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Both Dev and Sonakshi were tensed thinking about their soulmates. Would they really be able to unite? Thought the two. Sonkashi was under high pressure due to her Mamaji’s warnings while Dev’s parents were yet unaware of the happenings in their son’s life. Every moment did count for them. Every single one.


It was evening and sun was about to set. Everything seemed beautiful. The trees, flowers, gardens and people all round looked beautiful, except for Sonakshi and Dev, who were currently going through a hard time. Sonakshi was siting by the window pane as she thought of her parents. Her eyes filled with tears as she thought of all those lovely moments she’d spent with her parents and then, that one disastrous moment that changed her life came into her mind making all those lovely thoughts vanish away. Yes, this thought was the thought which she feared the most to ever think about, to ever even remember it. It was the memory that remained hidden deep beneath her heart, which she couldn’t possibly share with anyone, except for her diary, of course. She knew that life could never be the same without her parents’ hands on her shoulders, yet, all she wanted to do was cherish every moment of her life and make her parents smile at her with unconditional love and affection from up above while she’d do the same. By this time, her eyes were swollen and had turned red due to the countless tears which passed through them. There was nobody at home to come and console her. All she could do was possibly just to cry her heart out to herself and then console herself, which would immensely hurt her.

Sonakshi to herself: Maa-Baba, why did you leave me? You could’ve taken me along, couldn’t you? I can simply stand it no longer now, I’ve really had enough. That’s the reason I want to find my true love, atleast there’ll be someone to come and wipe my tears when they fall out. After all, Nikita can not always be there for me, can she? She too has the right to live her life with peace and happiness. I simply can’t just depend on her, no I can’t. I miss you so much Ma! And Baba, I still remember the moment you’d pecked a kiss on my cheeks, right before the accident. That was my favourite one, except that I’d be getting no more kisses as sweet as those. I really do miss you!

Sitting still like a statue on the window pane, Sonakshi fell asleep lost in the thoughts of her mystery writer. Meanwhile, Dev sat on his couch remembering the days he’d go on telling everyone that he promises never to fall in love. He laughs at himself for his stupid yet adorable words from those days. He wondered who the mystery writer could possibly be. He very well knew that practically, he stood no chance of finding his mystery writer as he hadn’t gotten the slightest clue of whom the mystery writer could possibly be. Forget about address and other information, Dev didn’t even know the name of the person whom he loved so much!

Dev’s POV: It shall sure be the hardest mission ever to get solved, but I’m sure I’ll solve it, no matter what it takes. If I really do love her, then my efforts may sure fail, but my love wouldn’t and I know then, that destiny will for sure bring us together!

Interrupting Dev’s thoughts entered his parents with a reluctant look held on their faces. They looked worried and slightly afraid, and Dev could easily figure that out.

‘Dev, we need to speak to you regarding some urgent matter.’
‘Mumma-Papa, boliye.’ (Mom-Dad, do tell me)
‘Dear Dev, we understand you point of view regarding marriage very well. However, we think it’s high time now and you must get married. Perhaps, it’ll make you change your thoughts and view towards marriage.’
‘Lekin mein…’ (But I…)
‘Do you love someone?’
Dev narrates the entire story to them. However, they weren’t furious but happy that their Son had himself found his life partner. But the problem was- how would they find the bride?
‘Dev, I’m very happy for you but…’ Said his father.
‘But what papa?’
‘It won’t be that easy you know. However, I give you two weeks to go and find your bride. We’ll help you as well if required. But if you don’t find her within two weeks, you’ll have to marry the girl of my choice. Don’t worry, I’ll find the best girl for my Son.’
‘Yes papa. I’ll try my best or else I’ll do what you say.’
‘You better get going then!’ Said his mother.
‘Yes, of course mumma! I’m so lucky to get parents like you,’ and gives them a tight warm hug.

Two weeks seemed to be running at an undoubtedly high pace. The first week passed similar to how kerosene catches fire, which was dangerously fast indeed! 7 days had passed and neither Sonakshi nor Dev could gather up the least of hints to find the mystery writer. At times, both of them thought of it to be better if they’d leave all their dreams of meeting each other’s true love behind and continue to lead a simple yet dull life. But their love, unconditional indeed, forced them to stick together. They were somehow attracted, similar to the magnets of north and south.

These two weeks were the hardest times of Dev and Sonkashi indeed. The marriage functions had begun as well and yet none of them could find their love. It was one day to go before their deadline got over and they still didn’t have the slightest idea of who that writer was.

It was the day of the Haldi ceremony, the last day Sonkashi and Dev had in hand to find their soulmate. Unfortunately, it did to really seem they’d be successful though. Both Sonkashi and Dev were busy in the arrangements and completely forgot about their worries for the sake of Nikita and Dhruv. From the inside, both of them felt like crying. However, they just tried to accept that possibly, the ones they were finding were not their true soul mates.

Both Dev and Sonkashi were exhausted and thus decided to take a break. History repeated itself. They sat close by, backs facing each other, but they were unknown of the fact. Sonkashi started reading the diary and so did Dev. Suddenly, they heard someone scream and they quickly kept their diaries behind themselves, just like the last time, on top of each other’s and ran to see what’d happened. Over there, they saw Nikita screaming sll around because of the cockroach right beside her. Sonkashi let out a laugh which left Dev mesmerised. But then he told himself that he was a one woman man and his heart only belonged to the writer of that diary. The two of them went back to their place and put their hand out to take their diaries but stood shocked staring at each other.
What was it that made them get so shocked?

Precap: Sonkashi and Dev learn about the biggest secret. Happy Union and double marriage.

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