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‘Come on Sonakshi! We still have a lot of shopping pending!’
‘Are baba, are baba! Hold on, I’m coming!’
Just then a beautiful girl enters the room with her hair let out open. Her beauty not only showed on her face but also in her voice, the simplicity yet gave a melodious sound. On one shoulder, she carried a simple brown purse not too big, not too small. Her big eyes, pink lips and straight nose made everyone who saw her fall for her. She truly was a natural beauty. She’d walk about without any makeup put on for she believed that true beauty lies within.
‘Gawd Sonakshi! Where had you been?’
‘Are Nikita, why do you over-worry yourself? There’s still a month left to your wedding and the way you’re behaving makes it look like it’s only a day away! Cool yourself down. Let go of all that worry and frustration (hands her a glass of water).
‘Hey bhagwan, if this girl wasn’t here, to mera kya hota?’ (Oh god, if this girl wasn’t here, what would I do then?) as she passes a smile to her friend.
Sonakshi was the only one Nikita had and Nikita was the only one whom Sonakshi had. More than besties, they were like to sisters. No matter what the situation was, they never let go off each other’s hand and that was the best thing about their relationship.
A small tear dropped out of Nikita’s eyes as she thanked Sonakshi for always being here for her no matter what. In order to control the situation, Sonakshi smiled and let out a sweet laugh and said,
‘Now look, you were the one who had been yelling at me since the past 15 minutes to be quick and now, it’s me who’ll have to start yelling at you! Chalo chalo, be quick now. Besides, I bet you wouldn’t want to spoil your mascara with those tears of yours.’
‘Oh yah! I nearly forgot about that! (back in her jolly tone) Oye Sona, zaraa dekh na kahin smudge to nahin hua? (Sona, just check out if it hasn’t gotten smudged, has it?)
‘Are baba nahin. Kuch nahin hua. (No, nothing wrong with it) Dhruv is lucky to get a life partner like you for you’re so beautiful,’ as she passes a reassuring smile to Nikita.
‘Ab dekh Sona, tu hi time waste kar rahi hai! Ab chal!’ ( Now see Sona, you’re the ones who’s wasting time! Let’s go now!) as she goes out giggling to herself. Sonakshi places a diray, her diary, in her purse and runs out calling for Nikita.


‘Bhaiya jaldi karo! Hum late ho rahe hai!’ (Be quick bro! We’re getting late!)
‘Haa bas chal chote’ (Yah, let’s leave dear)
Running down the stairs came 6.2 feet handsome hunk with blue eyes. He was all dressed in black which made him look even more stunning. His hair all combed to the back and his million dollar smile made him look marvellous.
‘Aap bhi na bhaiya. Ab chalo!’ (Come on bro, let’s leave now)
‘Your command is my order sir,’ as the two brothers leave together laughing and giggling.
Dev and Dhruv were brothers. They lived in a small, but joyful and lively house with their parents, Ram and Kamini. The four of them were contended, however, wanted to extend their family. Dev was more of a less expressive one and immediately refused when his parents spoke about marriage to him. His parents took his point into consideration that he would only marry if he and his partner came closer by fate and not by people. On the other hand, Arya was more of the talkative and lively guy. He’d been dating a girl, Nikita since quite some time and the two of them finally thought of speaking about their relationship infront of Dhruv’s parents. To their delight as well as surprise, Dhruv’s parents were highly impressed by Nikita and whole-heartedly accepted Nikita as a going-to-be member of their family. Nikita had none to seek permission from. However, she did ask Sonakshi once if she was comfortable with the decision of hers but Sonakshi was even more excited than Nikita, as a result. Sonakshi said that she would manage the house herself and in return, Nikita promised her that she’d pass by often. Thankfully, Dhruv’s parents had no objection towards this. Now the marriage was to be held after four weeks.

Sonakshi and Nikita had been roaming around the mall since he past four hours, without any success. Sonakshi was highly exhausted and her legs were terribly paining
. However, she said nothing just to make sure that those tears don’t drop out of Nikita’s eyes again. Sonakshi had always been the more practical, bold and stronger one. Nikita often lacked of confidence and was sensitive at times.
On the other side of the mall, unknown of the fact that Sonakshi and Nikita were in the same mall, Dev and Dhruv had been running all around. Honestly, both of them were tired but Dev was the only one who was showing it. Dhruv was a bit too interested in shopping clothes for himself and Nikita that he hardly gave any notice to his tiredness.
It was high time now and Sonakshi could hardly manage a step forward. She couldn’t resist resting and therefore told Nikita that she’d sit on the bench for a while and she could go and explore more shops. Nikita protested that she’d sit along with Sonakshi but finally agreed to go. Sonakshi sat on a bench close by and let out a heavy sigh that was a prove of her tiredness. She opened her purse and took her diary out and began writing in it. Besides Nikita, this diary was her closest friend. She’d been writing in it ever since she was at the age of 9 after the dismissal of her parents in a car crash. The biggest of her secrets, which were unknown by Nikita as well, we’re know by this dear diary of hers. She’d carry it along wherever she went and made sure nobody got to know about it. Surprisingly, this diary was even hidden from Nikita.
Dev as well was exhausted now and finally the thought of resting became irresistible for him. He told Dhruv that he’d rest for some time while he could continue with his exploration. Unknowingly, Dev sat on the other side of the same bench Sonakshi was siting. He took kid shoulder bag off and rummaged through it in great hurry. Finally, his expression became cooler and calmer and he set out a sigh of relief. He took out a diary and started writing in it with keen interest. Despite having parents and a happy family, Dev was most attached to this diary. Alike Sonakshi, it was his greatest and closest friend and nobody (including Dhruv) was aware of this.

Both Sonakshi and Dev were unknown of the fact that they were sitting near each other and were busy jotting down stuff into their diaries. Exhausted of writing, the two of them kept their respective diaries behind them and stretched their arms wide in refreshment. In a hurry to leave, Sonakshi quickly picked up a diary and left. Dev too, after a minute or two picked the diary left and went off to find Dhruv. Surprisingly, the entire time they’d been together went unnoticed by them and they didn’t have the slightest idea how these couple of minutes of relaxation would change their lives.

Precap: Sonakshi and Dev are terrified at what lays infront of their eyes.

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