happy and full of life. It’s like you are my soulmate. Everything seems just perfect when i am around you. Though we fight but i can never think of hurting you. The truth is that I’m crazy about you twinkle. I feel so alone without you. I wanted to tell you this since so long but never found the right time and now i think it is. I am really crazy about you twinkle. I can’t imagine my life without you now. If i don’t see you even for a while, i feel restless. Twinkle, I LOVE YOU! I really do.

Tw: I LOVE YOU TOO KUNJ! (in shock plus excitement plus happiness)

(Sajna ve plays in background)

They have a deep and an intense eyelock. In fraction of seconds they hug each other tightly filled with passion and love. While hugging, both recall their moments; the first time they met, airplane incidents, kunj taking care of twinkle when she was sick and drunk and many more. Kunj caresses twinkle’s face and gives a gentle kiss on her forehead. Twinkle smiles and hugs him back. Kunj breaks the hug and cups her face and says “you look cuter when you blush”. This makes twinkle blush harder. While twinkle was busy blushing, kunj picks her up in his arms in bridal style and walks till her room. He says “open the door”. “No I won’t! First put me down” she protested. “Fine then! Get ready to face the consequences” says kunj naughtily moving closer towards her lips. Twinkle frights and gives away the card in fear. “Good girl” say kunj while twinkle gives a disgusted face. Kunj opens the door with great difficultly and puts her on the bed. He goes to close the door and turns to find out twinkle had moved somewhere. He began to search for twinkle later realizing she is in the toilet. She opens the and comes out wearing a plain blue top along with a pair of grey lowers. She walks towards kunj who is standing numb and she snaps her fingers to zap him back to the reality. “What’s wrong?” says twinkle. “No nothing!” adds kunj. Twinkle walks towards her cupboard and keeps her dress inside it. As she turns back she finds two strong arms to stop her from moving.

Tw: kunj!
Ku: yes?
Tw: let me go
Ku: why should I?
Tw: cuz I am tired and need to sleep
Ku: oh really? So you really want to sleep right now? Your eyes say something different
Tw: shut up and let me sleep and even you sleep
Ku: what’s the hurry?
Tw: Look over there …

Kunj turns his neck to look but little did he know what would happen next. Twinkle hits his arms making him to move his arm and she runs away. SO THE CHASE STARTS! Kunj behind twinkle. Both are running across the whole room.Finally kunj catches hold of twinkle and start moving towards her. While moving twinkle is stopped by the bed’s edge and falls on the bed. Kunj too falls, kunj over twinkle. They were close, close enough to feel and hear each other’s breath. Both were just lost into the moment, lost in each other’s eyes which was filled with passion for love. Kunj moves a little closer which made their noses touch and leans over for a kiss. In no time, twinkle gives a peck on kunj’s lips having him completely shocked. She rolls on another side of the bed and stands up saying “Well, I guess that’s enough for today! Good night Mr Sarna. Will be seeing you tomorrow now”. Kunj is still standing shocked as this was never expected by him even in his wildest dreams. Twinkle shook him and he finally was back to his senses and touched his lips and smiled. Twinkle blushed seeing his reaction. “Now move!” ordered twinkle. Kunj began to move and went to twinkle. He held twinkle’s forehead and gave a gentle kiss on her forehead and spoke “I Love You Twinkle”. “ I Love You too” replies twinkle. Kunj leaves the room and twinkle locks her door.

Kunj’s room;

He enters him room, changed his dress and rolls onto his bed with a beautiful smile captured on his face. He reminisces all the moments he had spent with twinkle and specially the one where both had confessed about their love and the peck which twinkle had given to him.

On the other side, twinkle was on her bed with her phone on her hand which displayed kunj’s picture. “So finally, we have become one! I have always dreamt of this day and it has happened in the most beautiful way” thinks twinkle. Both of them think about the day and fall asleep with a satisfying smile on their face.

Next morning, The breakfast hall;

Everyone has assembled in the breakfast hall.

Be: Thank you so much leela ji, without you this marriage wouldn’t have been so successful.
Le: There’s nothing for you to thank me about. It was my duty to do so.

Bebe smiles.

Be: and yes i forgot to inform you that we won’t be having a reception as we have an emergency to go back to amritsar

Listening to this twinj’s faces turn dull.

Le: well okay then! We’ll stay here for another 2 days and leave then okay?

Bebe nods.

Be: so final then! today all of you can roam around and tomorrow we’ll start packing for amritsar alright?

All agree.

Tw: btw bebe where is yuvi bhai and mahi di? Haven’t seen them throughout the wedding and i tried calling them and their phone came unreachable?
Ku: yes even i tried contacting with them
Be: oh yes i forgot! I have only send both of them to amritsar as i needed some documents from there but now I’ll tell them to stay there as we are also coming soon. So today, all of just roam around as much as you want here as it is your last day.

All agree and leave for their rooms.

Twinkle’s room;

Twinkle to kunj;

Tw: okay, go to your room and get ready and let me also get ready and then we’ll go somewhere okay?
Ku: what’s the need for me to go, i’ll help you dress up (says naughtily and winks at her)
Tw: shut up you dirty minded person. Now go!

She pushes kunj out of the room and closes the door. She turns back and smiles on the whole incident and thinks “I love you kunj! You are the best thing that happened to me”. On the other side of the door, kunj leans on the door and thinks “I love you twinkle! You are the best thing that happened to me. I’ll always keep you happy”.

Precap: Twinj day out^^

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Sup guys? I hope all of you are doing well. So how was this? I hope i did justice to their romance after their confession. I guess i am pretty early this time? Thank you to all those who are regularly commenting on my ff. It really makes me so happy! Hope you guys continue to do so. Anyway, bye guys x Take care! Love you ? Ignore errors (if any) as i didn’t proof read this one!

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