Hey friends! It me Anshita back with the 3 shot! Unfortunately, both my third and forth shots got deleted and I didn’t have enough time to write long ones, therefore, they’ll both be pretty short. I sincerely apologise for this???????☹️☹️☹️☹️
Kindly excuse me for the same. I didn’t really have much time to write the long ones. Please try to understand my situation????
So let’s begin with the third shot………

‘Shravan, we need to speak to you regarding some urgent matter.’
‘Mumma-Papa, boliye.’ (Mom-Dad, do tell me)
‘Dear Shravan, we understand you point of view regarding marriage very well. However, we think it’s high time now and you must get married. Perhaps, it’ll make you change your thoughts and view towards marriage.’
‘Lekin mein…’ (But I…)
‘Do you love someone?’
Shravan narrates the entire story to them. However, they weren’t furious but happy that their Son had himself found his life partner. But the problem was- how would they find the bride?
‘Shravan, I’m very happy for you but…’ Said his father.
‘But what papa?’
‘It won’t be that easy you know. However, I give you two weeks to go and find your bride. We’ll help you as well if required. But if you don’t find her within two weeks, you’ll have to marry the girl of my choice. Don’t worry, I’ll find the best girl for my Son.’
‘Yes papa. I’ll try my best or else I’ll do what you say.’
‘You better get going then!’
‘Yes, of course mumma! I’m so lucky to get parents like you,’ and gives them a tight warm hug.
These two weeks were the hardest times of Shravan and Suman. The marriage functions had begun as well and yet none of them could find their love. It was one day to go before their deadline got over and they still didn’t have the slightest idea of who that writer was.
It was the day of the Haldi ceremony, the last day Suman and Shravan had in hand to find their soulmate. Unfortunately, it did to really seem they’d be successful though. Both Suman and Shravan were busy in the arrangements and completely forgot about their worries for the sake of Shamila and Aryan. From the inside, both of them felt like crying. However, they just tried to accept that possibly, the ones they were finding were not their true soul mates.
Both Shravan and Suman were exhausted and thus decided to take a break. History repeated itself. They sat close by, backs facing each other, but they were unknown of the fact. Suman started reading the diary and so did Shravan. Suddenly, they heard someone scream and they quickly kept their diaries behind themselves, just like the last time, on top of each other’s and ran to see what’d happened. Over there, they saw Shamila screaming sll around because of the cockroach right beside her. Suman let out a laugh which made Shravan mesmerised. But then he told himself that he was a one woman man and his heart only belonged to the writer of that diary. The two of them went back to their place and put their hand out to take their diaries but stood shocked staring at each other.
What was it that made them get so shocked?

Precap: Suman and Shravan learn about the biggest secret. Happy Union and double marriage. Last shot.

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