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The Blessed Love – THAHAAN (Part 39)

The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 39 )
hii guys thank you for t comments…readers pls do comment..bcoz i m losing interest over t past few days ?
here t goes,

At morning,
thapki comes to t kitchen,
thapki : ma today i will make breakfast
vasu : suman and preeti already done t
thapki : oh sry ma..i was late
vasu : its ok beta
thapki started to move
vasu : thapki


thapki : Jii ma
vasu : today is a auspicious day…v r going to temple by 1 o clock…get ready beta
thapki nods her head
bihaan comes to eat breakfast
vasu : bihaan wat happend why u woke up soo early
bihaan : maa i am going to see my friend…he is n town after a long time
vasu : but bihann v hav some other plans
bihaan : wat plan
vasu : v r going to temple

bihaan : hmmm go then
vasu : bihaan u should come wt us
bihaan : but maa kyu
vasu : after ur marriage u should go to t temple as a couple
bihaan : then v ll go on another day
vasu : today everyone is going
bihaan : atchaa ma..i ll come straightaway ter…u guys go first
vasu : see t pooja ll start by 2 o clock…we are not taking thapki wt us…u have to pick up her and come on time

bihaan : jii ma..i wont exceed t time…can i have breakfast and go now
vasu : yaa sure ( smiles )
thapki serves him
bihaan : thapki b ready..i ll come by 1.15..then v ll leave
thapki nods her head
bihaan left t place
shraddha nd dhuruv comes there
vasu :are u guys ready for t pooja
dhuruv : ya maa..i have no appointments today don worry
vasu : then its okay
shraddha : dhuruv which color sherwani u going to wear
dhuruv : why shervani

vasu : shraddha s ryt…ts ur first pooja after ur wedding u should come n sherwani and u guys have to wear t same color dress
dhuruv : sure ma..i am going to wear blue one shraddha
shraddha : then i will wear blue saree
thapki overhears t
thapki goes to t room
( Mind voice – but wat saree i ll wear…maa told me nd bihaan shld wear t same color…then i need to wait for him…after he selects i ll wear t same color saree )
bihaan goes to meet his friends
friend 1 : woww bihaan finally u got a time
bihaan : hurray chup…i went to paris

friend 2 : ya yaaa we heard how is ur wife
bihaan : she is fine
friend 1 : hurray yaar he s asking…how is she behaving towards u
bihaan : she is too good like me
friend 1 : oh hoo tats y we are not able to see bihaan now a days
bihaan : i am visiting u guys by t next day of our trip but u guys are making fun of me
friend 1 : ok ok chill..come on yaar lets play some game
bihaan : can v play carrom tat would b fun
friend 2 : ya v ll do
tey started playing

At home,

vasundra and others started to prepare things for t pooja
vasu : shraddha can u go and prepare hot water for dadi..
shraddha : jii ma
( Mind voice – wat happened to this old lady..she wants me to prepare hot water..cant t servants do this task..idiot )
shraddha places t vessel and pours water…and switch on t stove…
she gots a call from her long time friend
( mind voice – oh hoo reena…she s calling after years )
shraddha started talking to her
dhuruv : shraddha ( shouts )

shraddha : hurray wat happnd to him now ( shraddha cuts t call and comes to see dhuruv she totally forgets t hot water )
dhuruv : can v leav now
shraddha : ya baby m ready wer r others
vasu : dhuruv get these bags and place t n t car
dhuruv gets t bags
vasu: thapki we are leaving now beta…call bihaan now and pls u both reach on time ter
thapki : sure maa

vasundra and others left t place
thapki sees t clock ts 12.30..
thapki texts bihaan..
” bihaan come fast…m waiting here ”
scene shifts
bihaan was playing seriously..his phone beeps
friend 1 : u got a msg bihaan
bihaan : wat msg
friend 1 : bihaan jii i miss u soo much pls come we will have fun by your sweetheart thapki
bihaan : wat
bihaan grabs t phone and sees t real txt
bihaan : why do u lied…
friend : i just read everything wt emotions
bihaan : shut up..v r going to temple now..mom insisted…she s waiting for t..ok then i ll leav

friend 2 : enjoy bihaan
bihaan smiles and leaves t place
scene shifts
thapki sits in t sofa…after few mins she goes to kitchen…
bihaan parks his bike in front of his home and calls thapki
thapki was about to drink water…she takes t glass and goes near t stove.,..she didnt notice tat t stove s on and t water and t vessel s soo hot
thapki attends bihaan call
thapki : ahn bihaan

bihaan : m waiting here come out
thapki : bihaan ( thapki has t glass in one hand and touches t vessel in other hand) she started screaming…
bihaan hears t thro t phone and rushes to t kitchen
bihaan sees thapki hand got burnt…and sees t stove s on..bihaan switch off t stove
thapki starts crying
bihaan : cant u see t stove s on..why did u touch that even idiot
thapki cries loud

bihaan sees her hand
bihaan : come i ll put first aid
thapki tries to stand by leaning her one hand on t floor bihaan sees this and bends down and takes her in his arms
thapki : bihaan its paining
bihaan : dont worry wait
thapki looks at bihaan ( music plays na..na..na )
bihaan places her in t bed and puts oinment
bihaan : s t okay now
thapki : yaa better
bihaan : i will call maa and inform her that v r not coming to temple
thapki : bihaan noo..we should go
bihaan : are u n sense…how can u go wt this situation
thapki : bihaan its our first pooja..if we didnt go maa ll get upset
bihaan : but

thapki : nothing to worry i am alright now
bihaan : ok…i told u to b ready by this time..but see ur n t churi still
thapki : its okay i wll change t and bihaan maa asked u to come in sherwani
bihaan : how
thapki : bihaan see i have another hand to help
bihaan smiles
bihaan takes red sherwaani and goes out
bihaan changes his dress in dhuruv room and waits in t hall for half an hr and sees t clock ts 1.20 pm

bihaan ( mind voice : what s she doing still..s she applying makeup wt one hand )
bihaan goes to t room..bihaan opens t door…
thapki was trying to wear t saree..on seeing bihaan thapki gets shocked and hides behind t curtain
bihaan turns on t other side and starts speaking…
thapki : bihaan why did u come inside witout knocking t door
bihaan : why dont u lock inside its ur mistake
thapki : atchaa now leave

bihaan : wat r u doing still…u r wearing saree for 30 mins..still u didnt
thapki : bihaan its very difficult for me to wear t wt one hand
bihaan : then we should not go on time
thapki : pls don tell like tat we should go
bihaan : can i help u
thapki : wattt

bihaan : i will close my eyes and then i will help u
thapki : hw cn i trust u
bihaan : chuk chuk ghadii i am your husband..don forget ths
thapki ( mind voice – he will tell tat he s my friend sometimes and he is my husband sometimes wat will l trust )
bihaan : its getting late
thapki : ok come
bihaan closes his eyes and comes near thapki
bihaan bends down and takes pleats for t saree..( music plays aashiqui theme music plays…)
bihaan touches her waist..thapki gets shocked..thapki touches his hands..bihaan tucks t pleats
bihaan then stands and gives his hands to thapki
thapki : wat

bihaan : give me t saree idiot
thapki gives her saree upperpart
bihaan takes t pleats fastly wt perfection
thapki sees t surprisingly
bihaan pins t pleats
bihaan : can i open my eyes now
thapki : sure
bihaan opens and sees her
bihaan : wow…i done t really well
thapki :yaaa. ..hw do u know
bihaan : u know..during my college days functions..i ll always help my classmates like this
thapki : watt ( shouts )
bihaan : then wat idiot…why are u asking these questions…during my schl days..i done several dramas as a female artist
thapki : do u have photos
bihaan : is t really important now

thapki stares at him angrily
bihaan goes down thapki follows him
bihaan sat on a bike
bihaan : will u able to come in a bike
thapki : y r u asking this
bihaan : u are not to able to grab bike wt one hand na
thapki : tat won b a problm…
bihaan : atchaaa then okay

bihaan starts t bike..
bihaan drives fast..suddenly he puts brake due to t speed braker..thapki grabs his waist around her hands…
bihaan didnt expected this and was stunned over her doing…
bihaan looks thapki face on t mirror…( they share a eyelock ) music plays na..na..naa
bihaan reaches t temple
vasundra gets happy on seeing them
bihaan and thapki joins t pooja
they done aaratii on seeing each other

Precap : bihaan plans to go for a trip with his friends…thapki gets upset on knowing this

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  1. It was awesome update. Waiting eagerly for next part.

  2. really nice work as usual.. looking forward for the next part eagerly..

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